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The four merfolk islands were in chaos.

The anomalous substances were invading everything and the corpse poison was spreading everywhere.

The remaining merfolk cultivators all had sinister expressions, and they were even more savage than before.

They planned to perish together with the Seven Blood Eyes disciples.

However… very soon, the surviving merfolk cultivators discovered that something was amiss.

Although the auras of the eight nine-headed snakes on the four islands were getting stronger and stronger and the amount of anomalous substances, corpse poison, and revived corpses on the ground was increasing, most of the Seventh Peaks disciples were already prepared.

Some of them took out a large number of white pills and ate them like candy.

Some even took out talismans that could isolate anomalous substances for a short period and used them without any heartache.

There were also some who began to dig pits, as though they wanted to hide through this disaster and forcibly resist the anomalous substances and corpse poison.

Most of the disciples who did this were people with extraordinary cultivation bases.

Some Seven Blood Eyes disciples took out their magic boats and observed the outside world from inside the boat.

Some even took out array discs and set up array formations.

They were even calling out to other disciples to enter at a certain fee.

The most exaggerated thing was that on Image Island, someone actually used some unknown method to control dozens of corpses to circle around them and made them inhale the anomalous substances and corpse poison in the surroundings.

The disciple was relaxed and even let other disciples enter the circle after taking some fee.

All kinds of methods were being displayed…

There were even some Seven Blood Eyes disciples who directly entered the corpse tide and looted the leather pouches on the corpses.

This even led to some of them luring the corpses and ambushing them.

It looked like they didnt care about the eight nine-headed snakes at all.

Or rather, even with these eight terrifying nine-headed snakes, it couldnt stop them from wanting to get rich.

They were clearly so scared of poverty that they had the aura ofeither kill me or dont stop me from obtaining resources.

This scene caused a deep sense of powerlessness to rise in the hearts of the merfolk cultivators.

However, they soon understood why.

In the sky, Old Master Seventh, who was standing on great wing, had been watching the show and feeling happy that the trial had become somewhat difficult.

However, when he saw the eight nine-headed snakes, his eyes lit up.

He suddenly raised his hand and pressed down fiercely.

Immediately, three of the eight nine-headed snakes let out wails and their bodies collapsed.

They transformed into black fog and rushed out of the array formation, quickly being collected by Old Master Seventh.

After gathering them in his hand, he looked a little surprised.

“This is a good thing.”

The 13 Core Formation elders were also tempted.

They made a move one after another, but their attacks were affected by the array formation.

However, under their combined strength, wisps of black gas seeped out of the array formation and were collected by them.

How could the hundred Foundation Building cultivators at the side sit back and do nothing All of them used their own methods.

Some even flew close to the edge of the array formation and crazily collected the black gas.

Under their efforts, the remaining five large snakes in the array formation seemed to have developed dysplasia and their auras sharply decreased.

One of them was directly sucked dry and dissipated with a wail.

The remaining four also continued to fall from the Core Formation realm and soon reached the early-stage Foundation Building realm.

It wasnt over.

They were still weakening, but the speed was a little slower.

When the merfolk ancestor saw this scene and the excitement on the faces of the surrounding Seven Blood Eyes cultivators, he felt complete despair.

“The dignified Seven Blood Eyes is such a large sect.

Ever since Zheng Kaiyi became the Seventh Peaks Peak Lord, everything has changed…”

When the Seven Blood Eyes disciples on the four merfolk islands saw this scene, some were tempted and rushed out.

They joined forces with other disciples to kill the huge snakes.

On Binding Island, Ding Xiaohais clothes were tattered but his aura was imposing.

He was the first to rush out and head straight for the large snake outside Fishbone City.

Three other fellow disciples also rushed over from all directions and attacked together with him.

However, those threes task was to gather the black gas and Ding Xiaohais task was to fight.

As the rumbling echoed, Xu Qing saw this scene and also saw the three people who attacked together with Ding Xiaohai.

All of them were extraordinary.

There was also a young girl in a gray Daoist robe among them who was very eye-catching.

This young girl had a petite figure, but was bewitchingly charming.

Her face was like a lotus, her brows were like willows, and her eyes that were even more charming than peach blossoms were extremely seductive.

Her bright red lips that were slightly curled added further to her beauty.

She was wearing a large Daoist robe, but when her body swayed, one could still see the fullness of her chest and the shape of her peach-like butt.

In particular, her waist was extremely thin.


Zhang San gulped, but the pressure from the huge snake caused his mind to tremble.

He felt that with his strength, he would probably be swept away by a snake head.

Even if he didnt die, he would be crippled.

Xu Qings gaze swept over without any fluctuations.

His focus was on the nine-headed snake.

In his mind, the snake overlapped with the snake in the mural.

This surprised him but at the same time, he also felt an extremely strong sense of vigilance.

He was worried that since this snake appeared, then the giant with two great worlds on his shoulder would appear as well.

As for the captain, he no longer asked Xu Qing about the feather.

His broken body was lying on Zhang Sans back as he stared fixedly at the large snake, revealing an intense desire.

“This is a good thing.

Such dense anomalous substances.

This thing is a great weapon to trick people!”

“Now that its suppressed by the array formation, its more convenient for us to get it.

If we can get it and sell it, we can make a fortune.

The group of people on the mountain will fight to buy it.

I didnt expect that this kid Ding Xiaohai, who usually looks serious, actually has ulterior motives.

He knows that this is a good thing, so he is trying to snatch it”

“No can do, Ill get this thing even if I have to bite it.”

“Zhang San, lets go!!”

Zhang Sans face twitched.

He turned around and ran in the opposite direction.

He didnt even turn his head, as though he wouldnt go over and court death no matter what.

“Zhang San, dont be a coward.

Go, thats a valuable thing.”

“Why dont I put you down and you crawl over yourself” Zhang San replied.

The captain sighed and turned to look at Xu Qing.

“Xu Qing, go.

That thing is really good stuff.”

Xu Qing ignored him.

After obtaining the supreme treasure, he didnt want to take any risks.

At this moment, the only thought in his mind was to endure until the end of the competition and leave this place quickly.

He would immediately attempt Foundation Building when he returned.

Seeing that Xu Qing wasnt going, the captain let out a long sigh and took out the bit apple that had started to darken.

He looked at the large snake and took a bite.

His face was filled with regret and heartache, as though he felt that others were snatching his items.

At that moment, the charming young girl in Ding Xiaohais group seemed to have discovered something as she nimbly moved around the giant snake.

She suddenly turned her head and looked at the location of Xu Qing and the other two.

After she noticed Xu Qing, the young girls eyes clearly lit up.

She quickly nodded at Xu Qing as though she was greeting him.

Seeing that Xu Qing wasnt paying attention to her, the flight talisman on the young girls body flickered.

She actually abandoned the large snake and flew straight toward Xu Qing.

As the whistling sound rang out, Xu Qing immediately lifted his head warily.

The black iron stick appeared in his right hand as he stared at the young girl who was rapidly approaching.

At the same time, he was ready to release poison powder.

They had only met by chance and didnt know each other.

The other party was rushing over like this, so Xu Qing had no choice but to be vigilant.

Sensing that Xu Qing was about to release poison, Zhang San was so frightened that he hurriedly distanced himself and looked at the incoming person.

The captain narrowed his eyes with a spurious smile.

“Hello, Senior Brother.” As though she didnt notice Xu Qings vigilance, the young girl ran over happily.

She lifted her right hand and took out a ball of black fog.

This item was none other than the flesh of the large snake.

The young girl had placed it in a transparent bottle.

“Senior Brother, Im Linger from the Intelligence Department.

I want to ask you a question.

If you answer me, Ill give you this piece of meat, okay”

The young girls voice was as pleasant as a lark.

However, she didnt seem to understand the meaning of observing other partys expressions.

Before Xu Qing could speak, she immediately asked her question.

“Senior Brother, do you like snakes or do you like to eat snake gallbladders”


The young girl had a look of anticipation on her face, as though this question had been buried in her heart for a very, very long time, and she finally found an opportunity to ask.

After she finished speaking, she looked straight at Xu Qing and ignored the captain and Zhang San.

Zhang San looked at the petite but ravishing young girl in front of him and then at Xu Qing.

He let out a long sigh inwardly.

Xu Qing frowned and instinctively took a few steps back.

While being vigilant, he also found the other partys question very strange.

He slowly spoke.

“Snake gallbladder is too bitter.”

“That means you like snakes!”

The young girls eyes became even brighter.

She didnt know how to hide her emotions, so joy was completely exposed on her face.

She even spun around excitedly.


After that, she threw the small bottle to Xu Qing and ran away toward the large snake in satisfaction.

The captain on Zhang Sans back glanced at the small bottle in Xu Qings hand and suddenly shouted at the young girl who was running away.

“Junior Sister Linger, you can also ask me a question.

Three is fine too.

How about ten!”

Linger turned her head and stuck out her tongue at the captain before quickly running away.

The captain had an angry expression as he patted Zhang Sans head.

His voice was filled with dissatisfaction.

“Why Im not bad-looking either.

Ten questions to me arent worth more than one question to Xu Qing”

“What do you think Your lower body is gone.

What right do you have” Zhang San muttered.


The captain was stunned for a moment and wanted to refute.

However, when he saw that Zhang San seemed to want to let go and throw him down, he endured it.

Just like that, time slowly passed.

The remaining four large snakes became weaker and weaker as the cultivators of the Seventh Peak outside the array formation continued to collect them.

In addition, the disciples of the Seventh Peak had guessed the value and swarmed over like wolf cubs.

Gradually, the large snakes collapsed one after another.

This competition also ended with the last snake shattering into pieces.

At this moment, the array formation in the sky was opened.

It was early in the morning outside.

The long-lost sunlight shone down, landing on the merfolk islands that were riddled with holes and on the disciples with bulging pockets.

Although more than half of the disciples had died, the eyes of the remaining ones shone brightly.

Xu Qing was among them.

He lifted his head and looked at the many cultivators in the sky.

Finally, his gaze landed on the figure standing above the great wings head.

“You guys have performed well.

There should be more Foundation Building cultivators in my Seventh Peak now.

I congratulate you in advance.”

The aged voice revealed satisfaction.

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