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On the other hand, like Wei San originally, it was not difficult for other students to start shooting the red fish, as long as they adapted to the water pressure.

Yet many students panicked as soon as the big fish came out.

Not to mention the shooting contestants, even the students were surprised.

They didn’t expect that there would be big fish.

The key was that there were two.

“She has a gift for shooting.” The judge discovered the leisurely Wei San from among the 50 people at once.

“Professor Chen is good at teaching.”

Chen Ci held her arms in her hands and turned her eyes to watch Wei San’s movements.

The simulation competition environment was copied from the S-grade difficulty.

The teacher specially adjusted it to suit the A-grade students.

From the first lesson to the present, the progress of Wei San has been too fast.

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“I think that the level of Wei San may exceed that of an A grade.” The judge saw that she was the first to come out of the simulation cabin and smiled.

It was undoubtedly a good thing that the school team had a shooter who was above A grade.

In the Hephaestus competition, the school team only allowed the existence of A-grade mecha, but the main members were not limited to A-grade and S-grade mechas.

However, the latter situation would occur only when there was a fault among S-grade students in the military school.

A Super-A grade shooter could even equal an ordinary S-grade main member if she can command and use it well.

Chen Ci loosened her eyebrows.

“The potential is good, but I feel that she’s fooling around all day.”

“Really, she looks nice and clean.” The judge was a senior teacher and doesn’t know much about Wei San.

Chen Ci spoke faintly, “Have you ever seen a good student climb over a wall to go to a bar in the middle of the night and be bumped into by Major Li Ze”

Judge: “…” I didn’t expect that.

Coming out of the simulation module, Wei San was still wondering whether she had done the original problem in advance.

“Congratulations.” Chen Ci handed Wei San an orange badge with a gun and roses wrapped around the barrel.

“Teacher, when will I get thirty credits” What Wei San cared about most was the credits.

It’s about the end of the term.

If she can’t get 60 credits, she doesn’t have to compete and can go straight home.

Chen Ci: “.……we won’t leave out your credits.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Wei San said sincerely, “you are the light in my life.”


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