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This caused the cultivators who cultivated the Sea Transformation Art to have an extremely long lifespan.

The spirit energy in their bodies surpassed their peers by several times.

Coupled with the endless variations of spells, their combat strength could naturally suppress the surroundings.

What was even stranger was that when he attacked, the aura of the forbidden sea contained in his spirit sea could also form mental pressure, causing his opponent to be weakened.

The Qi Condensation Realm was the accumulation of spirit energy in ones body.

Moreover, the aura of the forbidden sea in the Huahai Scripture could cause all people with inferior spirit energy to be intensely intimidated.

“The Mountains and Seas Art is a body-refining cultivation art.

When one has mastered the Kui Shadow Art, its equivalent to the great circle of perfection in body-refining.

Its the same as the great circle of Qi Condensation.

However, due to the level of the cultivation art, when compared to other high-level cultivation arts, the same great circle of perfection is much weaker.”

“However, because I dont have anomalous substances in my body and I have the support of the purple crystal, the seventh level of the Mountains and Seas Art gave me the shadow of a great circle of perfection.

My battle prowess is comparable to a person in the great circle of perfection.”

“At the end of the day, the level of the Mountains and Seas Art cant be compared to this Sea Transformation Art.

One is a body-refining technique, while the other is a cultivation technique…” Xu Qings heart stirred as he recalled what the round-faced cultivator had said on the mountain earlier.

A long time later, Xu Qings gaze revealed determination.

He also noticed that the upper limit of the spirit sea formed by the Sea Transformation Art wasnt fixed.

Everyones physique was different and so was the degree of mutation.

The lesser the mutation, the greater the upper limit of the spirit seas range.

So far, the highest record in the Seven Blood Eyes was 60 years ago when someone reached the great circle of Qi Condensation and formed a spirit sea of 2,700 feet.

This person was the current peak master of the seventh peak of the Seven Blood Eyes.

Upon seeing this, Xu Qings eyes narrowed.

He knew that there were no anomalous substances in his body…

“Then, when I cultivate this Sea Transformation Art, how big of a spirit sea will be formed after I reach perfection”

At this moment, Xu Qings heart was filled with intense anticipation.

He felt that if the mutation no longer stopped the upper limit, then his upper limit should be the greatest limit he could endure.

Moreover, his bodys recovery was very terrifying, so the extent of his endurance would naturally be extremely great.

This caused Xu Qings eyes to shine with unprecedented brilliance.

At the same time, he also noticed that the Sea Transformation Art cultivated spells and not body refinement.

After the battle with the Diamond Sect, Xu Qing deeply realized the flaw of pure body refinement.

Therefore, at this moment, he didnt hesitate at all.

After carefully memorizing the cultivation technique, he immediately closed his eyes and began to cultivate the Sea Transformation Art.


As he cultivated, the wind started blowing around the small boat.

The surface of the sea sparkled as countless spirit energy that contained the aura of the forbidden sea mixed with dense anomalous substances headed straight for Xu Qings small boat.

The protective light barrier could block spells but it wouldnt block the spirit energy.

As the spirit energy gushed in, it drilled into the hair on Xu Qings body, forming threads.

After his body that didnt have any anomalous substances was refined many times, all of his meridians became incomparably clear.

This allowed the influx of spirit energy to have no obstruction at all and it became increasingly violent.

His body was like a dried sponge, instantly absorbing the spirit energy and slowly gathering it at his dantian.

During this cultivation, Xu Qing faintly sensed that his Mountains and Seas Art seemed to be attracted by the Sea Transformation Art and instinctively wanted to circulate it.

However, because the flowing meridians were different, he suppressed them.

A long time later, as the urge to circulate the Mountains and Seas Art grew increasingly intense, Xu Qings heart stirred.

After a moment of silence, he decided not to control it anymore.

At the next instant, the unsealed Mountains and Seas Art circulated and the spirit energy that gushed in from all directions suddenly soared by several times.

The spirit sea that gathered in his dantian instantly became majestic.

This discovery made Xu Qing feel somewhat incredulous.

It was as though these two cultivation arts had fused at this moment.

Among them, the Mountains and Seas Art wasnt fighting against the Sea Transformation Art but was a supporting art.

Hence, he decided to expand the vital energy and blood in his entire body and the shadow appeared outside his body.

The moment it appeared, the shadow let out a soundless roar toward the sky.

It then stretched out its hands as though it was moving the sea, causing the spirit energy in the forbidden sea to erupt like a surging tide.

In that instant, as Xu Qings mind trembled, the spirit sea in his dantian directly reached a hundred feet.

The first level of the Sea Transformation Art was perfected.

Xu Qings body trembled.

He didnt have time to think too much and immediately cultivated the second level.

Not long later, the second level of the Sea Transformation Art was perfected.

“So fast!” Xu Qing didnt hesitate and immediately cultivated to the third level.

The spirit sea in his body continued to expand.

210 feet, 220 feet, 230 feet…

Under this continuous eruption, even the spirit energy outside his small boat gradually formed a vortex, causing the wind here to be even stronger.

Waves appeared on the surface of the sea, attracting the attention of the guards on the shore.

They all stared at it and their expressions changed.

“Which monstrous disciple is cultivating”

“This speed of absorbing spirit energy…”

The instant they looked over in shock, the vortex suddenly rumbled and expanded once again, causing the surface of the harbor to undulate even more.

A large number of boats swayed along with it and many disciples frowned as they walked out.

They looked over coldly, and very soon, all of them had astonished expressions.

“Whats going on!”

The vortex was still expanding!

In the boat, Xu Qings entire body was trembling intensely.

At that moment, the spirit sea in his body had broken through 300 feet and reached 370 feet.

It continued.

380 feet, 390 feet, up to 400 feet!

Xu Qing abruptly opened his eyes.

The piercing purple light within drowned out the shock in his eyes.

“Sea Transformation Art, the fourth level!”


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