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272 Fame (1)

The war between the Seven Blood Eyes and the Sea Corpse Race had been going on for half a year.

The range of the war grew larger and larger, and more and more allies joined.

Not only was the frontline battlefield continuing to advance and shift, but other areas in the Forbidden Sea were also affected.

Strategic bases were established in the territories of many nonhuman races.

Many small-scale battles erupted left and right.

Such a large-scale war naturally attracted the attention of many races.

Hence, although the change in the wanted list was an unforeseen event between the Sea Corpse Race and the Seven Blood Eyes, it attracted the attention of the other races.

In an instant, the focus of most of the races in the Forbidden Sea gathered on this ranking.

The names of Chen Erniu and Xu Qing were known by countless nonhuman races, humanoid races, and human forces.

The discussions about the two of them became increasingly intense.

There were many who were tempted by the bounty given by the Sea Corpse Race.

There were even experts of the Seven Blood Eyes who felt greed because of such enormous rewards.

After all, the Sea Corpse Race provided the reward to anyone who could complete the task.

Any races or even the disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes would be rewarded as long as they completed the mission.

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In fact, it wouldnt be a problem for the Sea Corpse Race to specially transform the person who completed the mission and make them their clansman.

Moreover, once those people became a member of the Sea Corpse Race, they would step into the Kings Sequence.

The resources of the entire Sea Corpse Race would be focused on them.

Just this was enough to make many people envious.

The only worry was the failure rate of transforming into the Sea Corpse Race.

After all, this transformation wasnt a sure thing.

There was a certain risk.

However, compared to the rewards, it would be worth it.

This was because those in the Kings Sequence of the Sea Corpse Race would have the status of true crown princes.

They were also known as Dao Child to the outside world.

Miao Chen, who had half of his face destroyed by Xu Qing, was in the Kings Sequence.

He was also the only one in the Kings Sequence of the Sea Corpse Race so far.

Hence, this bounty could be said to be unprecedented.

From this, one could see the anger and determination of the Sea Corpse Race.

Their goal in putting up such a bounty was clearly to either kill Xu Qing and the captain or make it difficult for them to take a single step in the Forbidden Sea in the future.

They would have enemies everywhere.

The vast majority of enemies would not reveal their motives, so it was difficult to distinguish them.

This way, Xu Qing and the captain would not be able to trust others in the future.

They would have to be on guard at all times.

The thing was Xu Qing had this personality to begin with… At that moment, he was in the mosasaurs body and moving toward the merfolk island.

He had no idea about what was going on in the outside world.

His identity token that could receive information from the outside world had long lost its effect because it was too far from the merfolk island.

This also allowed Xu Qing to better immerse himself in his recovery.

About 20 days later, Xu Qings injuries finally healed.

The moment he completely recovered, Xu Qing pondered for a moment and didnt choose to leave the mosasaur.

His magic ship had already collapsed, so using the mosasaur to travel was the most convenient method.

It saved him trouble and effort.

“I wonder whats going on outside now Did the captain escape How did the Sea Corpse Race handle this”

When he was still seven to eight days away from the merfolk island, Xu Qing looked in the direction of the merfolk island and mumbled inwardly.

“I cant be so crazy in the future.

I get myself injured every time… If I continue this, I might die earlier than the captain.”

Xu Qing looked at his body as he recalled his journey and sighed.

If one wanted to survive in this cruel world and live a better life, they usually had to work hard to become stronger.

These two thoughts were contradictory and made people helpless.

“Im still too weak.”

Xu Qing thought of the four fires heavens chosen of the Sea Corpse Race, Miao Chen.

This was the first true four fires cultivator he had seen.

Although the captain had also revealed the same thing when he was chased by the Golden Core boy, Xu Qing felt that the captains cultivation was bizarre and wasnt very clear.

However, Miao Chen was different.

He really had four life fires!

Xu Qing felt that such people should be rare.

However, when he thought about how vast the Wanggu Continent was and how there were countless races, he wasnt too surprised.

Xu Qing was very clear that he had gained the advantage in the fight with Miao Chen because he had snatched the initiative.

In addition, the shadow, the Diamond Sects ancestor, and his body enhanced by Golden Crow Refines All Life were the factors which led to him finally suppressing the other party.

The next time they met, the other party would definitely be vigilant, and it would be much more difficult for him to suppress the latter.

However, Xu Qing analyzed that Miao Chen would also find it extremely difficult to suppress him.

“Four balls of life fire…”

Xu Qings eyes revealed desire.

He had now fully stepped into the mid-stage Foundation Building realm.

Coupled with the life lantern and the enhancement from Golden Crow Refines All Life, he could fight against four fires.

This combat strength already allowed him to stand at the peak of the Foundation Building realm.

He could even escape from a Golden Core cultivator and neutralize some damage.

To others, he was already extremely strong.

However, Xu Qing was not satisfied.

“There are still 25 magic apertures left before I can ignite the third ball of life fire… At that time, at the Foundation Building realm, unless I encounter other life lantern cultivators, I can suppress everyone.

I should be able to live a little better.”

“Its too slow to open the magic aperture the normal way.”

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