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Xu Qing had done this many times in the scavenger campsite.

Although he had asked for an exaggerated amount this time, he didnt think that it was anything wrong.

Helping wasnt a responsibility in the first place, so he naturally needed to be paid.

If the other partys attitude wasnt good, it was reasonable for him to increase the price.

As soon as he spoke, Senior Sister Ding fell into deep thought.

As for Zhao Zhongheng, his expression was gloomy.

He wanted to say something but didnt.

If it was in the past, he would definitely mock him.

However, he was a little hesitant now.

Xu Qing swept his gaze across these people and saw that they didnt seem to have any intention of paying.

He didnt say anything else and was about to control the magic boat to leave.

At that moment, Senior Sister Ding looked at the side of Xu Qings face and suddenly spoke.

“No problem!”

As she spoke, she waved her hand and took out her magic boat, landing on the surface of the sea.

She then leaped onto the magic boat and controlled it to get closer to Xu Qing.

Zhao Zhongheng was stunned and immediately became a little anxious.

“Senior Sister, you…”

Senior Sister Ding didnt even turn her head.

It was as though she didnt even see Zhao Zhongheng.

Her magic boat was like a willow leaf.

It was very beautiful but at the same time, it was filled with liveliness.

As she got closer, the vines in the surroundings instantly twined over.

It was obvious that she was in danger.

Xu Qing waved his hand and a black pill instantly landed in front of Senior Sister Dings magic boat.

As it landed, the vines immediately retreated, allowing her magic boat to pass successfully.

After she neared Xu Qings boat, she hurriedly put away her magic boat and leaped onto Xu Qings boat.

Due to the existence of the protective barrier, she stood on it unsteadily.

Xu Qing frowned and looked at Senior Sister Ding.

“Thank you for helping me, Junior Brother.

My name is Ding Xue.

I should be older than you, so you can call me Senior Sister.

My magic boat isnt good at sailing here.

Ill give you another 20 spirit stones.

Ill stay with you for the time being in this area.”

Senior Sister Ding could faintly sense Xu Qings personality.

She smiled sweetly and directly took out a spirit ticket from the Sixth Peak worth 40 spirit stones.

Outside the protective barrier, she gestured to Xu Qing.

Xu Qing swept his gaze across the spirit ticket and observed Senior Sister Dings cultivation base.

Only after his gaze swept past her neck did he open a gap in the barrier, allowing Senior Sister Ding to land on the deck.

After that, he lifted his hand and grabbed the air to take the spirit ticket for inspection.

After confirming that it was real, he didnt say anything else.

He carefully placed the spirit ticket into his pocket and controlled the magic boat to move.

He wasnt afraid that the other party had ill intentions on his magic boat.

The moment the other party arrived, she was already struck by his poison.

However, this poison required him to mix other poisons before it could erupt.

Under the light of the setting sun, Xu Qing looked exceptionally handsome.

At the side, Senior Sister Ding had a graceful figure and a sweet smile.

Her beautiful hair fluttered in the sea breeze and her brows carried a moving charm.

This expression was something she didnt have when she was with Zhao Zhongheng previously.

As the sea breeze blew over, Senior Sister Dings gentle voice could be heard.

“Junior Brother, how should I address you”

“Junior Brother, this magic boat of yours is very special.

Ive never seen such a boat before.”

“Junior Brother, which department are you from”

Seeing this scene, Zhao Zhongheng became anxious.

The senior sister he had painstakingly invited had boarded someone elses boat.

This made him extremely anxious and annoyed.

He gritted his teeth and took out a red talisman.

This was a runic treasure.

Looking at Xu Qing and Senior Sister Ding who were about to leave, Zhao Zhongheng endured his heartache and directly blasted the talisman into the sea.

Immediately, the talisman burned, forming a shocking air wave that spread in all directions.

The vines around the Phoenix were instantly enveloped.

Most of them instantly shattered into pieces, and the remaining ones rapidly contracted.

Using this opportunity to retreat, Zhao Zhongheng shouted.

“Senior Sister, wait for me.”

As he spoke, he used all his strength to control the Phoenix.

He didnt care about its expenditure as he made it erupt with speed and rushed out.

His followers behind him hurriedly shouted for help.

“You guys wait here.

I have already informed grandfather.

The sect will send someone to save you soon.” Zhao Zhongheng didnt have the time to care about them and quickly moved forward.

However, there were too many vines in this area and very soon, his ship was entangled again.

In his anxiety, Zhao Zhongheng endured his heartache and continued to bombard the sea with the talisman.

Just like that, he chased all the way and gradually broke through the vines, closing the distance between him and Xu Qing.

The rumbling behind her finally diverted Senior Sister Dings attention from Xu Qing.

She frowned and looked behind her.

She immediately saw the Phoenix and Zhao Zhongheng.

Looking at the other partys runic treasure bombardment, Senior Sister Ding glared and sneered.

“Zhao Zhongheng, I originally didnt want to follow you.

You were the one who took the initiative to send me to the Western Reef Archipelago.

I said that we shouldnt take this path but you insisted on putting on a brave front.

Its fine if we were trapped here.

Although Im anxious to reach my destination, I can understand your helplessness.

However, you actually had a way to escape but you didnt use it!”

Zhao Zhongheng felt bitter.

At this moment, his posture when he had started this journey was long gone.

He hurriedly explained.

“Senior Sister, youve misunderstood me.

This… this is something my grandfather gave me to save my life.

There arent many uses left…”

Senior Sister Ding snorted coldly and turned her head, ignoring him.

Zhao Zhongheng became even more anxious and didnt dare to blame Senior Sister Ding.

Hence, he put the blame on Xu Qing.

The more he looked at Xu Qings magic boat, the more he disliked it.

However, the other party was clearly very strong, so he had no choice but to suppress his anger and use the talisman a few more times.

After the talisman collapsed and dissipated, he finally broke free and caught up to Xu Qings magic boat.

“Senior Sister, come back.

I know I was wrong…”

Senior Sister Ding didnt seem to hear him.

She smiled sweetly and looked at the side of Xu Qings face as she spoke softly.

“Junior Brother, are you hungry I have some snacks here.” As she spoke, Senior Sister Ding took out a small box from her storage bag.

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