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Zhang San examined Xu Qings magic boat and sighed in resignation.

Xu Qing thought about it and nodded.

He didnt ask about how the other party was going to attempt Foundation Building.

No matter how their relationship was, asking about such a thing would be infringing on others privacy.

He cupped his fists and bade farewell.

It was already dark and the Seven Blood Eyes teleportation array wouldnt be activated unless necessary.

After some thought, Xu Qing didnt stay in an inn but went to the Homicide Department.

After he was promoted to deputy captain, he also had a room in the Black Division.

However, he rarely went there.

Now that he didnt have a place to stay, Xu Qing planned to stay there for a night.

After all, compared to the inn outside, the security in the Homicide Department was relatively higher.

There was no one in the Black Division and the captain wasnt around either.

Xu Qing entered his room and activated the protective array he had bought.

He then closed his eyes and meditated.

The night passed.

The next morning, at dawn, Xu Qing opened his eyes.

He put away the array formation and quickly left the Homicide Department, heading straight for the teleportation array in the center of the main city.

He was very fast.

Finally, an hour later, he saw the teleportation array from afar.

There were quite a lot of people queuing up to use the teleportation array.

Among them, two were quite conspicuous in the crowd.

One was Zhang San, and the other was the captain on his back.

Xu Qing wasnt surprised since Zhang San had mentioned it yesterday.

As for the captain who was looking left and right on Zhang Sans back and was eating an apple, he saw Xu Qing and waved.

As Xu Qing got closer, the captain swept his gaze over with a spurious smile.

“You dont dare to stay in the sect and want to find a place to break through outside Do you want me to introduce a few places to you”

Zhang San also looked at Xu Qing and greeted him with a smile.

When he heard the captains words, his eyes lit up.

He then glanced at Xu Qing a few more times with a look of joy on his face.

“Im out on a mission.” Xu Qing glanced at the queue and calmly spoke.

“Vice Captain Xu, your expression is a little fake.

Let me teach you.

In the future, when you want to lie, you have to look into the other partys eyes.

Only then will it be more believable.

Since youre concealing it so much, it seems like you gained a lot on the island”

“Come, come, come.

Take it out and let me see if its as valuable as this apple.”

The captain finished the apple in his hand and took out a large apple that Xu Qing had given on Binding Island.

He shook it proudly and took a bite.

“Mm, where are you going” Xu Qing nodded and retracted his gaze from the teleportation array as he asked.

“Me Ill go to recover.

When I return, Ill be even more powerful.

At that time, if you dont return the 10,000 spirit stones you owe me, dont blame me for being ruthless.”

The captain narrowed his eyes and cast a meaningful glance at the leather pouch on Xu Qings body.

He retracted his gaze and took a big bite of the apple.

“I wish you a smooth recovery, Captain.” Xu Qing looked into the captains eyes and said seriously.

The captain started and looked into Xu Qings eyes.

A contemplative expression appeared on his face, as though he was analyzing the sincerity of Xu Qings words.

Zhang San sighed.

He could tell that the captain and Xu Qing, these two lunatics, would probably chat like this every time they met.

He was about to speak.

However, at this moment, the sky of the entire Seven Blood Eyes suddenly changed.

The originally clear sky instantly turned pitch-black.

An incomparably shocking pressure caused the entire Seven Blood Eyes main city to tremble.

Even the seven mountain peaks shook under the pressure!

Everyone in the main city, regardless of whether they were cultivators or mortals, felt their hearts pounding.

They lifted their heads in unison and looked at the sky.

Even the waves in the harbor stirred up huge waves, as though they were worshiping.

Xu Qings expression also changed.

When he lifted his head, he saw the reason why the sky had turned black.

It was a vast and endless black cloud that rushed over from the direction of the Phoenix Forbidden.

When it passed above the Seven Blood Eyes, it covered the sun, causing the ground to turn pitch-black.

This black cloud contained endless lightning that rumbled through the sky and swam in all directions.

An incomparable deterrence spread out from the black cloud and enveloped all living beings.

Everyone who saw it instinctively felt a sense of life-and-death crisis.

There seemed to be a god-like existence hidden in the black clouds.

It looked like a phoenix or an eagle!

Its brown body was like a rock, and its feathers were like balls of flames.

It seemed to be filled with anger as it aggressively headed in the direction of the Forbidden Sea.

As it moved, the distant sea followed it.

There were endless huge waves and monstrous sounds accompanying it.

Just from the aura, Binding was clearly far inferior to it.

As for Xu Qing, he only took a glance from afar but he already had a splitting headache and his mind was buzzing.

The others in the surroundings were the same.

Some of them even bled from their seven orifices.

Xu Qing was shocked.

He recognized the other party.

The existence in this black cloud was none other than the emperor of the number one forbidden zone in the Nanhuang Continent, the Flame Phoenix, whom he had encountered when he returned from the sea!

However, at that time, the other party seemed to be calm, so Xu Qing didnt feel such a splitting headache.

Now, the Flame Phoenix was clearly filled with anger and the fluctuations of its emotions affected everything.

“The Flame Phoenix went toward the sea… Looks like something major is going to happen.

Could it be that the emperor in the Corpse Forbidden has walked out of the forbidden region”

As the captain whispered softly, the black cloud whistled past the top of the Seven Blood Eyes.

After it gradually left, the sky of the Seven Blood Eyes became clear again.

However, everyones hearts were still beating intensely.

Xu Qing took a deep breath.

The last time he returned, he had asked Zhang San about Flame Phoenix.

He knew that this terrifying existence wasnt a vicious character.

It would be asleep most of the time.

It treated the human race and the nonhuman races equally.

It even protected the living beings living in the Nanhuang Continent to a certain extent.

That was why a portion of the human race had survived until now.

A long time after the Flame Phoenix left, the Seven Blood Eyes gradually regained its operation.

Xu Qing retracted his gaze and walked toward the teleportation array.

He stepped in and his figure instantly disappeared.

“This kid doesnt trust me.

Looks like he got something good this time.

However, no matter how good it is, it wont be as amazing as my Binding flesh.” The captain smiled proudly and patted Zhang Sans head.

“Lets go, Zhang San.

Ill bring you to eat meat.”

Zhang San sighed and thought to himself,Xu Qing isnt the only one who doesnt trust you.

I dont trust you either. However, when he thought of his many years of investment, he had no choice but to accept his fate.

‘The ones who were invested are all f*cking bosses! Zhang San shook his head and carried the captain into the teleportation array.

As Xu Qing, Zhang San, and the captain teleported away, the Seven Blood Eyes gradually returned to normal.

It was just that… at some point in time, some haze had appeared in the sky.

It was as though a storm was coming.

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