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Chapter 218: One Talisman, Two Lives

Perhaps it was because the First Peaks youth was too agitated, magic power gushed into his throat, causing his voice to break.

His voice came out as sharp and miserable.

Dozens of cultivators from both sides who were fighting in the distance heard the shout of the youth.

Xu Qings expression also changed as he abruptly retreated.

What made him retreat wasnt just the inexplicable words of the First Peaks youth, but …the dozens of gazes that the voice had attracted.

In Xu Qings eyes, any one of these cultivators in the distant sky was like a god.

Even though the aura they emitted was so far away, it still caused his body to tumble and he spat out blood.

Now, they all looked over…

Xu Qing didnt hesitate at all.

The magic ships protective barriers were all activated.

He also took out many protective talismans.

In fact, he even covered the ship with the plesiosaur.

At the next instant, waves of unimaginable and indescribable pressure descended.

Xu Qings mind was shaken.

The plesiosaur collapsed and so did his talismans.

Fortunately, his magic ship wasnt ordinary and had divinity.

Although the protective barriers had collapsed, the ship was intact.

As Xu Qings body trembled, he spat out a lot of blood.

However, as the magic ships defense reformed and he continued to accelerate his retreat, the pressure from the gazes were neutralized.

As for the First Peaks youth, he also spat out blood.

Three of the life-saving items protecting his body shattered in a row and he spat out seven to eight mouthfuls of blood.

In fact, the blood-colored sword he transformed into also shattered into pieces.

He even took out an extraordinary shield to resist but it still shattered.

All of these barely allowed him to resist the pressure of the gazes.

Xu Qing still felt lingering fear.

As he rapidly retreated, he looked at the sky.

The attacks of those god-like beings had changed the color of the sky and storms rose all around them.

Among these figures, Xu Qing saw the peak lord of the Seventh Peak and six other people beside him.

Although their clothes were of different colors, their auras were equally astonishing.

Regarding the identities of these people, Xu Qing didnt need to guess anything.

They should be the peak lords of the various mountain peaks of the Seven Blood Eyes.

The ones who could fight against them and not be at a disadvantage were none other than the Sea Corpse Race.

Xu Qing had seen the Sea Corpse Race on Merfolk Island.

With his sharp gaze, he saw that the Sea Corpse Race members in the sky were all in human form.

All of them wore black armor and their eyes revealed black flames.

As the corpse poison on their bodies permeated the air, their pressure soared to the sky.

Other than that, there were also some cultivators beside both sides.

Although these cultivators cultivation levels were much weaker than the main battle forces, they were still powerful.

Among them… Xu Qing saw Third Elder and also saw similar-leveled cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race.

Seeing this was already Xu Qings limit, his eyes stung and he couldnt continue staring.

He knew that he couldnt look anymore.

Otherwise, he would definitely go blind and his body also wouldnt be able to withstand it.

At the same time, a low roar rang out from the sky.

An old man in a crimson Daoist robe on the Seven Blood Eyes side suddenly waved his hand and golden swords formed around him.

After forcing back the Sea Corpse Race cultivator who was fighting with him, he headed straight for Xu Qing and the First Peaks youth.

This old mans face was as red as his robe and there seemed to be a burning person in his body.

Even looking at him could shake the soul.

Dense heat was continuously released from his body.

Seeing him, the First Peaks youths eyes revealed excitement as he roared loudly.

“A new line in the vast sea, the broken sun shines another day!!!”

“You rascal who doesnt know how to speak human language, hurry up and scram.

Youre courting death by staying here!” The old man from the First Peak who was rushing over shouted in a low voice.

He turned his head and swept his sword horizontally, fighting against the Sea Corpse Race member who had stopped him from leaving the battlefield.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides moved their battle further and further away.

When Xu Qing heard this, he continued to make his ship retreat even more.

As for the First Peaks youth not far away, he was also anxious.

He knew very well that once his master left, he would be dead meat.

Hence, he shouted with a red face and bloodshot eyes.

“Master, save me.

This kid from the Seventh Peak has been chasing me for ten days and ten nights.

He wont stop until he kills me.

Master, dont leave.

Save me!!”

Xu Qing didnt hesitate at all.

The magic ship beneath him hummed and dove into the deep sea.

The old man from the First Peak was stunned.

He was aware that this last disciple of his had become possessed ever since he found out that Ancient King Mystic Nether liked to hide profundities in poems.

He rarely spoke human language and his every sentence was filled with nonsense.

The last time he heard the kid speak human language was three years ago.

His gaze instantly landed in the direction Xu Qing had fled in.

Although he was separated by the seawater, Xu Qings mind still shook under the other partys gaze.

His body couldnt help but tremble and his entire body seemed to have lost all mobility at this moment.

It was as though he was imprisoned and his life was on the line.

“You…” The First Peaks Peak Lord was about to speak.

“Its just a fight between children.” At this moment, a calm voice rang out from the sky.

The person who spoke was the Seventh Peaks Peak Lord, who was standing on a great wing and fighting three Sea Corpse Race members alone with ease.

The expression of the First Peaks youth changed.

However, the First Peaks Peak Lord was as calm as ever.

It was unknown if the words he was about to say earlier had changed as he continued to speak.

“The two of you are fooling around.

What time is it now and youre still fighting among yourselves!” As he spoke, he waved his hand and threw out a golden talisman.

This talisman looked like a runic treasure but it gave people the feeling that it was a hundred times stronger.

It headed straight for the sea area where Xu Qing had dived into.

After it got close, the talisman split into two.

One of them instantly burrowed into the sea and chased after Xu Qing, breaking through the defense of his magic ship and sticking to his body.

The other one ignored the horror of the First Peaks youth and slapped his face.

The runes landed on both of them at the same time.

Xu Qing and the First Peaks youths bodies trembled.

The runes dissipated, forming golden patterns that imprinted themselves on their skin.

Upon closer inspection, these patterns seemed to have the same source.

“This is a life-linking talisman.

Its fine if youre injured, but if one of you dies, the others soul will be destroyed.

If youre willing to kill, then so be it.

If youre not, then scram back to the sect immediately.

When you return, the life-linking will dissipate on its own!”

The old man from the First Peak let out a low shout, stirring up a monstrous wave that swept Xu Qing and the First Peaks youth into the distance.

After that, he rushed into the group of Sea Corpse cultivators.

With a sweep of his sword, he directly severed half of a Sea Corpse cultivators leg.

The Sea Corpse Race cultivator was still moving, but the sword qi erupted and its lower body instantly collapsed.

He was immediately stopped by a Sea Corpse Race cultivator of the same realm.

The group of people from both sides moved further and further away as they battled.

As the waves rose and fell, Xu Qing surfaced again with an ugly expression.

He looked at the mark on his arm.

This mark wasnt only formed on his arm but also on his entire body.

The youth from the First Peak not far away was the same.

However, what was different from Xu Qing was that he looked relieved.

He even took out the broken large sword and approached Xu Qings magic ship.

Xu Qing looked at him coldly and spoke.

“Whats your name”

“I lived a befuddled life, my face is covered as I walk to the end of the world.” The First Peaks youth glanced at Xu Qing and calmly spoke.

Xu Qing couldnt hold back his killing intent.

He waved his right hand fiercely.

Immediately, a dagger formed by black flames materialized and headed straight for the youth.

The youths heart skipped a beat but he trusted his master.

Hence, he endured it and didnt dodge, allowing the dagger to reach his neck.

Just as it was about to cut the youth, Xu Qing felt an intense sense of danger.

Xu Qing fell silent.

He was certain that this life-linking talisman was truly powerful.

With this life-linking talisman, he indeed couldnt kill the other party.

As for crippling the latters body or cultivation, it was meaningless.

Once he went overboard, with this persons ruthlessness, it wasnt impossible for him to commit suicide.

Moreover, this person was quite powerful.

He would have to put some effort to cripple the other part.

After Xu Qing weighed the pros and cons, he temporarily suppressed his killing intent and coldly glanced at the First Peaks youth.

He then kept his dagger and returned to the magic ship.

As Xu Qing left, the mind of the First Peaks youth recovered a little from the shock earlier.

He had been really terrified as he also felt danger to his life.

As for the Diamond Sects ancestor in the black iron stick, he took a deep breath and looked at the distant Seven Blood Eyes Peak Lord.

His mind was filled with sighs.

‘Why didnt I think of this!! This f*cking works too!!!

As for Xu Qing, after he returned to the ship, he sat down and controlled a part of the shadow to cover his body, causing it to emit anomalous substances in an attempt to corrode his body.

This method was the method Xu Qing thought of to erase the life-linking talisman.

Under the corrosion of the shadow, the life talisman dimmed a little.

However, the process was slow.

Xu Qing no longer bothered with the First Peaks youth.

While slowly grinding down the talisman, he took out a bamboo slip and grabbed the black iron stick to carve on it.

As he carved, the eyes of the Diamond Sects ancestor widened.

He saw the names on the bamboo slip.

His focus immediately went to the wordsDiamond Sects ancestor at the top.

His heart skipped a beat as he felt how vindictive Xu Qing was.

What made him tremble the most was that although his name had been crossed out, it was different from the other names.

The others names had been crossed out three times, but his name was only crossed once, and it was very faint.

‘Do you still want to kill me! The Diamond Sects ancestor was horrified.

He felt that he had to work hard to become more useful as soon as possible and strive to have more lines on his name.

He also saw the new name Xu Qing had written.


The Diamond Sects ancestor secretly glanced at the First Peaks youth and deeply agreed.

At this moment, the First Peaks youth was heaving a long sigh of relief.

He thought to himself that if he hadnt met his master, he would have really lost his life this time.

Also, when he saw Old Master Seventh speaking up for the other party earlier, he couldnt help but have some guesses.

After that, he noticed Xu Qings actions and felt intense curiosity.

However, he didnt know many poems and usually made up the stanzas randomly.

Right now, there were a lot of questions he wanted to ask, but he didnt know how to phrase them.

A long time later, he finally spoke.

“Listen to the sound of the rain during a sleepless night, is the immortal in the sky your father”

Xu Qing ignored this brain-damaged youth.

After carving the wordidiot, he placed the bamboo slip into his pocket and activated the magic ships protective barrier, instantly isolating the other partys figure.

After that, he was about to control the ship to leave this place, when a mournful cry rang out from the distant horizon.

Xu Qing instantly looked over.

At a glance, he saw that in the direction the two groups had left in, the corpse of a Golden Core cultivator of the Sea Corpse Race who only had half of his body left suddenly fell from the sky and sank in the sea.

Xu Qings eyes immediately narrowed.

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