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He saw a golden light!

It came from all the blurry human figures on the inner walls of the temple.

Each of them was a small source of light.

At this moment, the light gathered, causing the entire temple to become incomparably bright.

However, the largest source of light wasnt them.

It was the main statue enshrined in the temple, the stone statue that held the stone saber!

Under the golden light, Xu Qings mind trembled.

He also saw a black foggy figure standing at the entrance of the temple.

He couldnt see its appearance clearly but he could see a blurry human figure that was distorted in the golden light.

Outside the temple behind him, there were hundreds of black fog figures that looked like blurry human figures.

There were humans and beasts.

At that moment, all of them emitted an astonishing chill that gathered together, transforming into a monstrous chill that seemed to be connected to the black fog that had seeped into the temple.

This caused the only black shadow that entered the temple to slowly raise its head under the illumination of the golden light.

It let out a roar that seemed to be able to shake souls and took another step forward.

This step seemed to have offended someone and touched a taboo!

On the instance he landed, Xu Qing was shocked to see that the saber-wielding stone statue that emitted boundless light seemed to come alive as it directly walked down from the ground.


With supreme dignity and an indescribable holiness, he was like a god that had descended to the mortal world.

He strode forward and walked toward the black shadow amidst the rumbling sounds on the ground.

He raised his hand and struck down with his blade.

This strike was simple and unadorned.

However, it seemed to contain a certain charm of the Great Dao, shocking the heavens and earth.

Ones ears couldnt hear it but ones soul could sense the mournful voice emanating from the black shadow.

The fog instantly evaporated, revealing a rotting body in tattered clothes.

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He could tell that it was an old man with empty eye sockets.

At the next moment, its body directly collapsed and evaporated like fog.

As for the black shadows outside, they were also affected, one after another.

The black fog around their bodies became somewhat blurry, allowing Xu Qing to see a familiar face among those figures with the help of the golden light.

It was the Bloodshadow Team Captain!

At that moment, he was within the group of black shadows.

His skinny face had no expression at all.

As the golden light spread out, his entire body seemed to have been purified and dissipated.

A long time later, in the darkness outside, the figures that hadnt dissipated slowly retreated and finally disappeared completely.

At the same time, the golden light in the temple gradually decreased.

The imposing figure then turned around and returned to his original location with the light.

As the light on his body completely dissipated, he seemed to have transformed back into a stone statue.

He stood there and gazed in the direction of the gate, as though he was waiting and guarding it.

He didnt move at all.

After a long time, everything returned to normal.

Only Xu Qing, who had seen all of this through the crack in the rocks, was panting heavily.

Disbelief could be seen in his eyes.

The Bloodshadow Team Captain who had clearly died in the singing fog and turned into dust still existed.

It was just an ordinary temple but at night, it emitted boundless golden light.

The motionless stone statue walked down like a god descending to the mortal world.

That strike was incomparably profound.

At that moment, sunlight appeared outside.

A new day had arrived.

It took a long time for Xu Qing to calm down.

He then silently crawled out from the crevice.

He looked at the light outside and then at the human statues on the surrounding walls.

Finally, his gaze landed on the stone statue with the saber.

He didnt know what kind of existence the other party was.

Was he alive or had he passed away

It was unknown how old this cluster of temples was or how glorious they were.

However, everything that happened last night shocked him greatly.

This was especially so for the imposing aura contained in that profound saber strike.

It caused Xu Qing to be deeply shocked, as though it had been carved into his soul and was impossible to forget.

He couldnt imagine that in this forbidden zone that was filled with dangers, there was actually an area where darkness couldnt enter.

Captain Lei hadnt told him about this matter.

Perhaps even Captain Lei didnt know about it.

The scene last night didnt appear very frequently.

At the same time, no one could stay in the forbidden zone for a long time like him.

Therefore, even if others had seen it, the number of people that did was extremely few.

What was more likely was how this matter was turned into an unproven legend.

Xu Qing fell silent.

He then bowed deeply toward the stone statue and the surrounding people.

After some thought, he took out a piece of candle from his leather pouch and placed it in front of the stone statue.

He then lit it and bowed again.

He turned and left the temple.

Even after he walked out of the cluster of temples, he still turned his head back to look at the temples direction from time to time, as though he wanted to engrave this place in his heart.

At the same time, the scene of the strike kept appearing in his mind.

This scene was incomparably clear in his mind, so much so that Xu Qing, who had left the range of the temples, raised his right hand when he was walking in the jungle.

He instinctively wanted to imitate it.

Every time he copied the move, he felt it deeply.

If the cultivation of the Mountains and Seas Art was an imitation and visualization of the xiao diagram, then the current Xu Qing had replaced the xiao diagram with the image of the saber strike in his mind.

During this imitation, his cultivation unknowingly broke through and his Mountains and Seas Art advanced to the fourth level!

Perhaps it was because he had copied the saber strike but the increase this time not only increased his strength and speed by several folds, it also allowed him to make some mental breakthroughs.

This kind of breakthrough caused Xu Qings thoughts to be even sharper.

At the same time, when he lifted and lowered his right hand, there was a faint hint of the feeling of a falling blade from a god statue.

This made Xu Qing very surprised.

Gradually, two days passed.

Maybe it was because he was in the periphery, or maybe it was because of the intimidation from the temple, he didnt encounter any strange footsteps on the way back.


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