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Chapter 223: War Opportunity

“The magic artifacts are on the third floor.

This way, senior!”

Upon hearing that Xu Qing wanted to buy a magic artifact, this young girl who had received many Foundation Building cultivators from the sect immediately knew that this extremely good-looking peer in front of her was definitely at the Foundation Building realm.

This caused her heart to shake and the way she addressed him changed.

Her eyes became even more bright as she led the way respectfully.

At the same time, at the staircase, she played a small maneuver.

She didnt ask Xu Qing to go first but took the initiative to step forward and guide the way.

This wasnt rude.

Moreover, as she walked up the steps, her curves were inadvertently revealed.

In particular, her perky butt was even more obvious, puffing up her robe and outlining the shape of a peach.

It was filled with seduction.

As her pigtails swayed, it also added a hint of innocence.

Unfortunately, Xu Qing ignored it.

After reaching the third floor, the young girl felt a little depressed.

She didnt sense any difference in Xu Qings expression, but she quickly organized her thoughts.

After she led Xu Qing to a compartment, she respectfully asked about Xu Qings requirements.

“Attack type, and the price has to be around 300,000 spirit stones!” Xu Qing calmly spoke.

When the young girl heard this, she nodded and left.

Not long later, she returned with a tray that contained three items.

One was a small blue sword with a talisman pasted on it, sealing 99% of the swords aura.

Only a trace of it could be sensed.

The second item was a necklace with five fingernail-sized black pearls embedded on it.

It was also sealed by a talisman.

The last item was a small red bell.

“Cold Mountain Sword.

This sword contains the aura of the Forbidden Sea.

During the forging process, it was placed at the bottom of the sea for three years, causing its cold intent to be astonishing.

It can be controlled by magic power to emit cold air.

It is good at speed and is very sharp.”

“Five Fiend Beads.

Every bead is sealed with a strand of goldfiend aura.

Once its released, it can transform into metal lightning punishment that can kill everything.

Unless its exhausted, it wont stop.

The method is to infuse magic power and engrave the targets name on the bead.”

“The last one is Living Soul Bell.

Once it is shaken, it can cause the enemys soul to tremble and be locked in place.

However, it is ineffective against bizarre entities and is only useful against cultivators with physical bodies.

Moreover, this artifact has flaws.

Once it is activated, the user will also be affected if they have a physical body.

However, because it is a rare soul-type magic artifact, the price is even higher.”

“Cold Mountain Sword, 270,000 spirit stones, Five Fiend Beads, 300,000 spirits, and Living Soul Bell, 330,000 spirit stones.” The young girl spoke crisply and then looked at Xu Qing.

Xu Qings gaze swept past these three items.

On the surface, he looked normal, but inwardly, he was sighing at how expensive magic artifacts were.

However, he knew that before he activated his Mystic Brilliance Form, magic artifacts would be very important for him.

Moreover, since war was coming, he naturally had to make proper preparations.

Otherwise, once the news of the war spread, the items would probably be even more expensive.

He liked all of these three magic artifacts.

However, he couldnt afford them all.

He had to buy jade talismans and a large number of poisonous grass items.

Hence, after checking them one by one, Xu Qing finally gritted his teeth and bought the Living Soul Bell.

Although this item had a flaw, Xu Qing had a way to resolve it.

He would tie it to the black iron stick and let the Diamond Sects ancestor use it to kill enemies from afar.

The Diamond Sects ancestor was an artifact spirit and not a soul with a physical body, so he wouldnt be affected.

“This is it.” Xu Qing held the Living Soul Bell and slowly spoke.

The young girl was a little excited.

After all, the sale of magic artifacts was a big business.

She respectfully handled the transaction for Xu Qing and followed Xu Qings request to bring him to the second floor to check the jade talismans.

Here, Xu Qing bought three jade talismans that increased defense and an attack-type jade talisman, spending another 120,000 spirit stones.

When he walked out of the shop, Xu Qing touched his pocket and sighed inwardly.

When he was in the Qi Condensation realm, he felt that the resources needed for Qi Condensation cultivators were very expensive.

When he reached the Foundation Building realm, he felt that the expenses in Qi Condensation were okay, and the Foundation Building pills were the most expensive.

However, now he felt that those were nothing.

Foundation Building jade talismans and magic artifacts were the most expensive.

“I need a large number of spirit stones to upgrade the magic boat as well…”

Xu Qing shook his head.

After buying the magic artifact, he suppressed his heartache and prepared to head to the Chengling District of the Second Peak to take a look at the medicinal herbs.

After all, compared to the Chengling District, the types of medicinal herbs in the port areas were inferior.

He also wanted to see if he could buy Ghost Desires and ammonites.

This concerned his method to attract sea beasts to open his magic apertures.

However, on the way to the Second Peaks Chengling District, his identity token vibrated.

Xu Qing took it out and saw that it was Zhang San who had sent him a voice transmission.

“Xu Qing, youre back”

“I returned yesterday,” Xu Qing replied.

“Where are you Can you come here or should I go there I have something important to discuss with you.”

“Im heading toward the Chengling District to take a look at the medicinal herbs.” Xu Qing was a little curious about why Zhang San was looking for him.

At the same time, he recalled the records on his cave abodes control plate that the captain had been trying to visit him many times.

“Alright, theres Hundred Herbs Square in the Chengling District.

Well meet there.”

The voice transmission ended.

Xu Qing walked toward the Second Peaks Chengling District.

Not long later, he found the Hundred Herbs Square that Zhang San had mentioned.

This shop was very large and could be considered a famous shop in the area.

From afar, Xu Qing saw Zhang San outside the Hundred Herbs Square.

He was sitting on the steps at the side and smoking a pipe.

His gray Daoist robe made him inconspicuous.

A smile appeared on his face when he saw Xu Qing.

He stood up and patted the dust on his butt before walking over quickly.

“Junior Brother Xu Qing, did the captain look for you ” Zhang San pulled Xu Qing to a corner and asked in a low voice.

“I havent seen the captain since I returned.” Xu Qing felt a little strange and glanced at Zhang San.

“Thats good.

Recently, Captain has been borrowing money everywhere like a lunatic.

He almost mortgaged the right to open my port and told me that he wanted to buy a method to disguise himself as another race.

Once he succeeds, hell earn at least a hundred times more.

I think hell look for you too.”

“Do you still have the right to open the port” Zhang San looked at Xu Qing expectantly.

“Yes.” Xu Qing nodded.

“Thats great!” Zhang San laughed and quickly said.

“Xu Qing, give me your right to open the port.

It took a while to persuade the captain to not mortgage his right.

In that case, including yours, we can do a big job.”

“I have accurate news that the sect is going to war with the Sea Corpse Race.

Actually, many people have guessed this.

However, different people have different thoughts when they get information.

This is related to the situation.”

“Some people think about protecting themselves when they hear about war, some think about how to obtain contribution points, some are terrified and nervous, and some think about getting rich but dont know how to achieve it.”

“Most of them will think of hoarding materials, but Im different.” At this point, Zhang San had a proud expression.

“Xu Qing, let me tell you.

When the war starts, it will be time to make a fortune.

Dont think about accumulating resources at this time.

Its useless and youll only be hated by others.”

“We dont need money from fellow disciples, we will take money from the sect!”

“When the war with the Sea Corpse Race starts, the sect will definitely launch a big campaign.

When the time comes, they will definitely make a requisition of all the ports to serve the war.

Regardless of whether its to arrange magic artifacts, place warships, or for the movements of the various peaks, the ports will be the focus.”

“The number of ports on the Seventh Peak is limited, so once I open three ports and connect them together, the sect will definitely choose to requisition such a large port.”

“As for requisitioning, they have to pay money, so we just have to build it before the war starts and set up more berths.

I have calculated it; basically, if this war lasts three months, well recoup our losses.

If it lasts for a year, well earn at least four times our investment!”

“This opportunity is extremely rare, we have to make use of it.”

Hearing Zhang Sans words, Xu Qings eyes widened as he stared deeply at Zhang San.

He couldnt help but feel admiration in his heart.

He really felt that Zhang Sans sense for money far exceeded that of ordinary people.

Noticing Xu Qings expression, Zhang San felt very happy and laughed.

“Xu Qing, you and the captain dont have to take out a single spirit stone.

Just give me the right to open the port.

Ill invest the capital.

When the profits are calculated, you and the captain will each take 25% of the profits, and Ill take 50%.

Is that okay”

“Moreover, the port will still be operating after the war ends.

In that case, this benefit will last for a long time.” Zhang San looked at Xu Qing and waited for his answer.

Xu Qing thought about it and handed a token to Zhang San.

This was the token to establish the port.

Zhang San was excited and was filled with motivation.

“A year later, Im confident that youll get at least a few million spirit stones!” Zhang San laughed.

He took out a jade slip and quickly contacted his connections to plan this matter.

After that, he waved at Xu Qing and bade farewell.

After watching Zhang San leave, Xu Qing sighed inwardly.

He truly felt that Zhang San was a genius.

Not only was he talented in refining tools, but his cultivation speed also didnt seem slow.

Moreover, he had an astonishing business acumen.

“I hope I can really get so many spirit stones in a year.” When he thought of Zhang San saying that he could get a few million spirit stones in a year, Xu Qings heart raced slightly.

The amount of benefits Zhang San mentioned was too great.

This attracted Xu Qing, whose pockets were almost empty.

A long time later, Xu Qing drew in a deep breath and entered the Hundred Herbs Square.

After the time it took for two incense sticks to burn out, Xu Qing walked out after buying the poisonous grasses he needed.

Although he had spent a lot of spirit stones here, he was satisfied.

There were a lot of poisonous grasses in this shop, and their quality even surpassed the Yang medicinal herbs.

Xu Qing felt that this was what a normal herb shop should look like.

After all, the vast majority of herbs were poisonous.

He bought a lot of poisonous grasses that he had only seen in the book Grandmaster Bai had left behind in the past.

Now, he planned to go back and try to refine a new poison.

He only felt that it was a pity that there were no Ghost Desires here.

However, the shopkeeper suggested that he could order the goods at full price and come to collect them in a month or so.

Xu Qing agreed.

“I have to refine a poison that can quickly kill Foundation Building cultivators, especially the Sea Corpse Race!”

Xu Qing soared into the air and headed straight for the Seventh Peaks cave abode.

Time flowed by.

As Xu Qing refined poison and cultivated in the cave abode, half a month passed very quickly.

A piece of news quickly spread in the sect, attracting the attention of everyone.

Even the atmosphere of the entire Seven Blood Eyes felt oppressive under the spread of this news.

“The Sea Corpse Race and the Seven Blood Eyes might start an all-out war!”

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