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Chapter 249: Love Is Too Terrifying

At this moment, Deng Chengxi had been standing by her bed and staring at Xu Qing with a complicated gaze.

“Whats wrong” Xu Qings eyes were filled with worry.

Something was wrong with Deng Chengxi.

Could it be that she had already seen Yi Chulin

Deng Chengxi stared at Xu Qing in a daze and finally said with mixed feelings, “Youre Mr.

Bei Shu… are you also Ying Zhiyao”

Xu Qings expression stiffened.

It wasnt because Deng Chengxi guessed that she was Mr.

Bei Shu, but because Deng Chengxi also thought that she was Ying Zhiyao! Xu Qing nodded one moment and shook her head the next.

Deng Chengxis heart skipped a beat a few times.

“Sigh, Im Mr.

Bei Shu, but Im not Ying Zhiyao!”

Ever since Deng Chengxi saw Yi Chulin, she had been in a daze.

When she accidentally stumbled upon Deng Jiangmings study, she heard that Qiao Yanhui, Deng Jiangming, and Hua Yuncheng were discussing something.

She was instantly stunned.

She wasnt shocked that Xu Qing was Mr.

Bei Shu, but that Yi Chulin was certain that Xu Qing was Ying Zhiyao!

Ying Zhiyao! This name was a nightmare that she could never escape from! Ever since she met Yi Chulin, this name had been echoing in her mind all the time.

She had hated and envied Yi Chulin, then moved on.

However, when she suddenly heard this name again, she had mixed feelings!

Deng Chengxi didnt continue listening.

She only wanted to see Xu Qing and ask her if she was Ying Zhiyao.

She also wanted to ask her why she had abandoned that man! Why was she so heartless!

Actually, when Deng Chengxi first arrived, the people in the study already knew.

They wanted her to know as soon as possible so that she could move on.

Ying Zhiyao was irreplaceable to Yi Chulin.

Of course, Deng Jiangming and the others were also shocked by Xu Qings other identity.

None of them had expected that the business king who had risen in two years and established a business empire that no one in the country dared to underestimate was actually Xu Qing!

Previously, they had thought that Xu Qing wasnt worthy of Qiao Yanhui.

However, not only did this woman safely give birth to triplets, but she also had a powerful business empire and superb medical and poison skills.

If Qiao Yanhui hadnt been a prince and a general, he wouldnt be worthy of Xu Qing…

They had admired Mr.

Bei Shu so much before, but looked down on Xu Qing.

How embarrassing…

At this moment, the atmosphere in Xu Qings room was a little oppressive.

Deng Chengxi was restless and stared at Xu Qing with mixed feelings.

This made Xun Fen and Teng Nian a little nervous.

They were afraid that Deng Chengxi would do something to hurt Xu Qing because her gaze was too terrifying.

However, Deng Chengxi didnt do anything.

She only stared at Xu Qing.

She wanted Xu Qing to give her an explanation!

There was a hint of pleading in Deng Chengxis eyes.

She was praying for Xu Qing to answer the question.

This contradictory feeling kept pressing down on Deng Chengxis nerves.

Xu Qing felt that if she wasnt careful, Deng Chengxis tense nerves would break!

When she saw Deng Chengxi like this, Xu Qing felt a sense of heartache and anger.

Finally, Xu Qing sighed and gestured for Deng Chengxi to sit.

However, Deng Chengxi didnt move.

Xu Qing didnt force her and only said, “Im not Ying Zhiyao.

Ying Zhiyao is already dead!” Xu Qing didnt want Deng Chengxi to be involved in this matter.

Xu Qings last sentence made Deng Chengxi tremble.

There was shock, joy, and anguish on her face.

She didnt know how to describe her current mood.

It was as if she had seen hope and despair!

Deng Chengxi didnt dare to imagine what would happen if Yi Chulin found out that Ying Zhiyao was dead.

However, he had been crazy enough all these years! That head of white hair was enough proof!

Deng Chengxi held the edge of the bed as she sat down shakily.

Her eyes looked gloomy.

Xu Qing knew that it was useless to dissuade her, but she still couldnt help but say, “Chengxi, let it go! Hes not a good match for you…”

Deng Chengxi suddenly smiled helplessly.

Her smile looked sad and forlorn.

“I dont know how to love other people anymore.”

When Xu Qing heard this, she could only smile bitterly.

No one would give up on love until the last moment! Perhaps Deng Chengxi still had a trace of hope that Yi Chulin would turn around and look at her!

Just like how she was back then, when she heard that Qiao Yanhui was getting married, she didnt believe that Qiao Yanhui would betray her! Therefore, she had to confirm it personally.

Only then could she start a new life without any regrets.

Xu Qing felt that she was about to fall asleep.

Deng Chengxi was still thinking with her head lowered.

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