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Chapter 216: Death in the Air

Xu Qing had his own principles.

Previously, when the other party chased after a Foundation Building megalodon that was moving toward him, it wasnt that he wasnt tempted, but he restrained himself from attacking because he felt that it wasnt his.

Just like when Captain Lei gave him the bun back then, he was deeply grateful and ate it bit by bit.

However, he wouldnt think that it was wrong even if Captain Lei didnt give it to him.

Therefore, when he treated Captain Lei to the snake later on, he ate it ravenously.

He could eat his things however he wanted.

What happened today was the same.

He was the one who attracted this Foundation Building torpedo scad.

Moreover, he had already beaten it to near death and was extracting its soul.

However, the other party brazenly attacked and killed it.

This behavior violated Xu Qings red line.

The last person to do this was the merfolk youth.

Towards such a person, if they were extremely powerful, Xu Qing would endure it and kill them in the future.

However, it was obvious that the other party wasnt that strong, so Xu Qing wouldnt endure it.

He moved extremely fast.

The dagger in his hand emitted a terrifying black fire.

The instant he slashed at the other partys neck, a loud sound rang out.

Although the large sword of the First Peaks youth collapsed, with a wave of his hand, an illusory sword appeared in front of him and blocked Xu Qings dagger.

As the sound spread out, the Ba shadow behind Xu Qing roared and punched out fiercely with its left hand.

This punch contained all the power of his Mountains and Seas Art and his magic body, causing a vortex to appear in the void in front of him.

It seemed to be able to tear through everything as it headed toward the First Peaks youth.

The First Peaks youths expression changed and he quickly retreated.

He quickly performed a series of hand seals.

However, at this moment, the shadow had silently reached him and bound his hands, interrupting his hand seals.

The impact of this pause was extremely great.

In the blink of an eye, the Ba shadows left fist closed in and directly smashed into the illusory sword in front of the youths chest.

The fist broke through the large sword and landed on the youths chest.

The First Peak spat out blood as he was sent back like a broken kite.

However, before he could neutralize the terrifying force in his body, the sea below rumbled and the plesiosaur broke out of the surface of the sea to devour him.

There was also a huge shadow of the heavenly saber that appeared above Xu Qing.

With a shocking momentum, it slashed at the First Peaks youth.

At this critical moment, the eyes of the First Peaks youth turned red and he let out a roar.

It was as though a stove had been ignited in his body like the Mystic Brilliance Form.

As the boundless light spread out, the plesiosaur below shattered, turning into countless pieces that fell into the sea.

Although it reformed, it was clearly heavily injured.

The moment the heavenly saber landed, a loud sound rang out.

Although it slashed down completely, it didnt cut the First Peaks youth into two.

Under the eruption of the stove in his body, the First Peaks youth only spat out blood and borrowed the momentum to retreat by 1000 feet.

Xu Qings eyes narrowed.

He could tell that although the stove in the other partys body was similar to the Mystic Brilliance Form, it was not the real one.

It should be formed by some kind of secret art that could display a portion of the power of the Mystic Brilliance Form.

However, it was impossible to get out unscathed after using the power of the Mystic Brilliance Form before the life fire was formed.

As the youth from the First Peak retreated, he spat out a lot of blood.

The stove in his body disappeared and his face turned pale.

However, he didnt avoid Xu Qings gaze at all.

Instead, his battle intent grew increasingly intense.

He didnt know Xu Qing, nor did he think he needed to know him.

As the most recent disciple of the First Peaks Peak Lord, as the ninth highness of the First Peak, it had been a long time since he had encountered someone from the same sect who could beat him to such an extent.

The killing intent in his eyes was intense.

As he coldly looked at Xu Qing, he regulated the surging qi and blood in his body and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth.

He then waved his right hand fiercely.

Immediately, large bronze swords appeared behind him one after another.

More than 30 of them formed instantly.

They arranged themselves into a rhombus pattern that looked like an array formation.

He pointed at Xu Qing; immediately, these large swords charged straight toward Xu Qing.

He also rushed toward Xu Qing along with the swords.

Xu Qings expression was calm and he charged straight forward without the slightest hesitation.

With a wave of his hand, black flames rose from the 11 magic apertures in his body and erupted outside his body, causing his entire person to turn into a burning person.

There were also daggers that transformed from the flames.

The two of them instantly collided in mid-air.

A rumbling sound rang out, shaking the heavens and the earth.

All of Xu Qings daggers collapsed and the flames on his body dimmed.

However, the large swords of the First Peaks youth also shattered into pieces.

The fight between the two became even more intense.

Xu Qing didnt care about his injuries at all.

His body refinement technique combined with his magic body gave him a powerful body.

However, the youth from the First Peak wasnt ordinary either.

Many sword shadows formed in the surroundings and slashed at Xu Qing.

They fought until the sky darkened.

Wherever they passed, waves would surge and ebb.

Xu Qing waved his right hand, and the huge waves instantly transformed into a large hand that grabbed at the First Peaks youth.

As for the youth, he performed a series of hand seals and pressed between his brows.

The mark of the sun appeared on his forehead and flashed toward the large hand.

The large hand formed by seawater directly collapsed.

Xu Qing frowned but he did not stop attacking.

When the two of them got close enough, he directly punched the youths head.

Blood flowed out of the corners of Xu Qings mouth.

As for the youth, he wailed miserably and his forehead was caved in like it was about to shatter.

He quickly retreated.

Xu Qing was about to pursue but his mind trembled and he retreated immediately.

The instant he retreated, numerous sharp blade fragments that had shattered earlier suddenly rose from the bottom of the sea, forming a sharp blade storm that swept past the place Xu Qing was at earlier.

If he had really chased after the youth, he would definitely have been hit by the blade storm.

As for the wailing youth, he no longer wailed but stopped dozens of feet away.

His breathing was hurried as he looked at Xu Qing with shock.

He knew he was very strong.

His master had also praised him as the strongest new Foundation Building cultivator in the history of the First Peak before the Mystic Brilliance Form.

He thought so too.

Today, his thoughts were shaken.

However, he was still unconvinced, so he spoke gloomily.

“When the heavens stroll, will the sun and moon dare to shine!”

What responded to him was the second divinity attack from Xu Qings magic ship.

Wherever the divine light passed, the sea would rumble and the sky seemed to distort.

The expression of the First Peaks youth changed drastically.

He immediately waved his hand and a jade talisman appeared in front of him.

It instantly exploded and a large number of soul shadows surged out.

These soul shadows were all beasts he had killed.

He had used a special method to seal them as a spell for himself.

Most of them were beasts from the forbidden zones jungle.

At this moment, they formed a black beast head that resisted the divinity.

The surroundings shook.

The First Peaks youth bit the tip of his tongue and spat out some blood in his hand.

He quickly pressed it on his forehead.

His body trembled and his qi and blood instantly overflowed.

His skin completely turned red and he seemed to have turned into a bloody person with an even sharper intent.

Vaguely, a large blood-colored sword formed outside his body.

It enveloped and became one with him.

He tore through the air toward Xu Qing.

A sense of danger surfaced in Xu Qings mind.

He waved his hand without hesitating; immediately, the 5,000-foot-long spirit seas in each of the 11 magic apertures in his body rose in unison.

55,000 feet of spirit sea suddenly erupted around him.

This eruption influenced the sea, causing the surrounding 55,000 feet of the Forbidden Sea to rise and fuse with his spirit sea.

The aura of the Forbidden Sea inside had turned so dense that it had transformed into a kind of suppression.

The blood sword collided with it.

Xu Qings 55,000-foot-long spirit sea fluctuated intensely and was rapidly neutralized.

As for the blood sword, it also showed signs of collapsing.

Ten breaths later, the blood sword collapsed.

As it shattered into pieces, the youths body rolled back.

However, the instant he was sent back, Xu Qings 5000-foot-long spirit sea squirmed and transformed into a huge fist that punched out fiercely.

The sea roared and the First Peaks youth spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

He decisively took out a pearl and crushed it.

Immediately, a layer of fog surrounded him and blocked Xu Qings terrifying attack.

At the same time, he quickly fled into the distance.

He didnt want to fight anymore.

On one hand, he felt that he couldnt do anything to the other party.

On the other hand, he was a little frightened by the dense spirit sea of this Seventh Peaks disciple.

He couldnt see through the other partys cultivation but he felt that he shouldnt be far from forming his life fire.

However, the instant he fled, a black shadow that seemed to have been hiding in the sea beneath him for a long time suddenly appeared and wrapped around his legs.

At the same time, a black iron stick, which had been hidden until now, headed straight for the youths neck!

All of this happened too suddenly and the youth almost lost his balance.

The black iron stick landed on his neck.

However, it wasnt able to break the youths neck.

As for the shadows entanglement, the youths body seemed to have been smeared with oil and he quickly broke free.

However, the price of resolving this life-and-death situation was the shattering of a jade pendant that the youth was wearing.

This was a life-saving item his master had given him.

To a certain extent, it could be used as a substitute for death once.

After it shattered, the youths eyes revealed fear for the first time.

He instantly sped up and left.

However, behind him, Xu Qing waved his hand and the magic ship flew over from the bay.

Xu Qing stepped on it.

As the shadow and the black iron stick returned, Xu Qing chased after the fleeing youth.

He didnt hesitate at all the entire time.

The other party was very strong.

It could even be said that other than the captain in his Mystic Brilliance Form, he was the strongest Foundation Building cultivator Xu Qing had encountered.

Back then, the Diamond Sects ancestor would probably be killed in three breaths of time if he encountered this person.

However, daring to snatch his things meant this person was on his must-kill list!

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