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Chapter 13 - She wouldn’t even mind being trapped in bed with him.


Tong Xuelu dished out the pickled vegetables along with the yam noodles and added some green onions on top to garnish.

The noodles were clear and translucent.

Along with the green onion, they looked very appetizing.

It was a bummer that she didn’t have any meat or pepper to go with it; otherwise, it would smell even more appetizing.

The middle-aged lady that lived kitty-corner to them, enveloped by the aroma with no escape, gulped and asked, “The girl at the Tong’s, what is it that you are making so early in the morning”

Tong Xuelu smiled and said, “Oh, nothing much.

Just some egg pancakes with green onions and a plate of yam noodles with pickled vegetables.”

“Aye, girl, you can’t eat like that every day.

This will not be sustainable.”


This is the Tong’s, not your adopted family.

You can’t be like this everyday.”


It’s too wasteful!”

The other middle-aged and old ladies who couldn’t have any were bitter and their bitterness were reflected in their words.

Tong Xuelu put on a ah-I-get-it-now look and said, “Oh, thank you aunties.

You are right.” Not!

Having said that, she carried her two plates of food and headed inside the house.

She didn’t care what others think or say.

She was still going to do what she wanted to next time.

She would have meats and fish daily if she could.

That being said, she needed to figure some way for them to move away from here.

This place had no privacy to speak of.

Tong Jiaming, too, acting like he didn’t hear a thing.

He quietly rinsed off the cutting board and the ladle and carried the sweet potato porridge with him inside.

The Tong family members had another great meal this morning.

When she was done eating, Tong Xuelu put down her chopsticks and said, “I will be transferring my household register over today.

I will bring Mianmian with me.”

Tong Mianmian, hearing her own name, immediately looked up and smiled.


Mianmian likes to be with big sister.”

Brown noser!

Tong Jiaxin gave his sister a stare.

The never next moment, he heard Tong Jiaming nodded and said, “Okay.”

Tong Jiaxin was so shocked that he almost dropped his chopsticks onto the table.

What had gotten into his Second Brother

Second Brother, just blink at me if you were being blackmailed.

Tong Jiaming did not have the time to look at his brother’s silly look.

He did the dishes and headed out for work.

Tong Jiaxin had the odd feeling that he was the only one who still hadn’t lost his mind.

His second brother and his little sister had been bribed, just like that.

How useless!

He shoved a big chopstickful of noodles into his mouth as he thought that.


This was so good.

He would have more of it!


Tong Xuelu helped Tong Mianmian tied her hair into two cute little buns, gave Aunty Cai next door a heads up, and left with the excited-looking Tong Mianmian.

She headed over to the C**C first, bought two boxes of snacks there, before she brought Tong Mianmian with her to take a car ride back to the city.

“Big Sister, this is Mianmian’s first time riding in a car.” Tong Mianmian was so excited that her little face was red.

The little bun, curious like a little animal, her limpid eyes were widened and she was looking around left and right.

Tong Xuelu’s heart shuddered from her cuteness.

Kissing her little cheek, she said, “If you like, Big Sister can take you out more often in the future.

What do you say”

“Okay,” said Tong Mianmian in her milky voice.

Her little arms wrapped around her Big Sister’s neck, she had dimples on each side of her cheeks when she smiled.

Her big sister was good looking.

She smelled good.

She hugged her in her sleep.

And now she was going to take her out to have fun.

She liked this big sister only too much.

The coach rocked its way all the way into the city.

Tong Xuelu had, once again, turned pale from all the rocking.

Tong Mianmian was proven to be the mighty one.

She didn’t get motion sickness at all.

Tong Xuelu did not head for the compound where the Tong family were but headed straight to the Women’s Federation Office.

Little did she know, as soon as she reached the corner, a figure dashed toward her like a firecracker.

Startled, she just had enough time to push Tong Mianmian away but she did not get out of the way in time and was – Trapped! Against! The! Wall!

Oh shoot! Who wasn’t watching where they were going

Who dared do the trapped-against-the-wall trick at this day and age She could go to the police station sue them for indecency!

Tong Xuelu pushed the person away before they were even able to regain their balance.

She then looked up with a slight frown.

Little did she know that she would be met with a pair of dark, black eyes.

The owner of those eyes had very defined features.

He was so handsome that one would not be able to look away.

His long and slender phoenix eyes pointed slightly upward and would hook one’s heart like a hook.

His face was attractive as was his perfect body.

The young man had board shoulders and narrow waist.

His legs were long and slender and he was every bit as attractive as models and stars that she had seen in her previous life.

With his attractiveness, watching where he was going when he walked was no longer important.

With that face and body, never mind about being trapped against the wall.

She wouldn’t even mind being trapped on bed with him.



Translator’s rambling:

Boy, oh, boy.

I have been meaning to post this on the 15th of this month but, alas, real life doesn’t always go as planned.

But I finally got it done.

Whew! :)


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