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Chapter 106 - Alrighty.

All of them were traitors! (1)

After Tong Xuelu had finished with her call, she did not return home right away.

Instead, she went looking for Su Xiuying.

Su Xiuying was packing in the compound.

Her plan was to move within the next day or two.

She was a bit surprised when she saw Tong Xuelu returning.

“How come you have returned, Comrade Tong”

Tong Xuelu, “I have a favor to ask.”

Su Xiuying said, “Oh, of course.

Let’s talk about it inside.”

Everyone in the compound looked over in surprise when they saw Tong Xuelu.

“Hi Comrade, why are you here again You are not going to ask us to be witnesses again, are you”

“Both He Baogen and his mother have been locked up.

Why do you need more witnesses”

Tong Xuelu said, “No, I don’t need witnesses.

I am just here looking for Comrade Su.”

That was when the others let out a sigh of relief.

Some of the women, however, tried to “be nice” to her and said, “Comrade, I don’t think you should associate yourself with someone unconscientious.

You don’t want to turn around and be reported!”


Some people are just ruthless.

You should be more careful!”

Su Xiuying bit her lip hard when she heard them and she turned pale.

Tong Xuelu snickered.

Her lips curving upward, and she said, “You are right, Aunty.

When your daughter is beaten up by her in-law’s family, be sure to discourage her from reporting them.”


The middle-aged woman was speechless, and her face turned beet red.

Tong Xuelu ignored them and walked inside.

“Just ignore them, Comrade Su.”

Su Xiuying’s face was pale.

“I know.

I’ll be leaving here soon anyway, and it wouldn’t matter what they think of me.

Oh right, why did you say you are looking for me again”

Tong Xuelu, “I am wondering if you will be here tomorrow.

I want to make some food for someone as a gift.

I will bring the ingredients myself.”

Su Xiuying said, “I’ll be staying here tonight, and you are welcome to come over any time tomorrow.

What is it that you are planning to make Do you have all the ingredients ready yet”

Tong Xuelu, “I want to make a pickled cabbage with fish dish and some green bean cakes.

I will be able to pick up some green beans from the C**C on my way back.

As for the fish, I’ll just have to try my luck.”

If she was not able to find any at the C**C, Tong Xuelu planned to get up early tomorrow and look for it in the black market tomorrow.

She wasn’t going to tell that part to Su Xiuying.

Su Xiuying chuckled.

“What a coincidence.

My grandmother’s unit had been fishing the last few days and each family received a few of them.

My grandmother had sent a couple over to my mother.

I can make a call and have my nephew bring one over if you need.”

The fish was for her mother’s family, but she had given them a position.

They would not object too much giving her a couple of fish.

She had been beaten by He Baogen for seven years and her own family and neighbors all turned a blind eye to it.

Nobody would testify on her behalf.

If it wasn’t for Tong Xuelu, He Baogen just might have beaten her to death one of these days.

Tong Xuelu’s eyes lit up.

“I do need it.

Very much so.

Thank you so much, Comrade Su!”

Fish were common during the summer, and she should be able to find one in the black market.

But nothing was set in stone.

If Su Xiuying had one available, she could just come over directly tomorrow.

Naturally, she would not just take advantage of Su Xiuying.

For certain she would pay her the fair market value for it.

Su Xiuying had green beans as well.

As such, Tong Xuelu bought some from her with her money and meal tickets and had her soak them for her first thing in the morning the next day.

Naturally, Su Xiuying refused to take her money.

The two were going back and forth with each other when they heard an angry shout coming from the outside––

“Su Xiuying, you get the * out here right now!”


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