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The shape of this beast bone was like a hook.

It was the size of a palm and was completely red in color.

It shone with a strange light.

Upon closer inspection, one could see some natural patterns on the surface.

These patterns seemed to contain some Dao accumulations and could absorb the spirit energy from all directions on their own.

They then transformed into wisps of wind that surrounded Zhang Sans palm.

“The Immortal Fish Bone of the Flying-Winged Fish With the help of the array formation, this thing can boost the speed of the magic boat quite well.

Zhang San, why are you so generous today” The captain of Team Six ate the pear in his hand and squatted beside Zhang San.

He nudged Zhang San with his shoulder and smiled.

“Its Junior Brother Xu Qings first time here.

No matter what, I have to show my gratitude.” Zhang San said honestly.

Xu Qing didnt accept the gift.

Instead, he looked at the captain and sought his opinion.

He felt that the reason why Zhang San acted this way wasnt because of him but because of the captain.

Seeing Xu Qings gaze, the captain smiled.

“Take it.

He gave you this to tell you that you should stop coming here to hunt for criminals in the future.”


When Xu Qing heard this, he glanced at Zhang San, who smiled honestly.

Xu Qing nodded.

He took the fishbone and examined it curiously before putting it into his pocket.

After thinking about it, he imitated his captain and squatted at the side but he maintained a certain distance.

Seeing Xu Qing like this, Zhang Sans smile became even more sincere.

“Zhang San, have there been any abnormalities here recently” The captain finished the pear in his hand and took out another peach to eat.

Xu Qing immediately paid attention and looked at Zhang San.

Zhang San took out a pipe and placed it in his mouth to smoke.

After that, he tapped it on the ground.

After the ash fell, it transformed into a picture of a human face and a line of words on the ground.

“There are many new faces at the south pier recently.”

The captain of Team Six fell into deep thought.

He then patted Zhang Sans shoulder and smiled at Xu Qing.

“Junior Brother, you can go back first.

Youre off duty today.

Remember not to be late tomorrow.”

When Xu Qing heard this, he knew that these two people had something to say.

Hence, he nodded and cupped his fists toward the captain and Zhang San before turning to leave.

At that moment, it was the setting sun.

The orange sunlight scattered on his body, illuminating the dazzling colors of his gray Daoist robe.

As he left, the two people squatting behind him raised their heads and stared at him.

The captain smiled and spoke after Xu Qing had walked far away.

“How is this newbie Its rare for you to be so generous today.”

“Newbie Where did you find such a fellow When this kid saw me, his first reaction was to look at my neck.

How can I not be magnanimous when facing such a person!”

When the captain heard this, he laughed out loud.

“Youre still laughing What kind of habit would develop the instinct to look at someones neck”


Zhang San smiled bitterly and touched his neck.

He still felt a little uncomfortable and took a deep puff of his pipe.

“Of course its someone whos used to cutting throats.” The captain of Team Six smiled happily.

After he finished the peach in his hand, he took out another peach and took a big bite.

“This kid is beautiful but his murderous aura is too strong.

Although he tried his best to hide it, I can still sense it, especially his eyes.” Zhang Sans expression was somewhat solemn.

“Have you noticed Thats a pair of eyes with a vengeful personality.

It seems that to him, theres nothing he cant kill as long as it conforms to his principles…”

“Its fine if you use such a person well but if you dont, be careful of backlash.

I can faintly sense that many people have died in his hands and he also gives me a very dangerous feeling.”

“If I encounter them at sea, I definitely wont provoke him easily.

I dont want to die.” Zhang San looked at the captain of Team Six seriously.

“An interesting little junior brother.” The captain of Team Six smiled as he looked in the direction Xu Qing had gone.

It seemed that the more Zhang San said this, the happier he was.

Zhang San sighed helplessly at the side, thinking to himself that he had forgotten about this fellow.

He was just as abnormal and his actions were incomparably treacherous.

While the captain and Zhang San were talking about Xu Qing, Xu Qing was already walking on the streets of the harbor.

At that moment, it was almost dusk and the crowd on the streets was slowly thinning.

Most of the pharmacies were closed, so Xu Qing returned to his berth.

After he returned, he didnt immediately take out the magic boat.

Instead, he carefully inspected it.

Yesterday, someone had come here with killing intent.

Hence, when Xu Qing returned today, he did a detailed check and even sprinkled some poison powder into the sea.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong, he took out his magic boat and stepped onto it.

As the magic boats protective barrier instantly rose, Xu Qing, who had entered the cabin, felt a little more at ease.

After he sat down cross-legged, he didnt cultivate immediately but pondered over everything that had happened today.

Xu Qing couldnt see through the captain but he remembered everything he said.

His intuition told him that what the other party said should be true.

On Zhang Sans side, Xu Qing could faintly sense that the other party seemed to be hiding some sort of emotion, as though he was a little afraid of him.

There was also the disciple who had lost all his contribution points and couldnt leave on his own.

He looked at the sky in despair and was eventually killed.

What he saw today made Xu Qing realize that the majority of the disciples who could survive in the savage environment of the Seven Blood Eyes main city werent simple.

One couldnt just look at the surface.

For example, if the captain or Zhang San were to be thrown into the scavenger campsite, they would probably be able to toy with them and take their lives.

In Xu Qings eyes, the entire Seven Blood Eyes was like another forbidden zone.

Hence, he needed to work harder in his cultivation.


This was especially so when he thought of the young man in the light purple Daoist robe he had seen earlier in the day.

The other party was only at the Qi Condensation Realm, but his noble status and the way the people around him lowered their heads caused Xu Qing to feel a familiar difference in their statuses.


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