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Chapter 211: This Is the Mystic Brilliance Form!

On the way to the Transportation Department, Xu Qing passed by the Sixth Peaks shop that had tried to scam him back then and stopped before the entrance.

Almost at the instant he stopped, the expressions of the shopkeeper and staff in the shop changed drastically.

They quickly ran out and knelt down, trembling.

“Greetings, Senior.”

Xu Qing coldly looked at the shopkeeper in front of him.

Cold sweat dripped from the shopkeepers forehead to the ground.

His back was completely drenched and he was terrified.

He was feeling an intense life-and-death crisis.

He never dreamed that this Xu Qing would actually reach the Foundation Building realm… Previously, he was only afraid of the second highness of the Seventh Peak and didnt care much about Xu Qing.

After all, as a shopkeeper and a follower of the Sixth Peaks Deacon Leisure Cloud, not many piedmont disciples dared to touch him.

However, if the other party was also a Foundation Building cultivator… He didnt think that his master would be willing to become enemies with a Foundation Building cultivator for him.

While he shivered in fear and uncertainty, Xu Qing retracted his gaze and left.

After he left, the shopkeeper lay there paralyzed.

He felt as though he had traveled back and forth between life and death.

Xu Qing didnt kill him because it was expensive.

In addition, he didnt want to alert the main target.

After all, Xu Qing had long dug out the name of Leisure Cloud from the Diamond Sects ancestor and even carved it on his bamboo slip.

However, he hadnt found an opportunity yet.

Putting this matter aside, Xu Qing finally understood why he hadnt encountered many Foundation Building cultivators at the foot of the mountain previously.

It was because the appearance of Foundation Building cultivators caused too many waves.

Wherever they went, countless gazes would gather.

Unless one was a high-profile person, this state would make one feel extremely uncomfortable.

This was more so for Xu Qing who liked to move in the darkness.

He couldnt and didnt want to adapt to being stared at by so many people.

In reality, the Foundation Building cultivators of the Seventh Peak were all gloomy people who had killed their way out from below the mountain.

Naturally, they didnt like such attention.

“How do the others do it” Xu Qing fell silent as he made a guess.

While thinking, Xu Qing sped up and headed straight for the Transportation Department.

He had already sent a voice transmission to Zhang San earlier, and knew that the latter had already returned and was in the Transportation Department.

As such, when Xu Qing arrived at the Transportation Department, he saw Zhang San in a gray Daoist robe from afar and the captain who had grown his lower body and was also wearing a gray Daoist robe.

The handymen working in the Transportation Department couldnt sense any difference in the two of them.

However, Xu Qing, who had advanced to the Foundation Building realm, had a much stronger perception than before.

He could tell at a glance that the two of them had advanced to the Foundation Building realm, but had restrained their auras.

They were squatting on the sandbags.

One of them was smoking a pipe and the other was eating an apple.

When the sunlight landed on them, it illuminated their gray Daoist robes with some gorgeous colors.

Xu Qings arrival attracted their attention.

After noticing Xu Qings purple Daoist robe, the captain revealed a smug expression while Zhang San sighed.

“You lost,” the captain said happily to Zhang San.

Zhang San took out a spirit stone and handed it to the captain.

When Xu Qing saw this scene, he was certain of his guess about the Foundation Building going down the mountain.

“Xu Qing, why did you wear the purple robe Foundation Building cultivators on our Seven Blood Eyes Mountain dont wear purple robes unless its something major.

Its too conspicuous.”

Zhang San smiled honestly, his face filled with friendliness.

Even though he had reached the Foundation Building realm now, he still couldnt forget Xu Qings cruelty in the competition.

Hence, his attitude was very enthusiastic and he also told Xu Qing the reason why he and the captain werent wearing purple robes.

“Hurry up and change when you get back.

Also, dont stay on the mountain all the time.

Its so lonely on the mountain.

Have you realized that there arent many Foundation Building cultivators living on the mountain Let me tell you, most of them are wearing gray robes and living at the foot of the mountain while hiding their auras.

The main city is prosperous and lively, and many things are convenient here.”

Xu Qing nodded seriously.

As for the captain, he had a spurious smile on his face as he glanced at Xu Qing.

“Xu Qing, you might have encountered a Foundation Building cultivator wearing a gray robe before.

Its just that you dont know about it.

Not many people on our Seventh Peak are like Deacon Li, flying around in his purple robe all day.

Even then, he only started doing this after he followed Elder Zhao.

As for Zhang Yunshi, thats a job requirement.

I heard that he likes to receive newbies.”

“Also…” At this point, the captain took a big bite of the apple and coughed.

“Deputy Director Xu, when are you going to return the 10,000 spirit stones you owe me1”

When Xu Qing heard this, he glanced at the captain.

Even with his Foundation Building cultivation, he still couldnt see the depths of the other partys cultivation.

“Director” Xu Qing asked.

“Thats right.

After I returned, I was appointed as a director of the Homicide Department.

Deputy Director Xu, you have to hurry up and earn spirit stones.

Ive been a little tight on money recently.”

A hint of pride appeared on the captains face as he looked at Xu Qing, wanting to see Xu Qings envy.

“Congratulations, Captain.” Xu Qing glanced at the captains complete body.

This time, he didnt need the other party to remind him before he responded.

“Haha, Deputy Director Xu, Im happy that youre chatting like this.

However, I have to correct you.

You need to call me Director.”

“Alright, Captain.” Xu Qing nodded.

“Director!” The captain fiercely took a bite of the apple and corrected him.

“Mm.” Xu Qing nodded and took out three large apples from his pocket, giving one to the captain and Zhang San each.

Zhang San smiled.

“The two of you, stop arguing.

Xu Qing, Ive finished refining your magic boat.

Ill bring you to take a look later.

Sigh, this time, all three of us were able to reach the Foundation Building realm.

Thinking about it, it really feels like a lifetime has passed.”

“I didnt expect that I, Zhang San, would one day reach the Foundation Building realm.

I heard that after the competition ended, many people advanced to the Foundation Building realm.

Ding Xiaohai also reached the Foundation Building realm some time ago.” Zhang San sighed with emotion.

“Tell me if hes not stupid.

Others risk their lives to get rich but he risked his life for a lousy core disciple status.

In the end, he reached the Foundation Building realm as soon as he obtained it.

He got the core disciple for nothing.” The captain ate the big apple Xu Qing gave him and said with a look of disbelief.

“You two, dont be like him.

I am not worried about Deputy Director Xu, this guy only wants to get rich and wont act rashly.

But Zhang San, you have to be careful.”

“I have something to tell you guys.

Ive been thinking about a big plan recently and Im currently collecting information.

Once Im done preparing, Ill bring you guys to do a big job.

This time, itll be even more exciting than snatching Bindings flesh.”

The captain put on a mysterious expression and madness flickered in his eyes.

Zhang San immediately became vigilant, and so did Xu Qing.

“What kind of expressions are you two wearing” The captain glared.

“I will stop here.

I still have to gather information.

However, your cultivation levels are too low.

You have to form a life lantern as soon as possible and have the ability to activate the Mystic Brilliance Form; otherwise, you wont be able to participate in my plan.” The captain stood up.

“What exactly is the Mystic Brilliance Form” Xu Qing asked.

After he reached the Foundation Building realm, he had heard the mention of Mystic Brilliance Form many times.

Although he understood it in theory, he had never seen it before.

Zhang San also looked at the captain curiously.

Clearly, he didnt know much about this.

After all, when he was in Qi Condensation, he had even fewer contacts with Foundation Building cultivators.

“You want to know” The captain swept his gaze across Xu Qing and Zhang San and smiled.

“Forget it.

Seeing that the two of you are my future teammates, Ill tell you guys.

Do you know why I went to get Bindings flesh This is because after swallowing enough of the flesh of a divine creature of that level, it can instantly open up a lot of magic apertures, allowing me to form a ball of life fire.”

“I wont explain what the Mystic Brilliance Form is.

Ill just show you.”

As the captain spoke, an earth-shattering sound erupted from his body.

This sound was like heavenly lightning.

As it rumbled in all directions, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly spread from his body.

Xu Qings expression changed and he quickly retreated.

His eyes stared fixedly at the captain in front of him and shock surfaced in his eyes.

At that moment, a huge stove that had been ignited appeared in the captains body.

Waves of fiery power erupted from his body and spread in all directions.

The intensity of the fluctuations coming from his body seemed to have been enhanced by at least several times.

He seemed to be burning.

The phantom behind him was earth-shattering, causing ones eyes to feel a faint piercing pain.

In fact, the surroundings were distorted.

His body moved abruptly at this moment.

Xu Qing could only see an afterimage.

In that instant, he felt his mind buzzing.

The intense life-and-death crisis caused him to instinctively retreat at full speed.

However, it was still too late.

The captains body arrived beside him and his right hand was placed in front of him.

In his hand was a strand of Xu Qings hair.

At that moment, it rapidly distorted under the high temperature and turned into ashes.

Xu Qings eyes abruptly narrowed.

The stove in the captains body instantly extinguished and he returned to normal.

He then smiled at Xu Qing.

“Deputy Xu, if I wanted to kill you just now, you would be dead.”

Xu Qings breathing was hurried.

Waves of emotions were surging in his mind.

Previously, his understanding of the Mystic Brilliance Form was all verbal and jade slip descriptions.

Now that he saw it for himself, the impact was extremely intense.

At that instant just now, the feeling he got from his captain was that he couldnt fight against him.

“Of course, Im a genius.

Other people who have activated their Mystic Brilliance Form wont be as powerful as me, but you wont be able to defeat them either.

This is because the Mystic Brilliance Form is a super eruption of the magic apertures in their bodies.

At that moment, their spells, and body will be strengthened to an extreme.

Although it cant last long, its barely enough for them to kill or escape.”

The captain spoke proudly.

“Only cultivators in the Mystic Brilliance Form can resist other cultivators in the Mystic Brilliance Form.”

“Foundation Building cultivators who havent activated their Mystic Brilliance Form are just chickens.”

“So, children, dont get the wrong understanding of Foundation Building due to some random chicken you saw in the past.”

“You have to work hard.

Remember to return the 20,000 spirit stones you owe me quickly.”

As the captain spoke, he ate the apple and left.

After taking a few steps, he stepped into the air and transformed into a stream of light.

His destination wasnt the mountain peak but the Homicide Department.

Xu Qing silently looked at the departing figure of the captain.

At this moment, the sense of danger was unprecedentedly intense and his mind was filled with urgency.

He had to open 30 magic apertures as soon as possible and form his life fire.

From there, he would also possess this Mystic Brilliance Form!

Zhang San was also silent.

After a long time, he smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“The captain is a madman… Lets go, Ill show you your magic boat.”

Xu Qing didnt say anything.

He retracted his gaze from the departing figure of the captain and followed silently.

However, the rising feeling in his heart grew increasingly intense.

‘Once I form my life fire, with the enhancement of the life lantern, it will be the same as having two balls of life fire!

Xu Qing took a deep breath.

Under this sense of urgency, he followed Zhang San to the warehouse.

As the warehouse opened, a huge magic ship that was somewhat familiar appeared in front of him.

The 500-foot-long boat was covered in Foundation Building sea lizard skin, and its appearance had also changed.

What appeared in Xu Qings eyes was no longer the alligator turtle from back then but a sea lizard!

The aura of divinity was extremely intense, the wings of the magic boat also had changed appearance, turning into fleshy wings that grew on both sides of the sea lizards body.

Cruelty and violence assaulted his senses.

“Xu Qing, the captain divided the flesh of Binding into a small portion for you and me.

I added it in your boat to use as the core power source, allowing the magic boat to be promoted to a true magic ship!

“Of course, if you dont want to, you can still take it away.

However, I think its better to put it on the ship.

With this ship, your survivability in the Forbidden Sea will increase greatly!”

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