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250 Golden Crow Refines All Life

Every time It spread Its wings, it would be the eruption of an inheritance!

After an unknown period of time, amidst the earth-shattering turmoil in Xu Qings mind, the golden crow in his eyes spread Its wings for the second time.

This time around, its speed was even faster, and the fluctuations it stirred up were even more terrifying, causing the world to lose color.

The wind and clouds churned, and Xu Qings mind rumbled endlessly.

He didnt even notice that blood was flowing out of his nose at this moment, and the sound of the sound-catching bottle in the distance had begun to weaken.

The giant, who was focused on it, moved slightly, as though he was about to wake up from his daze.

At the next instant, Xu Qing sensed that the Golden Crow Divine Bird, which was soaring higher and higher in the golden sky, had spread Its wings for the third time!

This time, every feather on Its black wings shone with a piercing golden light.

As It waved Its wings, the sky seemed to split apart.

An incomparably terrifying fluctuation spread in all directions, and the sky really cracked.

A huge gap formed in the sky.

In the shattered sky, it was as though the clouds and fog had been parted, revealing another world.

In that world, Xu Qing saw countless races with different appearances.

They were all roaring at the sky.

As they roared, the Golden Crow Divine Bird leaned over and opened Its mouth at the world, letting out a cry that traveled through time and space.

Under this cry, that world… Under Xu Qings dumbfounded and horrified gaze, it was actually enveloped by black flames.

In an instant, it was as though it had been refined.

Countless drops of blood rose into the air and gathered into a golden color, rushing toward the golden crows mouth.

From afar, it looked like it was swallowing water!

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At the next instant, under Xu Qings shock, the golden crow abruptly turned Its head.

Its bright gaze pierced through time, causing the river of time to flow in reverse.

It passed through space, shattering the Great Dao of Space.

In the end, Its gaze that came from beyond the endless space, landed on Xu Qing.

As Xu Qings mind rumbled, he heard a gentle voice.

“This is my life art, Golden Crow Refines All Life.”

At the next instant, an extremely terrifying amount of information crazily surged in, causing Xu Qing to feel as though he had transformed into a small boat on a stormy sea.

Blood flowed out of his mouth, his eyes, nose, and ears.

As he bled from his seven orifices, all the scenes in front of Xu Qing shattered into pieces.

This caused him to return to his senses.

At the same time, he also heard the trembling wail of the Diamond Sects ancestor.

“Master, wake up quickly.

That giant… is about to wake up!!”

“Its over, its over.

Master, quickly wake up!!!”

The sound-catching bottle had already stopped emitting sounds.

Under the giants gaze, it couldnt withstand the pressure and shattered into pieces.

As for the giant, his emotions began to fluctuate.

His chest heaved as though he was breathing out.

The countless tentacles outside his body were twisting.

His breath seemed to contain an indescribable force, causing the seawater to dissipate.

His tentacles were also incomparably astonishing as amidst their twisting, cracks appeared in the void.

It was as though the sound of the sound-catching bottle had evoked some of his memories.

He let out a crying-like sound as his emotions erupted.

He waved his hands and a tsunami surged into the sky.

Waves that were thousands of feet or even ten thousand feet tall rose from the sea.

From afar, they looked like curved sea walls that were lifted from the ground.

They were majestic and terrifying.

At the same time, the giant gradually turned to look at the dragon carriage.

As he turned around, his breath landed in the direction he turned, causing the seawater to continuously boil and dissipate.

For a moment, the surroundings were clearly filled with astonishing tsunamis but there was nothing near him.

The instant Xu Qing opened his eyes, not only did he hear the screams of the Diamond Sects ancestor, but he also saw the incomparably tall giant outside the dragon carriage with pitch-black eyes.

The instant their gazes met, the giants breath enveloped him.

The dragon carriages material was special, so the giants breath couldnt destroy it at all.

However, Xu Qings flesh body couldnt withstand it at all.

At the next instant, an indescribable pain erupted from Xu Qings entire body.

His face, chest, stomach, and his frontal torso were instantly mangled.

It was the same for his hands and feet.

Under this breath, his flesh and blood were rapidly wiped away.

At this critical moment, a large black umbrella suddenly appeared and blocked in front of Xu Qing, coming into contact with the breath.

The black umbrella shook and blocked with all its might.

At the same time, Xu Qing trembled and lifted his right hand that only had strings of flesh on it.

He took out the disorder teleportation talisman and crushed it!

A resplendent teleportation light erupted from the shattered disorder teleportation talisman and enveloped Xu Qing.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared with the black umbrella!

As he and the black umbrella disappeared, the giants breath no longer had any obstruction and gushed into the dragon carriage.

After the breath spread out, the giant stared blankly at the empty dragon carriage and let out a sorrowful cry.

He didnt care about Xu Qings arrival or departure.

He was only looking at the dragon carriage.

Clearly, under the effect of the sound from the sound-catching bottle, his thoughts were stirred and he thought of his master who he had once accompanied.

The sound of crying rang through the world.

Finally, the giant squatted down and knelt in front of the dragon carriage.

The whimpering grew louder and louder, as though he was unwilling to give up and wanted to summon something.

However, there was no response.

His emotions gradually calmed, as though he had slowly forgotten everything again.

Only his instincts were left as he pulled the dragon carriage toward the bottom of the sea.

The inheritance was over.

He would fall into a deep sleep and wouldnt awaken until a hundred years later…

However, the sea wasnt calm.

The tsunami earlier stirred up a storm and with this place as the center, it continued to surge in all directions, its range growing larger and larger.

On the surface of the sea, which was about thousands of kilometers away and was not yet affected by the disaster, Xu Qings figure suddenly appeared amidst the flickering light of teleportation and landed on the sea.

When the seawater that was filled with anomalous substances touched the wounds all over Xu Qings body, it caused Xu Qing, whose vision was blurry from the intense pain and serious injuries, to be stimulated intensely.

His eyes abruptly widened and he instinctively waved his hand to take out the magic ship.

After he climbed onto it with great difficulty, he activated the magic boats defenses.

After that, he lay on the deck and his entire body trembled.

Blood kept on flowing out of his injuries and his chest heaved violently.

He didnt have much flesh left on his front.

It was the same for his hands, legs, and even his face.

Many of the exposed bones were shattered and a portion of them even had holes on them.

It was a shocking sight.

If someone he knew was here, they would find it very difficult to recognize him.

Blurry, double images appeared in front of Xu Qings eyes.

He endured the intense desire to close his eyes and swallowed a large number of medicinal pills.

He also activated the purple crystal, allowing its recovery power to quickly spread.

As the purple light permeated his body, Xu Qing endured the pain as he coldly glanced at the shadow.

Under the sunlight, when the shadow was swept by Xu Qings gaze, it instantly trembled intensely, revealing an extremely obvious intention to curry favor.

It was really afraid.

Back then, it was the one who had helped Xu Qing obtain the life lantern.

Hence, although Xu Qings injuries were serious at that time, it didnt think much of it.

However, this time… Not only was it afraid of Xu Qings suppressions, but it also personally witnessed Xu Qings magnificent feat and that indescribable madness.

It felt that since this person was so ruthless to himself, how ruthless would he be to others

Hence, it didnt dare to take the opportunity to cause trouble earlier.

At this moment, it tried its best to transmit its fawning emotions.

It even spread out over a small area to block the sunlight for Xu Qing.

The black iron stick at the side also couldnt help but tremble.

The Diamond Sects ancestors face was pale and his eyes were filled with horror and shock.

‘Ive lived for so many years but Ive never seen such a reckless person!!

‘Previously, in that inexplicable world of the merfolk race, I already felt terror.

But now… it was even more direct!!

‘This Demon Xu is too crazy.

If this continues, he might kill himself one day.

Once he dies, Ill definitely die too… If he doesnt die from his madness, he will definitely continue to obtain more treasures.

In that case, I might be killed one day when I am no longer helpful to him.

‘Theres no solution… The more the Diamond Sects ancestor thought about it, the more fear he felt.

This feeling was so intense that the Diamond Sects ancestor even ignored the shadows fawning toward Xu Qing.

He felt that the only way was for him to work even harder and surpass Demon Xus gains.

This thought caused the eyes of the Diamond Sects ancestor to turn red.

He wasnt a person who liked to take risks, but he had no choice now.

He felt that if he didnt risk his life, he would definitely lose his life.

There was another thing, which was also an important reason why he felt a sense of danger.

According to the ancient books he had read, characters who knew too many secrets of others would most likely die a horrible death.

At the thought of this, the Diamond Sects ancestor trembled even more.

He finally noticed the shadows actions and quickly controlled the black iron stick to circle around Xu Qing with an expression of loyalty.

If there was the slightest danger, he would definitely risk his life to protect Xu Qing.

“Master, you can recover in peace.

Ill take care of everything!” The Diamond Sects ancestors eyes were red as he spoke loudly.

After that, he stared fixedly at the shadow.

Clearly, he felt that the greatest threat was the shadow.

Noticing the shadows fawning and the Diamond Sects ancestors guarantee, Xu Qing fell silent for a moment before calmly glancing at the shadow.

He then nodded in appreciation at the Diamond Sects ancestor.

When the Diamond Sects ancestor saw the appreciation in Xu Qings expression, he was so excited that he felt like crying.

At that moment, all the fear of life and death seemed to have disappeared with Xu Qings appreciation, allowing him to obtain the greatest relief.

What followed was an unprecedented feeling of gratitude.

This feeling caused the Diamond Sects ancestors body and mind to tremble, as he spoke without thinking.

“Master!! Unless Im destroyed, Ill definitely make sure of your safety.

Im even prepared to self-destruct!!”

Xu Qing nodded and retracted his gaze.

He seemed to be healing with all his might but in reality, he was paying attention to these two as well.

He was prepared to instantly suppress the shadow and crush the Diamond Sects ancestors life soul if they wanted to counterattack.

At the same time, Xu Qing felt that although his injuries were basically equivalent to losing half his life, wasnt he still left with half of it

After experiencing the danger of getting the life lantern and seeing the captains madness, Xu Qing felt that this was nothing.

Hence, although he was in extreme pain and his aura was extremely weak, there was a hint of madness and excitement in his eyes.

“It was worth it!”

Xu Qing struggled to get up and leaned to the side, not caring about the seriousness of the injuries on his body.

At this moment, what appeared in his mind was the huge harvest from risking everything!

He didnt know how many breaths he had stayed in the dragon carriage.

However, he knew that the shadow of the Golden Crow that had formed beside the lantern in his body was no longer an outline but lifelike!!

This was an incomparably precious emperor-level cultivation art inheritance seed in the whole Wanggu Continent!!

Golden Crow Refines All Life!

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