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273 Fame (2)

Xu Qing muttered.

He suddenly hoped that the captain would return soon.

This was because with the captains madness, Xu Qing felt that it wouldnt be difficult for him to form the third ball of life fire by participating in similar matters of the Sea Corpse Race a few more times.

“When the captain returns, Im going to ask him if there are other places to make it big.”

Xu Qing made a decision.

As for the thought of not continuing with the madness, he threw it to the side.

“I have no choice.

My cultivation is too slow.

In order to open more magic apertures, Ill have to look for an opportunity to take the risk again.

When my magic apertures are fully opened, I wont take such risks anymore.”

Xu Qing nodded in deep agreement at his thoughts.

Just like that, days passed.

Five days later, when he was still three days away from the merfolk island, Xu Qings identity token vibrated.

He took it out and saw a large number of familiar missions refreshing rapidly.

At first glance, there was nothing different.

Xu Qing checked around and noticed that at the top of the many missions, there was a Hero Rankings.

Xu Qing knew that this ranking was the wanted list of the Sea Corpse Race.

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It recorded the bounty provided by the Sea Corpse Race for killing the Seven Blood Eyes cultivators.

However, it wasnt free to check, so Xu Qing didnt use it.

At this moment, he swept his gaze over and hesitated.

He felt that what he and the captain had done in the Sea Corpse Race was neither big nor small.

There was a certain chance that they would be wanted.

Hence, he wanted to take a look but discovered that it actually cost 100 spirit stones.

This made Xu Qing feel that it wasnt worth it.

The instant Xu Qing was about to give up on buying, as the mosasaur got closer and closer to the territory of the merfolk island, more tremors appeared in his identity token.

They were private messages sent by everyone who knew him.

“Senior Brother Xu Qing, are you back”

“All hail Senior Brother Xu Qing!!!”

There were too many messages.

Xu Qing looked at them in surprise.

“Senior Brother Xu Qing, I think you must have a lot of messages now and you might not be able to see my message.

However, Im so excited.

After I saw your name and the things you did, I couldnt sleep for days in excitement and worry.

There are thousands of words I want to say, but they turned into the first seven words of my message1.”

This message was from Ding Xue.

Xu Qing only glanced past the first seven words of Ding Xues message and didnt pay much attention.

This was because an even greater matter filled his mind.

He realized that the matter in the Sea Corpse Race had been exposed.

He immediately flipped through the other messages.

All the other messages also mentioned this matter.

Xu Qing quickly looked through them and didnt hesitate to spend 100 spirit stones to buy the viewing rights of the Hero Rankings.

When he opened it and noticed that he was ranked second, his eyes narrowed.

He then looked at the first place.

“Chen Erniu”

Xu Qing fell silent.

He clearly knew that the other party was the captain but he was still stunned by this name.

He suddenly realized that the captain had never mentioned his name.

Perhaps it had a lot to do with the latter thinking that his name was a little old-fashioned.

Xu Qing carefully checked the rankings.

After a long time, he took a deep breath and frowned slightly.

He then looked at the piece of the nose in his storage bag.

On the way back, he had already analyzed it.

Seeing that the Sea Corpse Races reaction was so intense, he felt that there was a high chance that the explosion caused by the unstable fluctuation due to Golden Crow Refines All Life was unrecoverable.

However, he felt that this matter was somewhat unbelievable.

“Could it be that the captain did something crazy again after I left”

Xu Qing fell silent.

However, no matter what, his name had spread everywhere now, causing him to feel a little uneasy.

He didnt like to show off.

This didnt match the understanding he had gained from his life since he was young, nor did it match the tradition of the Seventh Peak of the Seven Blood Eyes.

“Its all the captains fault for causing such a huge commotion.

How good would it have been if he had just left back then!”

Xu Qing shook his head and stared at the rankings for a long time.

He had already realized the monstrous anger of the Sea Corpse Race and the endless killing intent contained in these rankings.

This was because not to mention others, even Xu Qing himself couldnt help but feel his heart racing when he saw the bounty reward for Captain Chen Erniu.

He could easily imagine how tempted other people must be.

“It wasnt easy for me to settle down for some time.

Now, I have to be vigilant against everyone.

The sect isnt safe either.

However, compared to the chaos in the outside world and the fact that I did such a big thing, I dont think people with ulterior motives would dare to reveal their malice in the sect.”

Xu Qing rapidly analyzed the pros and cons.

In the next few days, he was extremely careful and even used the shadow to hide the fluctuations of his identity token.

It was the same for him.

He used the disguise item and changed his appearance before slowly approaching the merfolk island.

He had to go to the merfolk island.

If he were to travel alone, not only would it take an extremely long time to return to the Seven Blood Eyes, but it would also be easy for accidents to occur on the way.

Due to the matter on the rankings, after Xu Qing returned, he immediately stepped into the nearest Image Island.

He headed straight for the teleportation array.

Fortunately, there werent many cultivators here now and most of them were on the battlefield.

Hence, Xu Qings return didnt attract any attention.

He didnt waste any time and quickly arrived at the teleportation array.

Xu Qing took a deep breath and glanced at the surrounding Fifth Peaks disciples in charge of the array formation.

After that, he quickly took out his identity jade slip and pressed it to the side.

Fluctuations from the array formation spread out.

His identity had been verified and the teleportation was about to begin.

At this moment, a Fifth Peaks disciple in charge of the teleportation array glanced at the teleportation stone at the side and noticed the name of the person using the teleportation array.

The instant he saw this name, he was stunned for a moment.

After that, his eyes abruptly widened and he turned his head to look at Xu Qing on the teleportation array.

“Xu Qing!”

At the next instant, Xu Qings figure disappeared under the light of the teleportation array.

At the same time, in the Sea Corpse Races territory, in a forest of red withered giant trees, an armored giant with half of its body rotting was sitting and meditating.

Just that half of its body was over 5,000 feet tall, towering above the withered trees in the surroundings.

Above his head sat a youth in an emperors robe.

It was Miao Chen.

Half of his face was disfigured and the flesh and bones in it were displaced.

Even the ear on it was gone, causing his originally handsome face to look sinister.

His noble temperament was also gone.

In front of him, a woman in a long purple and green dress, with her face covered, was kneeling and speaking softly.

“Your Highness, all the healing items in the race cant neutralize the corrosive power in your wound.

Only the king and the marquises have a way to forcefully neutralize it.

However, the king said… that you have to handle your matters yourself.

Kill that Xu Qing and he will heal you.”

“What do you mean Back then, when you took advantage of the weak Spirit Jade and schemed against me, why didnt you make such a demand Could it be that you guys have taken a fancy to Chen Erniu and Xu Qing, and are scheming to kill them before transforming them Sea Corpse Race, a shameless race, scram!!”

The youth lifted his head, looking even more sinister.

The womans body trembled and she hurriedly left.

After the woman left, the youths bloodshot eyes revealed intense killing intent.

His heart was also filled with indescribable grievance.

As a Dao Child of the Sea Corpse Race, a Perfected Foundation Building cultivator, and a heavens chosen with four life fires, he had actually lost to an unknown person and was humiliated.

“Xu Qing, Im not done with you.

If I dont kill you, my mind wont be clear!!”

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