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269 Sea Corpse Races Dao Child

“Youre finally willing to come out”

Almost at the instant Xu Qing walked out of the vortex, he heard a voice coming from ahead.

The other partys tone was calm and gave off no energy fluctuation.

Xu Qing looked over.

In reality, he had already seen the scene in front of him through the shadow earlier.

However, now that he was seeing it with his own eyes, his heart still sank.

There were originally more than a thousand Sea Corpse Race cultivators guarding this place.

At this moment, these people were all kneeling from a distance.

There was only one person outside the exit.

This person was a youth.

He wore a golden emperors robe but he didnt have an emperors crown.

His skin was fair and there were no livor mortis spots.

His aura was deep and profound and his eyes seemed to contain the stars.

Appearance-wise, he was inferior to Xu Qing.

However, the noble aura he emitted made him the center of attention wherever he was.

He was sitting on a gigantic red lingzhi and coldly looking at Xu Qing.

A ball of black fog floated beside him.

The thing trapped in this fog was none other than the black iron stick.

Clearly, the instant he rushed out earlier, the Diamond Sects ancestor was captured alive by this person.

As for the shadow, because it was special, it wasnt discovered.

At that moment, it was hiding on the lingzhi and carefully spreading out, as though it wanted to get close and devour the other partys shadow.

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“My name is Miao Chen.

Im a Dao Child of this generation of the Sea Corpse Race.

Your companion is being chased by Elder Ying Ling.

Its impossible for him to escape.”

“As for you, I was very curious about who dared to be so arrogant here, so I came out of seclusion to take a look.”

“Im a little disappointed now, but your artifact spirit is still alright.

Can you give it to me” Miao Chen calmly asked.

Xu Qing didnt say anything.

He stood at the exit and sensed his surroundings.

There was still some energy that restricted teleportation here.

He had to head further out.

“You dont have to watch anymore.

Although I dont know how you plan to escape, it is meaningless because you will become my spoils of war today.” Miao Chen looked at Xu Qing.

“Youre very talkative.” Xu Qings gaze landed on the youth.

When Miao Chen heard this, he stood up and laughed.

His laughter grew louder and louder until it stirred up the energy in the surroundings, forming a resonance force that created a storm in the surroundings.

This storm spread out, stirring up countless dust on the ground like an avalanche.

It even swept the ghost dream butterflies out of this area.

The violent wind stirred up Xu Qings long hair and caused his clothes to flutter in the wind.

It was as though the wind wanted to erase him but it was obvious that it couldnt do so.

At most, it would only move his hair and clothes.

It couldnt shake his body or obstruct his cold gaze.

Xu Qing coldly glanced at the imposing youth in front of him and suddenly rushed out toward the youth.

The life lantern in his body burned and his life fires were ignited.

The Golden Crow totemic tattoo on his back emitted heat.

With the enhancement of his physical strength, his speed was astonishing.

He directly broke through all the wind obstacles in front of him and arrived in front of Miao Chen.

He then punched out fiercely.

This punch contained the shadow of the Golden Crow, the power of Fiendish Fire Soul Devouring Art, and the monstrous might brought about by his body that was like a blazing continent.

As the punch landed, rumbling sounds rang out in all directions, directly smashing into Miao Chens chest.

Miao Chens eyes were filled with disdain.

Just as he was about to wave his hand, the lingzhi below him suddenly turned from red to black.

One eye after another opened in this blackness.

The opening and closing of these eyes formed a strange force that caused Miao Chens movements to pause.

At the same time, the black iron stick that the Diamond Sects ancestor was on suddenly shone with lightning runes.

He directly destroyed a few lightning runes for more power.

It broke through the black fog and rushed out, heading straight for the youths neck at an astonishing speed.

There was also a series of mind-stirring bell chimes that rang from the stick.

Clearly, the Diamond Sects ancestor had been trapped earlier because he had been laying out a trap of his own.

It wasnt that he couldnt escape, but he wanted to wait for Xu Qing to attack before showing his strength at the most critical moment.

At that moment, when he acted together with the shadow and Xu Qing, his might was truly astonishing.

Miao Chens expression changed for the first time.

He couldnt dodge Xu Qings punch.

At the critical moment, his body suddenly swayed and a palm-sized jade coffin instantly appeared above his head.

As soon as the coffin appeared, treasure light shone and flowed down like water, permeating the surroundings of the youth, forming a protective barrier.

Xu Qings fist landed on this protective barrier.

An earth-shattering boom echoed out.

As Miao Chens body rolled back like a kite with a broken string, the Diamond Sects ancestor chased after him and stabbed fiercely.

Although he didnt pierce through the protective barrier, the lightning spread in and bombarded Miao Chens entire body.

The shadow also appeared behind Miao Chen.

The tree shadow formed a blurry outline and opened its mouths to suck fiercely.

Immediately, a lot of anomalous substances exited from Miao Chens entire body.

This wasnt the end.

Xu Qing rushed over again, punching out one punch after another at Miao Chens protective barrier.

The heavenly saber manifested and slashed ruthlessly.

Miao Chens body was thrown a thousand feet away and created a deep pit when he landed.

The expressions of the kneeling sea corpse cultivators in the distance shook.

Just as they were about to approach, a furious roar rang out from the deep pit.

“All of you, back off.

I will handle this!”

As this furious roar rang out, a ball of life fire fluctuations suddenly flickered from the deep pit.

A figure walked out.

His hair was disheveled and his eyes revealed intense killing intent.

As he walked out, the second ball of life fire in his body was ignited.

After that, the third ball of life fire and the fourth ball of life fire were instantly ignited.

As a Dao Child of the Sea Corpse Race, he had opened 120 magic apertures, forming four balls of life fire.

Such a heavens chosen should usually be at the critical moment of breaking through.

Coupled with his previous words, it could be seen that he was originally in closed-door cultivation.

However, such a major event had happened in the Sea Corpse Race.

Clearly, there werent enough people left.

Or perhaps it was because of his curiosity that he came.

However, he didnt expect Xu Qing to combine his attacks with strange methods to suppress him immediately.

This caused him to feel a little embarrassed, so he erupted in full force.

The instant he erupted, Xu Qings figure approached again.

Under the burning of his life lantern, he possessed the cultivation of three fires.

Coupled with Golden Crow Refines All Life, Xu Qings true combat strength had reached four fires.

He attacked again and suppressed the youth who walked out of the deep pit.

As a Dao Child, Miao Chen was naturally extraordinary.

With a wave of his hand, droplets of black liquid instantly formed around him.

In the blink of an eye, they gathered into a black sea that swept fiercely toward Xu Qing.


The churning black sea formed a large mouth that fiercely devoured Xu Qing.

Killing intent flashed in Xu Qings eyes but he knew that he couldnt stay here for long.

Hence, without any hesitation, the spirit sea in his 65 magic apertures erupted and directly spread out outside his body, forming a magic power pool with a range of 10,000 feet.

Relying on his dense magic power, he ruthlessly suppressed the youth.

The black sea formed by the youths spell instantly collapsed.

Xu Qings magic power pool also dissipated.

At the next instant, four fires burned ferociously in the youths body and he suddenly appeared in front of Xu Qing, grabbing at his heart.

Xu Qing dodged slightly then kneed the youth.

At the next instant, the black iron stick whistled over from the side.

All the lightning runes on it shone and another ten or so exploded.

It suddenly appeared in front of Miao Chen and stabbed his neck.

Miao Chens expression changed.

Just as he was about to dodge, the shadow pounced up from the ground again.

Xu Qing also erupted with speed.

The fiendish fire in his body rose as he slammed his palm toward Miao Chens forehead.

At this critical moment, Miao Chen let out a low roar.

The power of the four balls of life fire in his body spread out with all their might, forming a powerful impact force and suppression of the cultivation base, causing the Diamond Sects ancestor to let out a blood-curdling cry and roll back.

Xu Qing was also the first to receive the brunt of the force..

His internal organs shook and killing intent flashed in his eyes.

The shadow was also scattered by this force, but there was still a wisp that touched the youths body and infiltrated his body.

It arrived at his dantian and pounced toward a ball of life fire like it had extinguished the Spirit Breath Lantern back then.

As it pounced over, the ball of life fire instantly swayed and showed signs of extinguishing.

The mind of the Dao Child shook violently.

The life fires in his body erupted and even the Heavenly Palace faintly appeared to suppress the shadow as he tried to stop the life fire from being extinguished.

He was not able to care about other things which gave Xu Qing a chance.

The coldness in Xu Qings eyes flared up at this moment.

In such a life-and-death battle, he couldnt care less about exposing himself.

The Golden Crow formed behind him and as black flames surged into the sky and pressed down on the Dao Child of the Sea Corpse Race.

The Golden Crow behind him let out a shocking cry and also pounced over.

The moment Miao Chen was aware of the danger, black flames covered him and sucked fiercely at his head!


Xu Qing was prepared to use the opportunity exchanged by the shadow to refine the other party alive!

The two of them attacked incomparably quickly.

Outsiders couldnt see their movements clearly at all.

The Sea Corpse Races Dao Child seemed to be suppressed but he was actually extremely strong.

Xu Qing had to use all his methods to obtain this decisive opportunity.

When experts fought, being able to see and create the decisive opportunity was extremely important.

Following the ruthlessness in Xu Qings eyes and the devouring by Golden Crow Refines All Life, the Sea Corpse Races Dao Child let out a mournful cry.

For the first time, horror appeared in his eyes.

He clearly felt that his qi and blood were being extracted and his head was melting.

This was indeed the case.

From afar, the qi and blood of the Sea Corpse Races Dao Child were spreading out.

And, his right face that was facing the Golden Crow was indeed melting!

His right ear had disappeared and the right side of his face was completely disfigured!

This scene caused the expressions of the sea corpse cultivators in the distance to change.

They couldnt care less about the Dao Childs instructions and rushed over.

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