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274 The Captain Did It!

Xu Qing was vigilant, so the instant he teleported, he noticed the expression of that Fifth Peaks disciple.

Even though there was only shock on the latters face and no other thoughts could be seen, Xu Qing felt that since even he was tempted by the bounty, there was no reason for others not to be tempted.

“Besides, my enemies in the Sea Corpse Race include that Dao Child as well.”

Since the nose of the statue couldnt recover, it could only mean that his Golden Crow Refines All Life was too domineering and what it devoured couldnt be restored.

There was a high chance that half of the Dao Childs face and ear wouldnt be able to recover.

“He must hate me to the core.

I have to find an opportunity to get rid of him.”

With this thought in mind, as the light of the teleportation array flickered, when everything in front of him became blurry and gradually became clear, Xu Qing returned to the Seven Blood Eyes.

As soon as he teleported over, familiar clamor and bustling sounds entered Xu Qings perception.

Very soon, light flowed over and the Seven Blood Eyes city was reflected in Xu Qings eyes.

The first thing that appeared in front of him was the crowd waiting in line for the teleportation, as well as two disciples who were registering the people coming and going not far away.

These two disciples, a man and a woman, were both wearing gray Daoist robes.

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Xu Qings gaze swept past the two of them.

He felt that they were a little familiar, but didnt pay much attention to them.

However, the moment he walked out, the purple Daoist robe he was wearing caused a commotion in the surroundings.

The expressions of the two disciples in charge of records changed and they hurriedly stood up.

“Greetings, Martial Uncle!”

Xu Qing was about to walk past them.

However, when his gaze swept past the female disciple from the corner of his eyes, he stopped in his tracks and sized her up.

This woman had a beautiful appearance and her long hair was tied into a ponytail.

Only her figure was slightly skinny.

When Xu Qings gaze swept over, she tensed up and her heartbeat sped up.

She lowered her head even more.

“Your cultivation isnt bad and youre not far from the sixth level.

However, the Forbidden Sea aura in your Sea Transformation Art is lesser than the disciples of the Seventh Peak of the same realm.

You have to deepen the aura of the Forbidden Sea for a smooth breakthrough.”

Xu Qing gave some pointers and left after the woman thanked him with a trembling voice.

The reason why he gave pointers was because Xu Qing remembered who this woman was.

Back then, when he first came to the Seven Blood Eyes, he had encountered these two disciples.

At that time, this woman had kindly reminded him of the dangers of the sect.

Although it was a small matter, Xu Qing felt that since he encountered them again, he could pay her back by giving some pointers.

After he left, these two disciples backs were drenched with sweat.

In the eyes of these two Qi Condensation disciples, the pressure Xu Qings cultivation base naturally emitted and the baleful aura he had gotten from the battlefield made him look like a demon.

“This seniors cultivation… is extremely strong!!”

The male disciple among the two took a deep breath.

The fan in his hand was about to break.

After saying that, he looked at the woman beside him and couldnt help but speak with a strange expression.

“Do you know that senior”

The womans expression was a little dazed.

She quickly turned around and ran to the side to check the information record of the teleportation array.

After reading it, her eyes suddenly widened.

“Xu Qing!”

“Xu Qing!” The mans entire body trembled.

“Is it that Xu Qing who has been famous recently and destroyed the Sea Corpse Races holy item, causing the Sea Corpse Race to be furious and issue a bounty on him”

The woman nodded blankly.

“How does he know you!”

The mans eyes revealed unprecedented envy.

“My memory is better than yours.

I remember that a year ago, a scavenger youth came with a white token.

Back then, when I reminded him of the dangers of the sect, I glanced at his identity token.

That youths name was also Xu Qing.”

The woman said softly, her eyes filled with uncertainty.

The man at the side gasped again and was stunned as he recalled carefully.

“You said that he wouldnt live for more than three months.”

The woman glanced at her companion.

The mans face instantly turned pale and his breathing became hurried.

At the same time, he suddenly realized that this Seventh Peaks junior sisters actions in the past – that he had thought to be stupid – actually contained such an opportunity.

Xu Qing didnt know that his casual action had sparked a discussion between these two disciples.

At that moment, he was walking in the city in a gray Daoist robe.

He headed straight for Port 176s Transportation Department.

His magic ship was destroyed and he had nowhere to rest.

Unless he returned to the Seventh Peaks cave abode, he could only find a place to stay for a few days.

The Homicide Department was his first choice but Xu Qing decided to look for Zhang San to refine the magic ship before he went to the Homicide Department.

He hadnt returned for half a year.

Xu Qing, who was walking in the Seven Blood Eyes main city, looked at the crowd bustling around in the surroundings and the familiar shops and stalls.

He felt a rare calmness.

As the battlefield was far away, the atmosphere of war in the Seven Blood Eyes wasnt that obvious.

It didnt look much different from usual.

Only many of the ports were requisitioned by the sect as a transportation station for strategic goods.

After all, the expenditure when using the teleportation array to transport materials would be huge.

Although the merchant ships were slow, they were still acceptable in a war that would last for a long time.

“Senior Brother Zhang San made the right bet.”

Xu Qing was very happy when he thought of the benefits he would gain in the future.

However, he was still vigilant.

After all, the thing the captain had done had incited too much greed.

“Fortunately, the captain has more bounty on him.

If those people attack, they should attack him first… Moreover, he cares about his reputation.

I think hes happy to see this happen, so its not good for me to reveal the truth to him.”

Xu Qing seriously thought about it and nodded in deep agreement.

His heart also felt slightly more at ease as he looked forward to the captains return.

Not long later, Xu Qing arrived at Port 176.

Most of this port had been requisitioned by the sect.

On the surface of the sea, there were cargo ships filled with strategic resources waiting to be dispatched.

Xu Qings gaze swept over and he sighed with emotion.

Port 176 was clearly much more developed than half a year ago.

The streets were orderly and there were many shops opening for business.

Compared to before, the crowd was dozens of times larger.

Moreover, because the three ports had been joined, the area was very large, so the number and types of shops were more abundant.

Xu Qing walked fast.

While looking at the prosperous scene, he arrived at Port 176s Transportation Department.

He didnt enter immediately.

Instead, he took out a jade slip and transmitted his voice to Zhang San.

At the next instant, a figure rushed out from the Transportation Department.

It was Zhang San.


Zhang Sans excited voice rang out.

However, he knew his limits.

After he blurted out one word, he quickly swallowed the other word.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived before Xu Qing.

His eyes were filled with excitement as he pulled Xu Qing into a warehouse in the Transportation Department.

The moment they entered, Zhang San spoke excitedly.

“You and the captain have become famous this time!!”

“The captain did it.” Xu Qing immediately corrected him.

“The two of you are too crazy.

You actually went to the Sea Corpse Race and destroyed the nose of their holy item.

I heard that the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statues nose cannot be restored!”

Zhang San spoke excitedly.

“The captain did it!” Xu Qing hurriedly said.

“This matter is too wild.

I heard that the Sea Corpse Race has exploded from anger on the frontline.

In fact, the higher-ups of the Sea Corpse Race even tried to talk to the ancestor and the others, wanting to get the nose pieces back, but the ancestor directly rejected them.”

“The captain is too crazy.

I was also implicated.

You know that this was all done by the captain.” Xu Qing sighed.

At this moment, Zhang Sans emotions had calmed down a lot.

He looked at Xu Qing and his eyes lit up as he hurriedly asked in a low voice.

“Xu Qing, is that nose piece still with you Let me take a look.”

“Yes, but after leaving the Sea Corpse Race, it became an ordinary stone.

Theres nothing strange about it.”

Xu Qing felt some regret.

He took out the nose piece and placed it to the side.

This nose piece was over a hundred feet long and completely gray.

Although it didnt emit any aura, it carried a sense of desolation.

This was especially so for the countless beehive-like holes on it, which seemed to reveal the passage of time.

“Place it gently!”

Zhang San hurriedly exclaimed and moved around the nose piece rapidly.

As he touched it, the light in his eyes became even more intense.

Finally, he looked at Xu Qing.

“Xu Qing, who said that this nose piece doesnt have any effect This is a part of the ancestral corpse statue of the Sea Corpse Race.

Its the thing the entire Sea Corpse Race desires to take back the most because this is their dignity.”

Zhang San was beaming with joy.

“I have a plan.

I will build a huge museum in our port.

After that, Ill embed the nose you and the captain obtained together and place it inside.”

“With this museum, let me tell you, Xu Qing, our port will be completely invincible!”

“We dont even need to hire people to guard it.

The sect will help us do it.

They will also promote our port greatly.

Our port will definitely become famous.

Countless people will come to visit and its only a matter of time before we become the number one port of the Seven Blood Eyes.”

“The shops and streets near the nose of this Sea Corpse Races holy item will become even more valuable.

We will make a killing!!”

As Xu Qing listened, a strange glint appeared in his eyes.

He looked at the excited Zhang San and admired his sense of business.

Hence, after some thought, he agreed with Zhang San.

After discussing this matter, Xu Qing hesitated for a moment before speaking softly.

“Senior Brother Zhang San, my magic ship…”

Zhang San gently touched the nose piece with satisfaction.

After hearing Xu Qings words, he lifted his head and smiled, as though he knew this would happen.

“Take it out.

I long guessed that the magic ship would definitely be damaged when you returned this time.

Now that our port is financially strong, Ill repair any damage for you.”

“Thank you, Senior Brother Zhang San.

Its best if you can refine it a little faster.

Thank you!”

When Xu Qing heard this, he cupped his fists at Zhang San and turned to leave.

“Hmm Wheres the magic ship Give it to me.

How am I supposed to repair it if you dont give it to me”

Zhang San was stunned for a moment and looked at Xu Qing in surprise.

“Destroyed.” Xu Qing looked at Zhang San.

The warehouse fell silent.

Zhang San looked at Xu Qing and his eyes slowly widened.


Xu Qing nodded seriously.


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