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The stars couldnt be seen in the black sky and only wisps of dark clouds drifted past the bright moon.

The wind was very strong but it didnt affect the flow of the moonlight.

The bright moonlight poured down like flowing water.

Some landed in the scavenger campsite, in the courtyard of Xu Qings residence and on the two figures in front of the door.

Old Master Seventh, who was wearing a purple robe, stood there for a long time with his hands behind his back.

Under the moonlight, his aged face was filled with contemplation.

No one knew what he was thinking about.

The servant beside him didnt want to disturb him, so he waited silently.

As for the wild dogs in the surroundings, it was as though these two people didnt exist in their eyes and they couldnt sense them.

Hence, they lay there without any abnormalities.

The surroundings were very quiet.

Only the laughter and screams from the outer-ring area of the campsite echoed faintly.

After those two sentences, the room fell into silence.

Only the sound of breathing could be heard faintly.

Time flowed by.

After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Old Master Seventh, who was standing at the door, sighed softly.

He didnt push the door open but turned and walked out.

“Give him a token.” Old Master Seventh, who had walked to the courtyard gate, spoke in a low voice.

“What color” the servant asked.

“The most ordinary one.

Also, you dont have to say much to him.” Old Master Seventh walked past the courtyard gate and gradually left.

The servants eyes narrowed as waves of emotions rose in his heart.

During the time he had followed Old Master Seventh to the campsite, he had personally seen Old Master Seventh paying attention to that kid several times.

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After that, at Grandmaster Bais place, Old Master Seventh also went to greet him.

All of this allowed him to know that this kids opportunity had arrived.

That was why he asked if he should give the other party a token last time.

The token was the qualification to enter the Seven Blood Eyes.

Only those who possessed the token could participate in the assessment.

If they succeeded, they could enter the sect.

As for the tokens, they were also divided into different colors.

Purple was the highest, which meant that the new disciples were core disciples.

Yellow was the middle, which meant that the new disciples were inner sect disciples.

As for white, it was the most ordinary and the new disciples were just ordinary disciples.

According to the servants feelings, Old Master Seventh would at least give him a yellow token.

However, it was only white, and he even emphasized that there was no need to say more.

Such an abnormal scene made him have no choice but to ponder.

His heart couldnt help but race a few times.

“Theres only one answer.

Old Master Seventh thinks very highly of this kid.

Not only does he want to take him into the sect but he also has the thought of taking him in as a disciple So, he plans to inspect him The first three princes all entered this way.

Could it be that the seventh peak is going to have a fourth personal disciple”

The servant was very clear about the importance of the wordpersonal.

It could be said that once one became the personal disciple of Old Master Seventh, this person would instantly attract the attention of various forces in the Nanhuang Continent.

However, he felt that the possibility of this happening wasnt very high.

After all, it had been a long time since Old Master Seventh took in a disciple.

No matter what, he had to pay close attention to this kid.

At the thought of this, the servant took a deep breath and collected his thoughts.

He then slowly knocked on Xu Qings door.

The instant the thumping sounds entered the room, the breathing sounds in the room instantly disappeared.

At the next moment, the corners of the servants mouth curled into a smile.

His body then blurred and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already behind the room!

At the corner of the wall behind the room, there was a hole.

It was very hidden and was covered by bricks.

It seemed like it had been dug out for some time.

At that moment, Xu Qings figure darted out rapidly.

Just as he was about to take a detour to observe the person who knocked on the door, his body suddenly stopped when the servant appeared.

Xu Qings eyes narrowed.

His heart sank when he saw the figure who had suddenly appeared.

The figure in front of him was a middle-aged man.

He wore a gray robe and had an extremely ordinary face.

The most eye-catching thing was the pentagonal pattern between his brows.

This pattern was currently emitting a faint glow and the surrounding moonlight was affected, causing it to distort.

An even more intense sense of oppression followed.

Xu Qings breathing became slightly hurried and he tightened his grip on the iron stick in his right hand.

His left hand also grabbed a handful of poison powder without leaving a trace.

The other partys appearance was too strange and the oppression he felt from him far surpassed that of the older brother of the young girl he saw a few days ago.

This was especially so when the other partys gaze caused all the flesh and blood in his body to tremble.

It was as though he was shouting at himself, telling him that the person in front of him was extremely dangerous!

This caused Xu Qings vigilance to reach the extreme.

Also, the trembling of his flesh wasnt just a signal of danger.

At the same time, it also told him that his body was prepared for all the next moves.

Xu Qing had already simulated the dangers he would encounter in his residence several times in his mind.

The most dangerous situation in his simulation was something that could make the wild dogs not bark and he didnt sense it at all.

At this moment, he narrowed his eyes and attempted to slowly retreat.

“I have no ill intentions.” The servant smiled as he looked at the child in front of him who had metaphorically transformed into a wolf cub and could explode at any moment.

Glancing at the hole in the wall behind Xu Qing, he could guess that this should be the escape route the kid had prepared to prevent himself from encountering danger in his residence.

“To be able to make such preparations early on and not panic when encountering a sudden change but wait for an opportunity to resist.

No wonder Old Master Seventh thinks highly of this kid.”

The scene of Xu Qing cutting Horse-Fours neck and killing Fat Mountain appeared in the servants mind.

A look of admiration appeared in his eyes as he took out a white token and tossed it toward Xu Qing.

Xu Qing didnt catch it.

He instantly leaped up and retreated.

At the same time, he threw out a handful of poison powder.

Two cold daggers within the poison powder whistled toward the servant.


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