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Xu Qing was extremely cautious when choosing a place to build his foundation.

He had many things to consider.

For example, he had to determine if there were people secretly following him.

He had to check if the place had powerful forces in the surroundings.

He had to consider spirit energy in the place.

It couldnt be too dense or too scarce.

In addition, the location couldnt be close to the forbidden zone or the cities.

The wilderness was the best choice.

However, there werent many places that met all these conditions.

Finally, he had to consider if the place he chose according to his needs had been chosen by others before.

All of this floated in his mind.

He had also thought of the forbidden zone temple in the scavenger campsite but the surroundings were too dangerous.

Also, that strange singing voice made Xu Qing hesitate.

In the end, he gave up on it.

The first place he went to was a Seven Blood Eyes branch city near Purple Earth.

This place was in the hinterland of the human races territory in the Nanhuang Continent.

There were fewer forbidden zones and it was relatively safe.

One issue was there were many and all kinds of people here.

As the teleportation light disappeared, Xu Qing walked out of the array formation.

He didnt leave the city immediately but found an inn.

After vigilantly observing and resting for a night, he used the talisman to change his appearance and continued to teleport away.

Just like that, he teleported seven to eight times in the next half a month.

Every time, he would change his appearance and roughly traveled through the entire Nanhuang Continent before deciding that no one was following him.

Xu Qing was finally able to heave a sigh of relief.

His injuries had recovered by 70 to 80% in this half a month.

His combat strength was now almost the same as when he was on Merfolk Island.

The recovery of his injuries also allowed Xu Qing to head out of the city and search for a suitable place for Foundation Building in the wilderness.

It was only after Xu Qing searched for another half a month that he finally found a good place.

This place was a mountainous area in the southeastern region of the Nanhuang Continent.

There were many mountains and jungles here.

However, they werent forbidden zones.

Instead, they had miasma and marshes like a rainforest.

This caused there to be very few nearby cities.

The closest one would take seven to eight days to reach.

There wasnt a dense amount of anomalous substances here but it was the same for spirit energy.

As such, there werent any large factions nearby.

Although the overall situation wasnt very suitable, Xu Qing felt that this place was more suitable than the other places he had checked.

The place he chose wasnt on the mountains but the depths of a jungle between two mountains.

According to his previous jungle experience, Xu Qing found a place and started digging.

The soil on the ground was soft and not easy to dig.

Xu Qing used Sea Transformation Art to extract most of the water in the soil and dug a cave deep underground.

The entrance was covered by him and he also scattered enough poison powder in the surroundings.

Finally, he sat cross-legged in the cave and sensed his surroundings.

He then took out the five sets of array formations he had bought and activated them all.

He also activated an array formation that concealed aura and fluctuations.

After doing all this, Xu Qing let out a deep breath.

A sense of security that he hadnt felt in a long time surfaced in his mind.

“Ill advance to the Foundation Building here.”

Xu Qing looked at his storage bag.

He had bought different amounts of food from different cities.

They were enough for him to survive here for half a year.

He didnt know how long it would take for him to reach Foundation Building, but Xu Qing had already made a plan.

He would not go out or think about anything about the outside world in this time.

He wanted his entire body and mind to be immersed in the breakthrough.

However, Xu Qing felt that he still had two things to deal with first.

He took out the black iron stick and performed a series of hand seals.

Spirit energy surged in and ruthlessly suppressed the sleeping Diamond Sects ancestor.

Immediately, a blood-curdling scream rang out from the iron stick.

“Master, whats wrong I was wrong, I was wrong.

Dont kill me.

Tell me what I did wrong and Ill make amends!”

Xu Qing didnt bother to reply and continued with the suppression.

He only stopped when the Diamond Sects ancestor was extremely weak and unconscious.

He was worried that the Diamond Sects ancestor would interfere in the process of breaking through.

Now that the latter was weakened so much, Xu Qing felt that there was no big problem.

After that, he performed another series of hand seals and used layers of spirit energy to seal the Diamond Sects ancestor.

Only then did he store the iron stick.

The shadow clearly sensed Xu Qings actions and was trembling.

Xu Qing expressionlessly looked at the shadow.

The shadow trembled even more intensely.

Finally, under Xu Qings gaze, it suddenly began to tear itself apart, as though it was self-harming.

“Not enough.”

Xu Qing calmly spoke.

The purple crystal power in his body transformed into suppression that descended viciously, causing the shadow to become increasingly dim.

Only when it was about to completely collapse did Xu Qing stop and slowly speak.

“If I fail to reach the Foundation Building realm, Ill crush you to death before I die!”

After saying that, Xu Qing didnt bother with the shadow anymore.

He was completely relieved after weakening the two hidden dangers in his body.

He finally took out the Spirit Breath Lantern and lit it.

The dim light instantly spread out and enveloped Xu Qing.

Normally speaking, every time such a protective magic tool was lit, it would consume its own energy.

As such, cultivators would only activate it when they were breaking through to Foundation Building.

Even though the Seven Blood Eyes was rich and imposing, it was the same.

Most of the disciples would rent a spot in the Foundation Building place when they were about to break through.

They wouldnt be as extravagant as Xu Qing.

However, Xu Qing felt that there was no need.

Even though he didnt plan to break through immediately and wanted to reach the limit of his spirit sea, lighting this Spirit Breath Lantern didnt cost him money.

What it consumed was its own spirituality.

Moreover, Xu Qing had already sensed that the spirituality of this lamp was quite sufficient.

He then took out two jade boxes.

One contained three Foundation Building Pills, while the other contained two.

The former came from the captain, while the latter was obtained by Xu Qing from the storage bag of the unlucky merfolk who tried to breakthrough in the merfolk races Foundation Building Pagoda.

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