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229 Its You!

The fluctuations were intense, and there was a muffled explosion as magic power spread out.

Xu Qing stopped in his tracks.

All kinds of thoughts rapidly flashed through his mind.

The teleportation arrays ahead had clearly been activated.

Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race had arrived.

The sound of battle meant that the Seven Blood Eyes cultivators had encountered them.

Right now, the vast majority of disciples were outside taking on various missions.

Although there were people in the underwater world, Xu Qing didnt encounter many of them in the past two months.

There was a high chance that they were cultivators who had accepted the mission to search and destroy teleportation arrays like him.

Xu Qing didnt act rashly.

Instead, he hid his tracks and slowly approached.

When he was about to reach the battlefield, he squatted down and looked at the shadow.

The shadow had followed Xu Qing for so long and was long familiar with his personality.

Moreover, after being swept up by the Diamond Sects ancestor a month ago, he was now working quite hard and quickly spread out.

The source of light in the underwater world came from the surrounding corals that emitted gorgeous lights.

This light could allow cultivators to see their surroundings clearly but because it wasnt strong light, the shadow was almost imperceptible.

Moreover, this place was already filled with anomalous substances, so the shadow was able to quietly approach the area of the battle.

It quickly checked and returned in an instant.

After transmitting some emotions to Xu Qing, it laid out some shapes on the ground that only Xu Qing could see.

Xu Qing lowered his head and looked over.

Although he could control the shadow, he couldnt use its eyes to see the world.

However, the shapes of the shadow still clearly told Xu Qing what it saw.

“Three Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race are surrounding and attacking a Seven Blood Eyes Foundation Building cultivator… In your perception, none of them are in the Mystic Brilliance Form” Xu Qing whispered.

The shadow quickly nodded and revealed an eagerness to try.

“Are you sure you checked carefully, Little Shadow You have to place Masters safety at the highest point like this old man.

You cant be careless.”

The Diamond Sects ancestor seized the opportunity and spoke in a low voice.

He felt smug.

If nothing unexpected happened later, his words would add points to Demon Xu and be able to take some of the shadows credits.

However, if the shadow made a mistake, his words would make his position in Demon Xus heart even higher.

The shadow emitted a ferocious intent and locked onto the black iron stick.

Xu Qing didnt bother with them.

After a moment of silence, he moved closer.

Right now, he had opened 28 magic apertures.

According to Xu Qings calculations, if he could kill two or three more, he would definitely be able to open 30 magic apertures.

“We cant let them off!”

Xu Qing concealed his cultivation base and gradually approached the battle.

The fluctuations from ahead became clearer and the rumbling sounds became more frequent.

A while later, Xu Qing finally saw the teleportation array.

That area was filled with seaweed.

Although the long seaweed covered the teleportation array, it couldnt hide the teleportation light that was slowly dissipating.

A Foundation Building cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race was adjusting the teleportation array formation.

It seemed like he was preparing to teleport more Sea Corpse Race cultivators over.

This Sea Corpse cultivator was a human when he was alive.

Now, other than his skin color and the corpse poison that permeated the air, his appearance was not too different from a living person.

He looked like a scholar and wore a black Daoist robe.

His cultivation base was emitting powerful energy.

On the other side, there was a youth from the Third Peak of the Seven Blood Eyes wearing a dark yellow Daoist robe.

The people fighting with him were two Foundation Building cultivators from the Sea Corpse Race whose auras were slightly weaker.

There were also other arrangements made in the surroundings.

As soon as Xu Qing got close, he felt that his identity token had broken off its connection and was blocked.

Xu Qing didnt mind and observed the battlefield carefully.

The youth from the Third Peak wore thin black gloves on his hands.

As he waved them, black gas spread out, forming strange blurry figures in the surroundings.

Between his brows, there was a drawing of a back view of a figure and it was trying to turn around.

However, it seemed to be restricted and couldnt completely turn around.

The two Sea Corpse Race cultivators he fought with gave Xu Qing the same feeling as the Foundation Building cultivator from the Third Peak.

They didnt have the Mystic Brilliance Form but they should have opened about 20 magic apertures.

They controlled the anomalous substances to attack.

Coupled with their powerful bodies and corpse poison, and that they were going two against one, the youth from the Third Peak had many close shaves.

“The third peaks spells are strange!”

Xu Qing narrowed his eyes and looked at the back of the youth.

He then recalled the sects evaluation of the Third Peak.

The moment he looked at these people, they also noticed Xu Qing.

The youth from the Third Peak suddenly used a powerful attack, forcing the two Sea Corpse Race members to back a little.

He then quickly shouted toward Xu Qing.

“This place is restricted by the Sea Corpse Race, so I cannot send messages to the outside world.

Help me.

Im willing to pay 100,000 spirit stones after this!!”

When the disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes encountered such a situation, most of them would speak like this.

Even if they were from the same sect, there was no obligation for them to help each other.

The instant the youth from the Third Peak spoke, the black-robed scholar from the Sea Corpse Race who was adjusting the teleportation array frowned.

His body swayed and a rumbling sound rang out as he rushed toward Xu Qing.

As he rapidly arrived, he performed a series of hand seals with both hands.

Immediately, the power in the surroundings that could cut off the connection with the identity token spread out, enveloping Xu Qing, who was already within this range.

In his judgment, it was too late for this Seven Blood Eyes disciple to retreat even if he wanted to.

Since this disciple entered here, he decided to kill him.

He was fully confident in himself.

Although he didnt have Mystic Brilliance Form, he had already opened 29 magic apertures.

In addition, with the Sea Corpse Races physical body and recovery ability, coupled with this seabed that was filled with anomalous substances, he was confident in killing most of his peers, let alone the human Foundation Building cultivators which he had killed many.

The magic apertures in his body were activated and his speed erupted.

However, at the next instant, a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

This was because… the Seven Blood Eyes cultivator in front of him didnt retreat and escape as he had expected.

Instead, the latter rushed toward him.

“Is he thinking that his cultivation and strength are enough, so he didnt escape but advanced instead This doesnt match the actions of your Seventh Peak.”

“Then lets see whos stronger, your strength or my body!” The Sea Corpse Race cultivator sneered.

His speed didnt decrease at all, as though he wanted to use his body to crush Xu Qing.

In that instant, the two of them got closer and closer amidst their respective speeds.

“Purple Robe, this is someone from the Seventh Peak.

There shouldnt be any fools in the Seventh Peak…” The youth from the Third Peak who was being surrounded in the distance wanted to take the opportunity to escape, but he couldnt do so and could only barely protect himself.

At the next instant, the eyes of the Third Peaks youth suddenly narrowed.

Not far away, Xu Qing and the Sea Corpse Race cultivator were rapidly approaching.

When the two of them were only 100 feet away from each other, they used their artifacts at the same time, causing their speed to increase explosively in the blink of an eye.

Xu Qing used a feather, and the scholar-like Sea Corpse cultivator used a black paper fan.

They instantly took out their magic artifacts and sped up, but their direction was different.

The moment Xu Qing received the enhancement from the feather, he abruptly changed his direction.

His target wasnt this scholar but the two Sea Corpse Race members who were attacking the youth from the Third Peak.

Killing the weak first was a tactic Xu Qing had always used.

Usually, he would be able to use this method very smoothly.

This time, he combined it with the feather magic artifact to increase his speed.

However, the instant Xu Qing changed directions and rushed toward the youth from the Third Peak.

That Sea Corpse Race scholar actually changed directions as well.

His target wasnt Xu Qing but… the youth from the Third Peak!

Clearly, the words he said about matching their strength were intentional.

It was to hide his true motive.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them transformed into rainbows and appeared at the place where the youth from the Third Peak was fighting against the other two Sea Corpse cultivators.

An explosion rang out.

The youth from the Third Peak spat out a large mouthful of blood and his body was sent flying.

At the critical moment, a black tattoo appeared on his neck.

It was a lotus flower.

At this moment, it transformed and floated above his head, neutralizing the fatal blow from the black-robed scholar.

On the other side, Xu Qing had also gotten close.

Black fiendish fire erupted from his entire body and the black iron stick charged with astonishing sharpness.

He attacked almost at the same time as Xu Qing.

In the blink of an eye, one of the two Sea Corpse Race members who were fighting with the youth from the Third Peak had his forehead penetrated and the others neck was slit open by his dagger!

The one whose forehead had been pierced let out a miserable cry and retreated abruptly.

He quickly performed a series of hand seals, forming a huge six-armed statue of a deity in front of him.

It let out a low shout as it blocked the attack of the black iron stick.

However, the Sea Corpse Race member whose neck was slit by Xu Qings dagger wasnt that lucky.

The black dagger instantly transformed into flames that enveloped him.

At the same time, Xu Qing punched into the other partys chest, breaking through his flesh and blood all the way to his heart.

The 28 magic apertures in his body were fully opened and the black fiendish fire surged crazily into the Sea Corpse Race members body!

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator turned into a burning man almost instantly.

As he let out a mournful cry, Xu Qings shadow also took the opportunity to fiercely suck.

Immediately, half of the Sea Corpse cultivators body withered, speeding up the burning of the flames.

His mournful cries also stopped abruptly as he lost his soul and died.

As for the shadow, the aura of the Sea Corpse Race on it was even stronger but it was quickly digested and suppressed.

All of this seemed to take a long time to describe but in reality, it happened in an instant.

After killing one of them, Xu Qing looked at the black-robed scholar from the Sea Corpse Race.

He was a little surprised that the other partys choice was the same as his.

As for the black-robed scholar, he revealed a solemn expression for the first time.

He didnt bother with the Third Peaks youth who had escaped death but stared at Xu Qing.

Right at this moment, the teleportation array in the distance emitted fluctuations.

As the light shone, an aura spread out.

This aura wasnt strong and was quite weak.

It seemed to be just a wisp that had been teleported over to observe the surroundings.

After this aura spread out, it used some unknown method to sense Xu Qing.

After a pause, the fluctuations of the teleportation array became intense.

A roar seemed to travel through the space from the teleportation array.

“Its you.

When I come out, Ill definitely kill you!”

As the low shout echoed, the aura of Mystic Brilliance Form spread out from the teleportation array.

The other party… was none other than the Mystic Brilliance Form cultivator from the Sea Corpse Race whose teleportation had been interrupted by Xu Qing several times.

His anger clearly swelled after he sensed Xu Qing and he immediately started teleporting!

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