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Chapter 127 - “Don’t say you don’t want it!” (3)

It was very crowded on the bus and there was only a spot left.

Tong Jiaming offered the seat up to Tong Xuelu, who was carrying Tong Mianmian.

Tong Xuelu did not turn him down and sat down with Tong Mianmian in her arms.

She was quite tired from all the running around that she had been doing in the past few days.

They would need to walk for an hour from the bus stop to their house.

They could wait for a bus, but those were infrequent.

Tong Xuelu was going to walk the distance but, as soon as they got off the bus, the saw the jeep parked on the side of the road.

Tong Jiaxin pointed at the jeep and shouted out, “Look! Isn’t that the Big Brother’s car”

As soon as he was done saying that, Wen Rugui got out of the driver’s seat.

He was tall with long legs, and it only took him a few steps to get in front of them.

He bent down and took the stuff from Tong Xuelu before he walked over to Tong Jiaxin and took his too.

His voice was deep.

“Let’s go.

I’ll drive you.”

Tong Jiaxin was so excited that his face was red.

“Second Brother, can we really ride in the car This will be my first time being in a car!”

Tong Jiaming didn’t say anything, he looked up at Tong Xuelu.

Tong Xuelu said, “Let’s go.

All of us.”

After they had gotten into the car, Tong Jiaxin was so excited that he was short of losing his mind.

He looked here and touched there and couldn’t sit still.

Tong Mianmian, too, was curious.

Her eyes were wide opened as she looked around curiously.

She looked super cute when she did that.

The Tong’s three siblings sat in the back row and Tong Xuelu sat in the passenger seat.

With an extra person next to him, Wen Rugui dared not look at Tong Xuelu but stared straight ahead instead.

“I did a little organizing earlier but you are going to do need to do the bulk of it.”

Looking from the side, his eyelashes seemed even longer.

They were dark like little fans.

It made one envious when a man had eyelashes so long and thick.

Tong Xuelu stared at his eyelashes and said, “Thank you, Comrade Wen.

You’ve helped us so much today.”

He had turned back from Big Brother to Comrade Wen.

Wen Rugui felt an indescribable disappointment and his voice was nonchalant, “No problem.”

Tong Xuelu thought about what kind of yummy food she could make to thank him later.

She wasn’t certain, however, whether she would have enough time to cook after they had finished unpacking.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped in front of the small yard.

Tong Jiaming and the others did not move.

Tong Xuelu turned and looked at them.

“Let’s get out.

This is going to be our new home.”

The children looked out the back window and their mouths were opened so wide that one could shove an egg in each of them.

“Noooo, am I dreaming here The entire place is ours”

“Yes, we have the entire place.”

Tong Jiaxin’s eyes widened and with an exaggerated look, he asked, “Second Brother, pinch me quickly.

I’m not dreaming, am I”

Tong Jiaming didn’t want to be bothered with his stupid brother.

He opened up the car door and got out.

He got the stuff out first and finally his sister.

Wen Rugui opened up the front door and Tong Jiaxin dashed inside like a sheep who was let out of the pen and started howling.

“Oh mi, such a spacious yard!”

“Oh my gosh.

There are so many rooms.

Let me see which one I want to take!”

Tong Mianmian followed behind him on her short little legs.

She was giggling and laughing.

The yard became very lively all of a sudden.

After Tong Jiaming had walked inside, Wen Rugui looked at Tong Xuelu and said, “I’ll go and help you organize your things.”

Tong Xuelu shook her head.

“It’s alright.

Why don’t you go and return the car first and then c’mon back.

I will make something good for dinner to thank you.”

Wen Rugui wanted to say that was not necessary but, before he could say that, he saw Tong Xuelu pouting and said, “Don’t say you don’t want it!”

Her red lips pouted a little and she looked at him in a charming way.

The sunlight shining down on her making her looked dazzling and eye-catching.

Wen Rugui felt like his heart had been brushed by a feather.

It was tingling and itched.

Remembering the fish that he didn’t get to have the other day, he did not insist on declining her.

“Alright, I will be back soon.”


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