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267 Second Ball of Life Fire Formed!


When Xu Qing saw this scene, he drew in a deep breath as shock filled his expression.

At that moment, he felt that the captain who had rushed toward Binding with bloodshot eyes was back.

As the cracking sound echoed, the captain directly chewed off a small piece of the toe of the statue!

There was a clear bite mark left on the toe.

The material of this statue was special and it was very difficult to destroy.

As for the captain, he had completely stimulated the divinity of the flesh of Binding in exchange for this bite.

Before the statue could recover, the captain had already swallowed the small piece of stone in his mouth with reddened eyes.

The surrounding sea corpse cultivators who were recuperating were all shocked by this sudden change and stood up one after another.

The cultivators on the dozens of pillars also opened their eyes one after another and looked at the captain with intense emotions.

At the same time, a terrifying Golden Core aura erupted from the palm on the ancestral corpse statues chest.

The Golden Core boy on it opened his eyes and looked down with a puzzled expression.

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He looked at Xu Qing.

Xu Qings body rumbled and his mind shook.

The Golden Core boy then looked at the captain.

The captains body trembled and he quickly retreated.

The boy didnt bother with the retreating captain.

His gaze landed on the statues foot.

He saw the bite mark there and a small piece that was missing.

Although the statue was rapidly recovering, the bite mark was still very clear.

“Its been a long time since an outsider barged in here.


How do the two of you want to die”

The Golden Core boy calmly spoke.

Clearly, he didnt care much about such a small matter like two Foundation Building thieves.

He just had to kill them.

The pressure of his Golden Core spread out.

Lightning rumbled and the surroundings trembled.

It was as though there was a world-destroying power suppressing all living beings.

However, just as he finished speaking and stood up, the expression of this seemingly calm Golden Core boy changed drastically.

He abruptly turned his head to look at the statue at the side.

An extremely unstable undercurrent was rapidly rising in the statue.

It passed by the boy and surged toward the head of the statue.

The instant the boy spoke, it arrived at the nose of the statue and gently knocked into the inner wall.

An earth-shattering explosion that shook the entire forbidden area erupted from the nose of the statue!

The forbidden area space trembled and even affected the outside world.

Moreover, the explosive force was so great that it actually destroyed the nose of the statue instantly.

It shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.

The Golden Core boy was the closest.

He bore the brunt of the impact and his entire body was blasted apart.

Blood spurted out as he was sent tumbling back into the distant wall.

Many Foundation Building cultivators of the Sea Corpse Race below were also affected and spat out blood.

Their expressions were filled with horror and disbelief as they looked at the statue that had lost its nose.

Following which, mad anger rose in the eyes of all the Sea Corpse Race members.

The killing intent caused the weather in the entire forbidden area to change.

A deafening roar rang out through the entire forbidden zone.

It came from the mouth of the Golden Core boy who was blasted to the wall and was vomiting blood.

“What did you do!!!”

His roar even suppressed the lightning rumbles, causing the place to buzz.

All eyes were now focused on the captain.

Killing intent surged into the sky!

The bite the captain had taken earlier was just a small piece.

However, the collapse of the statues nose was completely different.

Everyone knew about cause and effect.

They had seen the person disguised as the third princess nibbling on the toe of the statue.

After that, the nose of the statue exploded.

This was clearly closely related!

The captain was dumbfounded.

At this moment, not to mention the Sea Corpse Race, even he felt that it was related to him.

It should be that the bite he took caused some reaction, so the nose of the corpse ancestor statue exploded.

“But the distance is too far…”

The captains breathing was hurried.

The instant the Golden Core roared angrily, Xu Qing didnt hesitate to keep a piece of the statues nose that had landed beside him.

He then turned and rushed out.

Right now, there wasnt much attention on him.

Most of the anger was targeted toward the captain.

The Golden Core boy roared angrily as he headed straight for the captain.

Although he didnt have the time to pay attention or cared about Xu Qing, he wouldnt let him off either.

“Go and kill the other one!”

The captains eyes widened as he put away a piece of nose beside him.

His speed erupted explosively and the seals in his body were undone one after another.

He instantly went from two fires to three fires, before actually reaching the level of four fires.

There was also monstrous divinity spreading out from his body as he escaped.

Although he was fast, the Golden Core boys speed was even faster.

He caught up to him in the blink of an eye.

The captain spat out some blood and used some unknown secret art to escape again.

The Golden Core boys eyes were bloodshot and filled with madness.

Such a vile incident had happened while he was guarding.

This was extremely humiliating for him and his killing intent toward the captain had already reached the extreme.

Such an incident had not occurred in the Sea Corpse Race for many years now.

It would be fine if the person who came was an unstoppable expert, but the infiltrators were only Foundation Building cultivators.

The Golden Core boys emotions fluctuated much more intensely when he discovered that… the toes of the Ancestral Corpse Statue had recovered but the nose hadnt.


It only shattered a bit more, so it is taking a while!” The Golden Core boy was shaken.

To the Sea Corpse Race, whether it could recover or not was two completely different things.

If it could recover, although this matter was bad, as long as he killed the invaders, this matter would be resolved.

At most, they would be more vigilant in the future.

However, if it couldnt recover…

The Golden Core boy didnt dare to continue his thoughts.

He felt that it was impossible.

The ancestral corpse statues of the Sea Corpse Race had been damaged and blasted open by others in the past.

However, the statues had recovered in a few breaths of time.

Even the much heavier destruction was restored in about fifteen minutes.

“So, this is impossible!” The Golden Core boy took a deep breath and couldnt help but take another look.

However, there was still no change to the nose of the statue.

This caused the uneasiness in his mind to transform into madness as he chased after the captain.

He was fully focused on capturing the captain.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to bear the terrifying consequences if the statue really couldnt recover from the damage.

Due to the special material of the statue, if it really couldnt be recovered, this missing nose would never be fixed.

In other words, no matter how many years it was in the future, as long as the members of the Sea Corpse Race used or saw this Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue, they would feel that naked humiliation over and over again!

If the other party had the ability to truly destroy this statue, then… it was equivalent to having the ability to erase the future of the entire Sea Corpse Race!

The impact of this matter was so great that it even surpassed the war with the Seven Blood Eyes.

This Golden Core boy went completely crazy.

At that moment, Xu Qings heart was pounding as he fled rapidly.

Fortunately, the Golden Core boys target wasnt him, so the sea corpse cultivators chasing after him were all Foundation Building cultivators.

However, even so, it still caused Xu Qing to have no time to take a break.

This was because there were more than 20 people who had activated their Mystic Brilliance Form to pursue him.

Most of them were at the two fires level and there was even one at the three fires level!

That three fires cultivator was an old man and he gave Xu Qing an extremely great pressure.

The terrifying fluctuations coming from his body distorted his surroundings.

Generally speaking, with three fires cultivation, he could catch up to a two fires cultivator in an instant.

However, due to Xu Qings physical strength and the activation of the life lantern, the three fires couldnt do so, but the distance between them was still rapidly closing at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Once he was caught, Xu Qing knew very well that it would be difficult for him to deal with so many Foundation Building cultivators, especially since this wave would not be the end.

The energy fluctuations here had already spread to the outside.

There was no need to guess how furious the Sea Corpse Race would be.

Even other Golden Core experts might appear.

At the thought of such an outcome, Xu Qings scalp went numb.

This time, he was very clear that what he and the captain had done was a little too much.

Moreover, he was in the forbidden areas space, so he couldnt use the disorder teleportation talisman.

If he wanted to use it, he had to leave the forbidden area.

“I can only open my magic apertures!” Xu Qings eyes were red.

As he fled crazily, he knew that the only solution was to quickly open his magic apertures and form a second ball of life fire.

Once the second ball of life fire was formed, coupled with his life lantern, it was equivalent to him possessing the power of three fires.

In addition to the body refined by Golden Crow Refines All Life, Xu Qing was confident that he could suppress all three fires cultivators!

He even felt that at that time, he should be able to break the concept that Foundation Building cultivators couldnt fight across realms.

He would be able to cross realms to fight against four fires.

With this thought in mind, Xu Qing mobilized the blood-colored spirit liquid that had filled his dantian and directed it toward his fiftieth magic aperture.

Xu Qings entire body trembled as the fiftieth magic aperture instantly opened!

With more magic power, Xu Qings speed was even faster.

However, he didnt stop opening the magic apertures.

In the next breath, Xu Qings body rumbled like thunder, the sound of which spread to his surroundings, causing the hearts of the pursuers behind him to tremble.

The magic power fluctuations continued to spread from Xu Qing as his magic apertures opened.

The 51st, 52nd, and 53rd magic apertures were blasted open one after the other.

This wasnt the end.

The blood-colored spirit liquid Xu Qing absorbed was still surging violently.

In the blink of an eye, his 54th magic aperture was opened, and so was his 55th magic aperture.

One aperture opened in each breath!

Seven breaths later, the 56th magic aperture in Xu Qings body opened!

At the eighth breath, his 57th magic aperture was opened.

The magic power in his entire body rumbled and his life fire burned even more exuberantly.

His aura even formed a storm, causing the expressions of the sea corpse cultivators behind him to change.

The expression of the three fires sea corpse cultivator changed drastically and he shuddered as he looked at Xu Qing who was fleeing.

Seeing that just the opening of the magic apertures of the fleeing cultivator formed such a terrifying pressure, he gritted his teeth and activated a secret art.

His speed was boosted, causing everything in the surroundings to slow down in front of his eyes as he rapidly approached Xu Qing.


At this critical moment, Xu Qings eyes turned red.

He couldnt care less and used his physical strength as support to erupt all the red spirit liquid in his body in an instant!

“Open, open!!”

Xu Qings eyes revealed madness.

In the blink of an eye, shocking explosions rang out in his body.

The 58th magic aperture, 59th magic aperture, and 60th magic aperture were all opened!

The spirit liquid continued to rampage until it opened his 65th magic aperture!

“Life fire!” Xu Qing shouted with bloodshot eyes.

Countless threads rose from the 31st to the 60th magic aperture and rapidly gathered in his body.

As the flames on Xu Qings body erupted, there was a whooshing sound.

The second ball of life fire illuminated the Heavenly Palace!

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