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270 Slipping Away

That distorted place looked like there was nothing there, but in reality, the person hiding inside was none other than the captain.

His entire body was covered in injuries and one of his arms was already crippled.

There was also a huge wound at his waist that was about to split him into two, causing his aura to be extremely weak.

He was holding a rainbow-colored shell in his remaining hand.

The rainbow light emitted by the shell had a miraculous concealment effect, causing his existence and aura to disappear without a trace.

This was also the captains way to escape the pursuit of the Golden Core cultivators.

However, at this moment, he was a little dumbfounded.

He had watched helplessly as Xu Qing crushed the disorder teleportation talisman and left.

Originally, he wanted to come over and greet him but the scene he saw caused his mind to tremble.

“Gone Gone Teleported away I…”

The captain suddenly wailed inwardly.

He felt that this matter had become a little strange.

He had only taken a bite, but why did the statues nose explode

In reality, even now, he still felt that this matter was unbelievable.

It wasnt that he hadnt suspected Xu Qing, but it just so happened that the nose exploded right after he took the bite, causing him to feel this was possibly related to him.

“The old man didnt say that it would be like this.

Back then, he didnt do such a big thing…” The captain let out a long sigh.

As he frowned and carefully fled, pride rose in his heart.

“However, this matter can also indirectly mean that Im better than the old man.

This… was exciting!”

The captain took a deep breath and felt smug.

Rumbling sounds filled the sky and the auras of Golden Core cultivators erupted.

Even energy fluctuations from Nascent Soul cultivators appeared.

boxn ovel.


This caused the captain to instantly lower his head.

He lay on the ground and moved bit by bit.

On one hand, he had to hide.

On the other hand, he was also afraid that his movements would be too big and he would really split in two…

“At worst, Ill leave half of my body behind…”

Three days passed.

As this matter fermented, the entire Sea Corpse Race was completely enraged and searched crazily in all directions.

To the Sea Corpse Race, this matter was extremely humiliating.

This was because the scene that the Golden Core boy was most worried about had happened.

Even after three days had passed, the nose of the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue still didnt recover.

At that moment, the Golden Core boy was standing in front of the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue with his head lowered.

Beside him stood a middle-aged cultivator.

This middle-aged cultivator wasnt a human.

He had two wings on his back and his aura was restrained.

However, as he stood there, the Golden Core boy at the side shook incomparably.

“Marquis Anzuo, I…”

“Ying Ling, the king is furious.” The middle-aged cultivator lifted his head and stared at the statue that looked extremely odd due to not having the nose.

He also stared at the actions of the few sea corpse cultivators who were probing and trying to repair it.

The Golden Core boys body trembled even more intensely.

Not long later, the sea corpse cultivators at the nose of the statue arrived in front of Marquis Anzuo with grievance and helplessness and respectfully spoke.

“Marquis, the destruction is very strange.

We are unable to repair it, maybe there is hope if we can get back the two missing pieces.”

Marquis Anzuo fell silent.

After a long time, he spoke softly.

“What you mean is that one of the holy objects of our Sea Corpse Race, this Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue will have to show its noseless appearance in front of all our clansmen from now on, is that right”

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