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The instant it was extinguished and the flames in the surroundings disappeared, the countless bizarre entities in the surroundings seemed to emit ear-piercing sharp laughter.

They carried unprecedented greed and desire as they pounced toward Xu Qing from all directions.

However, in that instant, a light that was much more dazzling than the Spirit Breath Lantern from before shone.

It was like the bright moon as it illuminated everything.

It was as though the world had lit up!

All the bizarre entities let out mournful cries.

They directly turned into ashes and dissipated.

A lantern that looked like a burning inverted black umbrella appeared in front of Xu Qing!

It was the life lantern, a supreme treasure that he had obtained in the merfolk island.

The lantern wasnt lit.

The light came from the life lantern itself.

It looked like it was burning but it wasnt.

Even so, the light was still astonishing.

The bizarre shadows were like moths to the fire, dying as they pounced upon Xu Qing.

After most of them dissipated, although there were still remnants, they were clearly afraid and didnt dare to approach.

While this happened, Xu Qing found some clues in his heart.

At the next instant, his spirit energy surged in toward the heart, his mind buzzed and his body trembled intensely but he finally found the location of the last two magic apertures!

120 apertures!

In the history of Seven Blood Eyes, no one had been able to sense 120 magic apertures.

And the location the magic apertures could only be sensed at the moment of Foundation Building.

Therefore, the number they sensed at this stage basically determined how far they could go.

In fact, it wasnt just the Seven Blood Eyes.

It was rare for such a person to appear in the vast majority of sects and forces.

As such, the jade slip Xu Qing obtained had referred to the 120 apertures as the theoretical limit.

As for what would happen after reaching it, there was no explanation.

However, after Xu Qing sensed all 120 magic apertures, he actually felt a sense of clarity.

This feeling allowed him to faintly understand that 120… wasnt the limit.

As for those magic apertures, he couldnt sense them now.

He needed to truly open all 120 of them before he could explore those concealed magic apertures.

However, he had a faint feeling that every magic aperture after 120 would be like a sprint.

Every time he found another one in the future, it would cause a tremendous change to his body.

Xu Qing drew in a deep breath.

He was strongly anticipating it but he knew that now wasnt the time to think about this matter.

He would leave it for the future.

“Then, lets begin the second stage, opening the first magic aperture of Foundation Building!” Xu Qing grabbed the air, grabbing the last Foundation Building Pill.

He swallowed it.

Immediately, the spirit sea in his body erupted again, forming a new tide that rushed toward the first magic aperture he discovered in his body.


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