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245 Suppress! Suppress!! Suppress!!!

The black tree formed by the shadow was strange, incomparably so.

The hundred or so eyes on it emitted an astonishing red light, illuminating the mine like a world of blood.

The ferocity they emitted was extremely obvious.

This ferocity contained intense rage.

It was as though the shadow had been enduring for a long time.

At this moment, as it broke through, all the negative emotions in its heart couldnt be suppressed and began to erupt.

However, what was strange was that the ferocity and rage of the shadow didnt all rush toward Xu Qing.

Instead, half of it was targeted toward the Diamond Sects ancestor.

Xu Qing had suppressed it daily for a long time.

Originally, all of its killing intent should have been targeted toward Xu Qing.

However, it was obvious that some of the actions of the Diamond Sects ancestor had astonishing effects in attracting hatred.

The Diamond Sects ancestor had a solemn expression as lightning swam around his body.

He looked at the shadow solemnly but he was overjoyed inwardly.

He thought to himself,Little Shadow, Little Shadow, well done.

This is how it should be, you should rebel openly like this.

The more this was the case, the more stable his status would be.

With this thought in mind, the Diamond Sects ancestor let out a low roar.

“Vile shadow, are you trying to devour our master!!”

As he spoke, the Diamond Sects ancestor instantly arrived between Xu Qing and the shadow, looking loyal and protective of his master.

At the same time that he locked onto the shadow, the lightning runes on the iron stick began to shine and a terrifying aura spread out.

A cold glint appeared in Xu Qings eyes.

He didnt care about the shadows ferocity at this moment.

Instead, he quickly thought about the source of the familiar sounds.

At the next instant, Xu Qings expression suddenly changed.

He recalled the origin of this voice!

“Giant and the Dragon Carriage!”

Xu Qings mind shook.

At that moment, he suddenly heard a muffled rumbling sound from the outside world.

The sound was low, as though a heavy object had landed on the ground, forming intense fluctuations that caused the sea to surge, causing the island he was on to tremble.

At the same time, under the sea on the island, Xu Qings Forbidden Sea Plesiosaur rapidly manifested and looked into the distance.

The instant it looked over, its body rippled intensely.

Thick fog spread out from the distant sea.

As the sound of heavy objects landing on the ground became increasingly deep, the sound of iron chains also followed.

From afar, one could see a huge giant slowly walking over.

His body was extremely huge and was covered in tentacles that were like his hair.

Every step he took caused the bottom of the sea to tremble, stirring up a violent torrent that swept up a thick fog filled with dust.

As he moved forward, one could clearly see the shocking black iron chains on his body.

These iron chains bound his body to a bronze dragon carriage.

This dragon carriage carried traces of the passage of time and looked dilapidated with many areas covered in rust.

It was slightly tilted to the side as it was pulled, leaving a long mark on the bottom of the sea.

Regardless of whether it was the giant or the dragon carriage, they were both enormous.

Compared to them, Xu Qing was simply insignificant.

In his eyes, either of them was like a mountain that could hold up the sky.

This was especially so for the tall carriage.

There were exquisite and majestic carvings on it that were filled with the feeling of an emperors weapon.

It was as though only supreme noble spirits could use this dragon carriage!

As the giant walked over and the dragon carriage was revealed, the sea rumbled.

Terrifying waves surged into the sky and formed a tsunami.

The giant emitted a terrifying aura that surpassed the strength of Binding by countless times.

In an instant, Xu Qings Forbidden Sea Plesiosaur shattered into pieces.

Xu Qings eyes instantly felt a piercing pain and blood flowed out of them.

The walls of the mineshaft couldnt withstand it either.

Cracks rapidly formed and collapsed, causing the seawater to pour over.

This also caused Xu Qing to see the giant in the distance with his own eyes instead of using the plesiosaurs eyes.

The other partys aura caused his mind to shake intensely.

Xu Qing didnt hesitate at all.

The life lantern in his body was ignited and he activated the Mystic Brilliance Form.

It was as though a volcano had erupted in his body.

While he resisted with all his might, this close distance also allowed him to see the murals carved on the outer surface of the dragon carriage clearly!

A handsome youth in luxurious clothes and an emperors crown was shown in the murals.

He was sitting in the dragon carriage and was propping his chin with a hand as he reviewed a bamboo slip.

The entire mural was exquisite and the carvings were lifelike.

Even the youths expression and brows were clear.

He seemed to have seen some interesting records and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly with a smile.

As for the dragon carriage he was in, it was pulled by a giant running toward the sky with five golden dragons wrapped around his body.

This giant was extraordinary.

Although he was only carved on a mural, it still allowed those who saw him to sense his powerful aura.

At the same time, the giant on the mural seemed to want to turn his head and look at the youth behind him.

His expression was filled with loyalty and a hint of fanaticism.

It was as though to him, the youth behind him was his fate.

To be able to pull the carriage for the other party was his glory.

The murals didnt end here.

In the next few murals, Xu Qing saw the youth with the crown walking down the dragon carriage after it passed through the clouds and arrived at the highest sky.

He transformed into… the sun.

He hung high in the sky and his light illuminated the ground!

The last carving portrayed that at dusk, the sun transformed back to the youth and returned to the carriage.

He sat down again and was pulled by the giant straight to the sea.

This series of murals caused a wave of emotions to surge in Xu Qings mind.

While he was feeling these intense emotions, a sound rang out from the mouth of the giant.

Krrk, krrk.

The strange voice echoed, as though it was responding to the shadow!

As for Xu Qings shadow, although it was in the sea right now and couldnt be seen by others, Xu Qings perception still sensed that it was still in the form of the bizarre tree.

Amidst its ferocity and madness, it let out another sound.

Krrk, krrk.

The giants body trembled as he walked toward Xu Qing.

The closer he got, the more palpitations Xu Qing felt.

Xu Qing cast a deep glance at the giant in the distance and chose to retreat.

At the same time, the purple crystal in his body erupted with full force and directly suppressed the shadow.

He took out the magic ship and immediately leaped out of the sea.

It was early in the morning in the outside world.

The sun was shining brightly and when it landed on Xu Qings body, it also clearly revealed his shadow on the deck of the ship.

The shadow was twisting, as though it was crazily resisting Xu Qings suppression.

Amidst this distortion, all its forms changed and tentacles extended out from the tree.

It was actually gradually becoming similar to the dragon-carriage giant.

Xu Qings eyes revealed killing intent.

The 44 magic apertures in his body circulated and magic power surged into the purple crystal on his chest.

The purple crystal trembled from the huge force.

A blurry purple light emitted from Xu Qings chest and landed on the distorted shadow.

It wasnt over with just one time.

Xu Qing decisively suppressed it more than 50 times!

The shadow trembled intensely but it was still letting out a low roar.

All its eyes were red and its open mouth seemed to be about to make a sound.

However, Xu Qing let out a cold snort and simply fused the power of his life fires into the purple crystal.

At the same time, he waved his right hand, causing the shadow of a huge black umbrella to appear.

As soon as the black umbrella appeared, the color of the sky changed and the wind and clouds churned.

Xu Qing covered the shadow with it, blocking the sunlight and cutting off some of its connection with the outside world.

Outsiders couldnt see the shadow under the umbrella.

However, Xu Qing could clearly sense that after the shadows connection with the outside world was severed, it revealed panic and struggled intensely.

“Fool.” Xu Qing slowly spoke.

As his life fires fused into the purple crystal, the crystal was activated to a greater extent, erupting with an unprecedented suppressive force, forming a corporeal purple halo that rumbled toward the shadow.

Three times, seven times, 16 times!

The might of this suppression under the strengthening of life fires was much greater than before.

The shadows entire body trembled and it gradually couldnt struggle anymore.

It also found it difficult to make a sound.

At the same time, under Xu Qings close observation, as the black umbrella enveloped the shadow and as he forcefully suppressed it, finally… the dragon-carriage giants footsteps stopped.

As though he had lost his senses, the giant slowly turned around and pulled the dragon carriage deeper into the sea, returning to who knows where.

After confirming that the giant had left and the palpitations had dissipated, Xu Qing coldly looked at the shadow which was trembling intensely as it realized that something bad was going to happen.

“Your plan has failed,” Xu Qing calmly said.

The shadow trembled and its form changed from its previous appearance.

Its tentacles disappeared and it transformed into a tree again.

All the eyes on it were still red but it didnt dare to emit a ferocious glint.

Instead, it revealed a fawning expression.

At that moment, the sun rose into the sky.

The sunrise on the sea was even more spectacular than on the shore.

It was as though the sun had flown out of the seas bedroom and headed straight for the sky.

The fiery red light illuminated the surroundings like a red fire that wanted to burn the world.

Even the black Forbidden Sea couldnt compete for brilliance at this moment.

It was as though the sun was the only main character.

However, Xu Qing wasnt in the mood to pay attention now.

With a wave of his right hand, the black umbrella dissipated and the shadow reappeared.

As the sunlight grew denser, the shadow reflected on the deck could be seen with the naked eye.

It was very clear.

However, compared to before, after being suppressed many times, its color wasnt as dark as when it had just broken through.

Now, under Xu Qings cold gaze, its trembling became even more intense.

“Wrong… I…”

As soon as his emotions fluctuated, the purple crystal in Xu Qings body released its suppression.

Ten times, 30 times, 70 times, 120 times…

Xu Qing simply sat cross-legged at the side and looked at the distant sky with no intention of stopping.

The Diamond Sects ancestor was very excited at the start but as he saw this, his heart couldnt help but tremble.

He looked at the shadow that was constantly being torn under the suppression, looking miserable and dim.

It could not even keep its form and even its aura was weak like it was on the verge of death.

He then looked at the expressionless Xu Qing and couldnt help but speak in a low voice.

“Master, it… its going to die.”

Xu Qing glanced at the Diamond Sects ancestor.

“You sympathize with it”

“Absolutely not!” The Diamond Sects ancestor felt goosebumps from Xu Qings gaze and hurriedly patted his chest loudly.

In fact, the force was so great that it sent some lightning flying.

“Master, lets kill this traitorous shadow together!” As he spoke, his body rumbled with lightning as he headed straight for the shadow.

He did his best to assist, afraid that he would be too slow.

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