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257 Crazy Plan

Seeing the flames rising in Xu Qings body, the captains expression changed and he hurriedly spoke.

“Dont kill her.

I have great use for her!”

Almost at the instant he spoke, Xu Qings body moved.

His speed was so fast that he instantly arrived in front of the third princess who was still pretending to be puzzled.

As the third princess breathing paused, Xu Qing slapped her face.

The third princess spat out a mouthful of blood and her body fell to the side of the ship like a kite with a broken string.

The ship wall shattered into pieces and her body was also blasted out.

However, at the next instant, a black chain spread out from the Golden Crows tail behind Xu Qing and instantly coiled around her.

With a tug, it pulled her back to the ship and threw her in front of the captain.

Xu Qing didnt kill her.

Otherwise, he would have completely destroyed her with that strike earlier.

However, he took her storage bag.

When she landed, the third princess spat out another mouthful of blood and more than half of the bones in her body had collapsed.

However, there was no fear in her eyes.

Instead, there was confusion.

As she spat out blood, she asked curiously.

“He used your name to do many things, but you dont mind Why hit me instead of him”

“Because this is a matter between us brothers and has nothing to do with outsiders.

An outsider like you is trying to sow discord.

If he doesnt beat you up, who should he beat up If it was me, I would beat you up too.”

The captain sighed and squatted in front of the third princess.

After lifting one of her hands, he let go.

Seeing the third princess hand lying there bonelessly, he shook his head.

“Theyre all shattered.

Fortunately, she is still breathing.

Its fine as long as she is alive.”

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The third princess still didnt understand.

She felt that things shouldnt be like this.

Just as she was about to speak, the captain slapped her unconscious and kept her in a special storage bag.

Only then did he look at Xu Qing.

“You swore on my name” With no more outsiders around, Xu Qing stared at the captain and slowly spoke.

“It was just a joke, a joke.

Eh, Xu Qing, your spirit ticket dropped.” The captains expression was as calm as ever.

He touched the ground and a spirit ticket worth 100 spirit stones appeared in his hand.

He handed it to Xu Qing with incomparable heartache.

Xu Qing took it expressionlessly and continued to stare at the captain.

“Be struck by lightning”

“Haha, how is that possible Junior Brother, you heard wrongly.

How could you believe the words of an outsider As your senior brother and your superior, I definitely wouldnt do such a thing, just like how you never owed me spirit stones.”

The captain spoke solemnly.

“Male toy” Xu Qing continued.

The captain sighed.

Xu Qing stared at the captain.

A long time later, the captain slapped his forehead and suddenly spoke mysteriously.

“Xu Qing, lets not talk about this first.

I have something good here… I disguised myself as a member of the Sea Corpse Race to obtain a high-level corpse heart.”

“However, this is only my first target.

I have an even more important target.

Originally, I felt that my situation did not look good and I might not be able to succeed.

However, if we work together, there will definitely be no problem.”

“Do you know that the Sea Corpse Race has many treasures and many important secret places The destruction of any secret place will affect the battlefield.

Of course, this has nothing to do with us.

My target this time is the core holy item of the Sea Corpse Race… the nine ancestral corpse statues!!”

“Legend has it that the formation of the Sea Corpse Race originated from the nine statues.

The material of these nine statues is special and unique in the world.”

“They are scattered in the Sea Corpse Races territory and are the source of the transformation of the Sea Corpse Race.

The territories they are in are also the holy land for healing for the Sea Corpse Race.”

“The most important thing is that the experts of the Sea Corpse Races army are all on the battlefield and their internal defense is weak right now.

Although there are some contingency measures, the identity of the young girl you were about to kill is extraordinary.

Shes the third princess of the Sea Corpse Race.

If she brings us there, the Sea Corpse Race wont suspect us immediately.

By the time they realize the problem, well have already fled far away.”

When the captain said this, he was beaming with joy.

His eyes revealed the madness of risking his life that Xu Qing had seen on the merfolk island before.

The captains words also caused Xu Qings eyes to narrow.

He was very clear that only extremely bold people would head to the Sea Corpse Races territory.

And the captains target in the enemys territory was actually their core holy item.

This was no longer something that could be described with boldness.

Even though the Sea Corpse Race was empty now, only crazy people could have such crazy thoughts.

Xu Qing cast a deep glance at the captain.

He felt that the captains madness hadnt gotten better.

Only a lunatic would do such a thing.

Hence, he was about to refuse.

The captain spoke again excitedly.

“Any one of those nine ancestral corpse statues contains astonishing power and extremely dense divinity.

Not only are they useful to the Sea Corpse Race, but they also have huge benefits for us human cultivators.

They can open many of our magic apertures.

I heard that after absorbing one, opening dozens will be a piece of cake!”

Xu Qing couldnt help but swallow his words of rejection.

His heart pounded.

Right now, he had opened 49 magic apertures and there were many cracks in his 50th magic aperture.

He wasnt far from opening it, but it was becoming increasingly difficult.

Every ten magic apertures were usually considered one level.

From the 40th to the 50th magic apertures, the magic apertures could only be opened smoothly by absorbing the soul of a life fire cultivator.

In reality, Xu Qing was already progressing very fast.

If it wasnt for the Fiendish Fire Soul Devouring Art and this war, it would be impossible for Xu Qing to open his magic apertures so fast.

Normally speaking, a Foundation Building cultivator would usually need ten years to form the first ball of life fire.

As for forming the second ball of life fire… if one purely relied on daily cultivation, it would take at least 30 years.

Moreover, during this process, there was the risk of death and it would take time to resolve the accumulation of anomalous substances.

This was also the reason why there werent many two fire cultivators.

As for reaching three fires, it would take even longer.

‘From 50 to 60… the soul power required will definitely be huge.

Xu Qing pondered.

He felt that his cultivation progress was still a little slow, so he was extremely tempted by the ancestral corpse statues that the captain had mentioned.

He thought for a moment and looked at the storage bag where the captain had kept the third princess.

“I dont believe shell help us.”

“Dont worry, I can convince her.

You dont know but this third princess is a pitiful person.

Im confident!” The captain patted his chest.

Xu Qing shook his head.

The key to the success of this matter depended on that third princess.

Only with her sincere help could they successfully enter the Sea Corpse Races territory.

Only the third princess could lead them through countless protective barriers and inspections and step into the areas where the statues were kept.

If there was any mistake in this process, what awaited them would definitely be eternal damnation.

“No need to worry!” The captain sized up Xu Qing before chuckling.

“I have a way.

I will disguise you as the third princess.

Isnt that enough Besides, I have become familiar with the habits of the third princess.

Although I cant say that I know her like the back of my hand, I know her way of speaking and other habits.

It will be a stress to deceive them for a long time, there wont be a problem as long as were fast enough.”

“Since you know so much, why dont you disguise yourself” Xu Qing raised his brows and looked at the captain.

“Vice Captain Xu, Im your superior!” The captain said solemnly.

“Male toy” Xu Qing replied.

The captain instantly relaxed and sighed.

“Lets make a bet.

Whoever loses will dress up!” As he spoke, the captain looked around and suddenly looked at the sea.

There was a sea snake swimming rapidly there.

It seemed to be lacking in intelligence as it looked fiercely at the ship they were on with hostility.

“Whoever kills it first will win!” Almost as soon as the captain finished speaking, he attacked.

His life fires were ignited and an astonishing cold air erupted.

At the same time, it froze the surroundings and enveloped Xu Qing.

His body swayed and he headed straight for the sea.

At the same time, a huge palm formed on the sea and grabbed fiercely at the sea snake.

Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and the Golden Crow behind him let out a cry.

As the flames erupted, it ignored the captains cold air and also rushed out.

With a wave of his hand, a large hand formed on the sea.

Its target wasnt the sea snake but the captains divine power spell.

The two large hands collided.

Xu Qing directly collided with the captain in mid-air.

In an instant, a monstrous sound resounded in all directions.

The black iron stick which had moved at the same time was about to approach the sea snake.

At the next instant, the cold air in the surroundings suddenly soared and formed ice in the blink of an eye, sealing the black iron stick.

The Diamond Sects ancestors expression changed as he couldnt even move.

Ice appeared around the sea snake as well.

Just as the sea snake was about to be sealed, the Golden Crow let out a cry and a sea of fire rose.

As the Golden Crow charged forward, the ice melted.

As for Xu Qing, with a wave of his hand, the heavenly saber slashed down.

He lit the life lantern and punched out with much faster speed than before due to the enhancement from Golden Crow Refines All Life.

This punch formed a shocking force that directly created a vortex in the void in front of him.

As it devoured everything, a wisp of corpse poison spread out!

The captains eyes narrowed and he performed a series of hand seals.

The explosion sent the captain a few steps back.

Xu Qing then rushed over without slowing down.

“How long has it been How could you have changed so much Your physical strength has already reached this level.

Coupled with the Mystic Brilliance Form, this is comparable to three fires! Also, whats wrong with this corpse poison It resembles the Sea Corpse Race more than me An emperor-level cultivation art is really a bully.”

A hint of madness appeared in the captains eyes.

In order to make Xu Qing disguise as the third princess and protect his face, he made a decision.

His eyes suddenly let out golden light.

Under this light, one could see a rhombus-shaped golden rune flickering in his eyes.

An aura that surpassed two fires erupted from his body!

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