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271 Wanted List!

The wind was gentle and the sun was bright.

The sea was filled with waves.

The noon sun, the blue sky, and the black sea made for a gorgeous scenery.

This was even more so when swordfishes flew out of the sea and stirred up some waves.

At the same time, the seawater under the sunlight also reflected a rainbow light.

The beauty of the rainbow and the warmth of the sunlight washed away some of the mystery of the black, cold sea.

It seemed to be tranquil at this moment.

This sea area was very far from the Seven Blood Eyes and was closer to the territory of the Sea Corpse Race.

Due to the war, there werent many merchant ships moving in this region.

Moreover, due to the density of anomalous substances, there were clearly a lot of large sea beasts in the sea.

A mosasaur was moving rapidly under the sea.

Its sinister face, sharp teeth, and the aura it emitted caused most of the sea beasts on the way to scramble away.

With no obstruction, the mosasaurs speed continued to increase.

However, if a Golden Core cultivator investigated carefully and stared at this mosasaur, they would discover that this mosasaur wasnt a living creature!

It was formed by a spell and there was a youth sitting cross-legged inside.

The black canopy above the youths head flowed with waves of flames, enveloping him and hiding his aura.

His clothes were tattered and he was in a sorry state.

Many parts of his body were sunken and his aura was unstable.

His injuries were extremely serious and there was a faint black thread in his body.

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This thread wasnt corporeal but an illusory existence.

However, it was deeply buried in the youths flesh and blood, obstructing his recovery.

Moreover, wherever it passed, his flesh would wither and he even felt as though his body was about to break.

The youth was none other than Xu Qing, who had escaped from the Sea Corpse Race.

His teleportation had gone quite smoothly.

Although he didnt directly enter the sea, he still appeared on the coastline.

Relying on his disguise, he endured his injuries and used the fastest speed to dive into the sea, escaping far away.

During the process, he sensed some experts from the Sea Corpse Race.

However, he was able to flee safely.

The main reason for this was that the Sea Corpse Race had placed most of their energy on the captain.

Although they were also looking for Xu Qing, there was clearly a difference.

At this moment, ten days had passed since the nose of the Sea Corpse Races ancestral corpse statue collapsed.

In these ten days, Xu Qing had been escaping in the mosasaur.

However, what made his heart gloomy was that his injuries were recovering extremely slowly in these ten days.

That illusory black thread was affecting his recovery.

This thread came from the Golden Core sea corpse cultivator with three heads and six arms.

Although Xu Qing escaped, this black thread appeared in his body after he left.

This thread was very tenacious.

Xu Qing couldnt kill it even when he burned his life fires, but when he tried to suppress it with the life lantern, it seemed to be afraid.

However, Xu Qings cultivation was clearly unable to display the true power of the life lantern.

Hence, he could only make it stop being active and not kill it.

Xu Qing manifested the black umbrella and blocked its aura from spreading out.

He was also using Golden Crow Refines All Life in these ten days to refine the black thread.

The level of Golden Crow Refines All Life was extremely high.

Even though Xu Qings cultivation base couldnt unleash all its power, he was able to slowly grind the black thread down along with the power of the life lantern.

In the end, he even arranged for the shadow to devour it.

With the power from three sources, it finally showed signs of dissipating.

This lasted for another seven days.

After half a month, Xu Qing finally eliminated the black thread.

The moment it completely dissipated, he spat out a large mouthful of black blood.

This blood clearly contained lethal poison.

Just as it was about to taint the mosasaur and spread to the seawater outside, Xu Qing quickly took out a small bottle and stored the blood he spat out.

He could sense that the mouthful of blood he spat out contained a poison he had never seen before.

Or to be precise, this wasnt poison.

He could sense countless black bugs that were difficult to detect with the naked eye in this blood.

The black thread had been formed by a large number of these black bugs.

“I need to study it.

This blood can become one of my trump cards.” Xu Qing drew in a deep breath.

After carefully storing the bottle, he focused on healing his injuries.

Without the obstruction of the black thread, Xu Qing recovered quickly.

During this recovery, he recalled his harvest this time around, and felt greatly satisfied when he felt the burning of the 65 magic apertures in his body.

“It was worth it!” Xu Qing mumbled as he thought of an item in his storage bag.

That item was over 100 feet in size and its shape was irregular.

It was difficult to guess what it was at a glance.

Only those who had truly seen its complete shape would know that this item… was a piece of the nose of the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue of the Sea Corpse Race!

However, after leaving the range of the Sea Corpse Race, the material of the nose changed and it turned gray like an ordinary item.

At the same time, it no longer gave off any mysterious feeling.

Even so, Xu Qing couldnt bear to throw it away.

He felt that this thing might have another use.

After all… this was the nose of the Sea Corpse Races holy item.

Xu Qing didnt know what kind of storm would eventually form from what he had done.

Although he had some guesses, he didnt think that this matter would be extremely serious.

At most, he and the captain had swallowed some spirit liquid.

At most… the captain had taken a bite of the toe of the statue and caused the internal instability of the statue to collapse.

It was nothing much.

Xu Qing had heard the captain mention the strangeness of the nine ancestral corpse statues and knew that they had extremely high recovery abilities.

The statue might have already recovered to its original state.

As for the captain…

“He wont die.” Xu Qing didnt know why, but he kept feeling that the captain wouldnt die so easily.

Hence, he didnt think too much about it.

He continued to sit in the merfolk dragon and controlled it to head to the merfolk island as he healed his injuries.

He was going to return to the Seven Blood Eyes.

However, this place was too far from the Seven Blood Eyes.

If he went straight toward it, it would probably be difficult to reach it even in a year.

Using the teleportation array on the merfolk island was the most convenient.

Moreover, as a war participant, teleportation was free.

Hence, this became Xu Qings first choice.

While Xu Qing was recuperating and hurrying on his way, the entire Sea Corpse Race was in a huge uproar.

Firstly, the matter about the nose of the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue was gradually spread.

To the Sea Corpse Race, this was a shocking matter.

Almost as soon as the news spread, it spread crazily among all their members and ignited their fury.

This was especially so for those members of the Sea Corpse Race who had been transformed by the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue.

Their emotions fluctuated even more intensely.

There was a complicated and subtle connection between them and the Seventh Ancestral Corpse.

Therefore, the disappearance of the Seventh Ancestral Corpses nose was the greatest humiliation for them.

What caused this humiliation to reach its peak was the result of their investigation.

It was confirmed that the two thieves were Foundation Building disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes.

Foundation Building realm was very strong in the eyes of mortals but to a race, it was nothing at all.

How could the entire Sea Corpse Race not be furious when such low-level cultivators committed a monstrous crime in their base camp

Not only were the ordinary clansmen furious, but even the Sea Corpse Races nobles, the king, and the old antiques were furious.

After this matter spread like a storm in the Sea Corpse Races territory, it was inevitable that it would affect the war with the Seven Blood Eyes.

A large number of Sea Corpse Race members were rioting and going crazy on the battlefield.

Although this was bravery, it was this venting bravery that caused their battle formations to change and cause many unstable situations.

In war, there were commanders who were good at making use of the anger of their subordinates, but it was a double-edged sword.

If they were careless, they would collapse on their own.

As for the Seven Blood Eyes, how could that group of cunning old foxes let go of this opportunity They immediately increased their efforts, causing the scale of the war to increase repeatedly in this short half a month.

The higher-ups of the Seven Blood Eyes had been surprised at first.

However, they quickly knew the reason and understood that two Seven Blood Eyes disciples had done such an earth-shattering thing in the Sea Corpse Race.

They were also shocked when they heard of the news.

The peak lords immediately looked at Old Master Seventh.

From what they knew, only Old Master Sevenths Seventh Peaks disciples would do such a thing.

Sixty years ago, Old Master Seventh had done a similar thing.

It was just that it wasnt as astonishing as it was now.

Old Master Seventh was also stunned.

His expression became a little strange, as though he had thought of something but didnt say anything.

However, no matter what, this matter caused the momentum of the Seven Blood Eyes to increase greatly.

The ancestor was even happier.

He personally said that he would reward these two Seven Blood Eyes disciples with great contributions.

As for the names of these two disciples who had done such a big thing, before the Seven Blood Eyes could investigate, the Sea Corpse Race had already helped them find them.

As their background was dug out, the Sea Corpse Race quickly changed their wanted list!

This wanted list had existed even before the war.

The first on it was Xue Lianzi, and the reward was extremely generous.

The second was Old Master Seventh, and the few people behind him were the peak lords and deputy peak lords.

Golden Core cultivators were listed after over ten people.

But now, the list had been updated.

The Wanted List.

First, Chen Erniu.

This person is a disciple of the Seventh Peak and is currently the director of the Homicide Department.

He is the main culprit in the blasphemy against my Sea Corpse Races Ancestral Corpse.

When any Sea Corpse Race member sees this person, they should spare no expense to tear him into pieces and devour his flesh and blood! Whoever kills this person will be rewarded with the Great Dao inheritance of my Sea Corpse Race, the Kings Sequence, and the right to choose ten things from the treasure vault, in addition to a hundred million spirit stones!

Second, Xu Qing.

This person is a disciple of the Seventh Peak and is currently the deputy director of the Homicide Department.

He is an accomplice in the blasphemy against my Sea Corpse Races Ancestral Corpse.

When any Sea Corpse Race member sees this person, they must kill him.

Whoever kills this person will be rewarded with the Kings Sequence, the right to choose ten things from the treasure vault, and 70 million spirit stones!

Third, the Seven Blood Eyes ancestor, Xue Lianzi.


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