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Qiao Yanhuis expression was still solemn.

If Ying Zhiyao really came back to life in Xu Qings world, so what Could it be that she could reincarnate here again No one knew for sure, so this was just empty talk.

There was no way to confirm it.

Xu Qing also thought of it and pursed her lips.

Qiao Yanhui kissed Xu Qings hair and said gently, “Leave this to me.

Sleep now.” As soon as he finished speaking, Qiao Yanhuis eyes lit up.

He had to plan this carefully.

Otherwise, Xu Qing would still get harmed, and he definitely wouldnt allow anything to happen to Xu Qing!

“Yes.” Xu Qing was indeed a little tired.

After all, she was injured now.

Qiao Yanhuis heart ached even more when he saw that Xu Qing was still frowning even though she was asleep.

Her hands and feet must be in pain.

She couldnt even sleep peacefully!

When Qiao Yanhui thought of this, killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Yi Chulin had to pay the price!

When Xu Qing woke up again, it was already the next day.

Xun Fen and Teng Nian were changing Xu Qings dressing.

“How is everyone” Xu Qing thought of the corpses on the ground in the Golden Jade Hotel and her expression turned ugly.

Xun Fen hesitated for a moment before saying, “Eleven people died, and the other 37 people were either lightly injured or severely injured.

Xie Pengyang and Xu Sizhi were the most seriously injured.

They cant get out of bed yet.”

This was the first time the Golden Jade Hotel had suffered such serious casualties.

Xu Qing immediately cursed Yi Chulin.

He was really crazy! He even attacked innocent people!

“Miss, dont worry.

Xie Pengyang and Xu Sizhis lives are not in danger now.

We will also give the families of the deceased double the compensation to ensure that their children have someone to rely on before they become adults,” Teng Nian saw that Xu Qing was a little emotional and hurriedly said.

Xu Qing heaved a sigh of relief, but her expression was still a little solemn.

The capital was probably in chaos now.

However, this time, Xu Qing realized that her worries were unnecessary.

The capital was under Qiao Yanhuis control.

Although many people were guessing how Mr.

Bei Shu had offended Yi Chulin, no one gave them an explanation.

They could only guess.

For a moment, there were many different speculations.

Xu Qing had just changed her dressing when the three children came over.

After the children confirmed that Xu Qing had woken up, they were relieved.

Xu Qing looked at the three children, whose eyes were red from crying, and her heart ached.

The children were probably frightened out of their wits.

She had not taken good care of them!

Even Yuaners eyes were red from crying.

He never cried or laughed in the past, but this time, he actually cried! However, this wasnt Yuaners fault! At this moment, Xu Qing wished she could beat Yi Chulin to death! Although Yi Chulin had shown mercy to Yuaner, or else he wouldnt be standing in front of her, she couldnt forgive Yi Chulin for what he had done to them!

“Mom, Im so useless…” Yuaner hated himself for being weak and useless.

However, he had forgotten that he was still a child.

“Silly child, youre already very capable and can protect me.

Youre very impressive!” Xu Qings heart ached as she wiped the tears off Yuaners face with her uninjured hand.

Even though it hurt to move now, she still wanted to touch her child.

Yuaner clenched his fists.

He had to become stronger to protect his mother and siblings!

It was also because of this that Yuaners life trajectory changed.

“Brother, youre very powerful.” Xueer held Yuaners small hand and comforted him while sobbing.

“Yes, I didnt even get to rush forward at that time.

I wasnt as fast as you,” Tinger said.

“Thats right.

Yuaner is the best.

In the future, your younger siblings will still need Yuaners protection.

Yuaner, dont cry.” Xu Qings eyes welled up with tears.

It wasnt easy for them to calm the three children down so they could go back and have a good sleep.

They had been on tenterhooks these past few days and definitely had not slept well.

As Xu Qing lay on the bed, she wondered if she should reveal her identity.

Although it would make many people afraid, it would also put people around her in more danger, especially in Anning Village…

In the end, Xu Qing thought that she should wait a little longer.

Then, she planned to close her eyes to rest because her body really hurt.

However, just as she closed her eyes, Xu Qing thought of something, and her eyes were filled with shock!

If Yi Chulin really thought that she was Ying Zhiyao, why did Yi Chulin treat her like this Did he want her to die Could it be that Yi Chulins love for Ying Zhiyao had turned into hate This was too terrifying!

Xu Qing swore that she would never see Yi Chulin, that damn lunatic, alone again!

However, Xu Qing didnt have a chance to rest because Deng Chengxi came.

Xu Qings heart skipped a beat.

Deng Chengxi liked Yi Chulin! She had to dispel Deng Chengxis thoughts.

Otherwise, Deng Chengxi might be killed by Yi Chulin one day.

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