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The story told all the Seven Blood Eyes disciples that once they went out to sea and encountered this strange scene, they shouldnt move, touch it, or disturb it.

Xu Qing remained silent.

As the contents of the record in the Sea Records Library appeared in his mind, he sat cross-legged on the magic boat and looked up at the countless ferocious ghosts in the surroundings.

They let out waves of ear-piercing roars and rose into the air in huge groups.

“The main point mentioned in the record isnt the story itself.”

Xu Qing looked at the sky and mumbled inwardly amidst the coldness of the surroundings.

“Its just that… its description of everything uses the wordstory, notlegend.”

“Compared to legends, the termstory often represents a scene that really happened.” Xu Qing drew in a deep breath and stared at his surroundings.

Countless malicious ghosts filled the sky and sea, and their voices became increasingly mournful.

This scene was enough to intimidate the timid and make them shiver in horror.

However, to Xu Qing, he was used to it.

He had seen the eyes of the god before.

He had lived in a dead city filled with ferocious beasts and strange things for more than half a month.

He had also seen too much life and death in the slums that were shrouded in the darkness of human nature since he was young.

After experiencing tempering and baptism in the jungle of the forbidden zone and the Seven Blood Eyes, to him, these strange things werent the only things that killed people.

Anything in this world could kill.

Such a scene might cause others to feel fear but to Xu Qing, it was not significant.

Due to his calm state, Xu Qing could faintly hear the lingering sounds of music amidst the cries of these malicious ghosts rising into the air.

Xu Qing closed his eyes and didnt move at all, as though he was trying to listen to the music.

From afar, regardless of whether it was him or this magic boat, they were insignificant in the sea.

As the boat swayed, they were gradually covered by the Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts.

Only the lingering sound beside Xu Qings ear became clearer and clearer…

Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts, Night Dance of a Hundred Ghosts, Night Song of a Hundred Ghosts.

Time slowly passed under Zhao Zhonghengs nervousness, Xu Qings concentrated listening, and Senior Sister Dings curiosity toward Xu Qings state.

As morning arrived and the night music dissipated, Xu Qing opened his eyes.

There were still faint echoes of the music lingering in his mind.

Senior Sister Dings beautiful eyes landed on Xu Qing and she couldnt help but ask.

“Junior Brother Xu, were you listening the entire night Did you hear anything”

Xu Qing didnt bother.

He didnt want to be disturbed at this moment.

He continued to immerse himself in the lingering sound in his mind without even blinking his eyes.

This made Senior Sister Ding even more curious.

She looked at Xu Qing and patted her storage bag with her right hand.

She immediately took out a jade box and handed it over.

“Junior Brother Xu, theres a clarity pill in here.

It has a very good effect of nourishing the soul.

Ill give it to you.

Can you tell me the answer”

On the Phoenix, Zhao Zhonghengs eyes instantly widened and his breathing became hurried.

The flames in his eyes almost couldnt be suppressed.

This pill was a gift he had given Senior Sister Ding when he saw her impatient expression earlier…

Now, Xu Qing wasnt happy and Senior Sister Ding was giving him the same gift…


This scene caused him to go completely crazy.

“Clarity pill”

Xu Qings attention was instinctively attracted.

He knew about the clarity pill and also knew that the value of this rare pill wasnt small.

Hence, he was a little surprised.

He took the jade box and opened it.

After taking a look and confirming that there were no problems, he placed it in his pocket.

Seeing that Xu Qing had accepted it, Senior Sister Ding was very happy.

She smiled at Xu Qing.

“Junior Brother Xu, tell me.

I know that the sea record mentioned the Night Song of a Hundred Ghosts.

Only those with sharp senses can hear it.”

Xu Qing nodded as a hint of reminiscence appeared in his eyes.

“I heard the sound of teacher guiding me when he taught me about herbs and medicine.”

“Junior Brother Xu, you actually know the Dao of plants.

How impressive.” Senior Sister Dings face was filled with admiration.

As for Zhao Zhongheng, who was on the Phoenix, his face revealed disdain.

He curled his lips and said in a low voice.

“Who doesnt know how to brag!”

Senior Sister Ding didnt bother with the jealous Zhao Zhongheng.

She eagerly asked Xu Qing about the Dao of plants.

On account of the clarity pill, although Xu Qing felt a little impatient, he still forced himself to reply.

On the way, Zhao Zhongheng was clearly even more anxious.

In order to pull his senior sister back to his side, he began to curry favor and frequently gave her gifts.

However, Senior Sister Ding mostly rejected him coldly.

Occasionally, when she really had no choice, she would reluctantly accept the gifts.

However, she didnt have the slightest intention of changing boats.

Instead, on Xu Qings boat, bell-like laughter would often ring out.

This caused Zhao Zhonghengs internal organs to be burned by anger.

This was especially so for the next few days on the road.

Senior Sister Dings laughter could be heard even more than when she was with him for a year.

Many times, he even saw that it was Senior Sister Ding who took the initiative to find a topic to talk about with Xu Qing, asking about plants and medicinal herbs.

However, Zhao Zhongheng clearly knew that Ding Xue usually didnt have the slightest interest in herbs.

If Xu Qing didnt speak, she would give him gifts as consultation fees.

Those gifts were all from him.

This scene caused Zhao Zhongheng to be in a daze many times.

Vaguely, he felt that everything was so familiar.

He and Senior Sister Ding seemed… somewhat similar.

This discovery caused Zhao Zhongheng to feel sorrow from the bottom of his heart.

However, he was unwilling to give up.

He could only force himself to be in good spirits and try his best to keep up.

In fact, in order to attract Senior Sister Dings attention, Zhao Zhongheng simply erupted with his cultivation along the way and kept capturing all kinds of sea beasts to invite her to taste them.

This method indeed had some effect, and this made Zhao Zhonghengs heart come alive again.

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