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263 Sea Corpse Strange News (5)

Immediately after the collision, Xu Qing grabbed at the merfolk woman.

The expression of the merfolk woman changed.

Her mind was shaken by Xu Qings physical strength and the life fires in her body swayed.

She immediately retreated.

However, Xu Qings speed was too fast.

When he grabbed at her, a suction force seemed to spread out, causing the merfolk womans movements to freeze.

At the next instant, Xu Qing moved and arrived in front of the woman in the blink of an eye.

His right hand pierced into her chest and grabbed her heart, squeezing it ruthlessly.

Squelch! The heart of the merfolk sea corpse cultivator collapsed.

Even though the Sea Corpse Race wasnt sensitive to pain, such injuries still made her let out a mournful cry.

However, this female cultivator wasnt simple either.

Her eyes were filled with ruthlessness as she bit at Xu Qings neck.

This was a commonly used method by the sea corpses.

Her sharp teeth were about to touch Xu Qing, when Xu Qing sneered and smashed his head into the female cultivators mouth.

With a cracking sound, the womans teeth collapsed and her face was badly mangled.

An even more mournful cry rang out.

Xu Qings expression turned sinister as he also opened his mouth and bit down on the merfolk sea corpses neck!

This bite was extremely powerful, causing a portion of the merfolk sea corpses neck to be instantly torn off.

As he inhaled, dense anomalous substances crazily surged into Xu Qings body from the merfolk sea corpses body.

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The merfolk sea corpse wanted to struggle but Xu Qing had a tight grip on her.

He held her down and continued to absorb her energy.

The entire process only lasted for six to seven breaths of time before the female merfolk sea corpses entire body was exhausted of anomalous substances.

Her life fires were extinguished and her magic apertures dried up.

Her entire person turned into a dried corpse and fell to the side.

She wasnt dead and was still twitching.

“Ah, how fun.

Why is this young lady deflated”

The captain smiled sweetly and walked unsteadily to the female merfolk sea corpse.

Xu Qing turned and looked at the three fires Foundation Building sea corpse cultivator standing in the air.

“Let me swallow another nine.

I can give you the credit.”

There was still blue blood at the corner of Xu Qings mouth.

His gaze was cold and emotionless.

However, his current appearance caused the expression of the three fires Foundation Building sea corpse to be a little solemn.

The reason why he spoke like that earlier was not only to snatch the credit but also to probe.

During this period of war, some disciples of the Seven Blood Eyes had used various methods to sneak in.

Although they were all found out and killed, the princess return might also be set up by the Seven Blood Eyes.

If the other party had really left just now, he would have reported this matter and the other clansmen would naturally screen the person.

However, now, he dispelled this thought.

The array formation had confirmed the princess identity.

As for the clansman who escorted the princess back, not only had the array formation confirmed his identity, but the other party also devoured anomalous substances which was something only sea corpses dared to do.

To be able to kill one of his two fires subordinates so easily, it meant that the other party wasnt far from breaking through to his level.

He raised his hand and waved.

The lightning on the 16 black coffins in the surroundings instantly dissipated and they fell down.

“Send the princess to the forbidden area of the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue!”

After removing the blockade, the late-stage Foundation Building cultivator Race spoke.

Immediately, a lingzhi on the ground started twisting and emitting a large amount of black fog.

After this black fog squirmed and gathered, it formed a huge octopus.

This octopus floated over.

One of its tentacles wrapped around the black wooden ship while the other tentacles extended into the distance on the ground, bringing Xu Qing and the captain straight into the distance.

Behind them, the three fires sea corpse cultivator lowered his head and respectfully saw them off.

At the same time, he let out a low voice.

“Princess, its my duty.

Please dont mind my disrespect just now.”

With that, the three fires sea corpse cultivator bit off one of his fingers and threw it forward.

Immediately, the finger transformed into a dense corpse poison that spread to Xu Qing and the captains ship, transforming into a mark that shone with black light.

“With this insignia, no one will disturb you on the way.

Princess, please forgive me for my sins.”

“You can scram now,” the captain lightly said.

“Thank you, Princess.”

The three fires Foundation Building cultivator thanked before leaving.

He returned to the coastline and continued to guard against foreign enemies.

Just like that, the ship Xu Qing and the captain were on was carried very quickly by the running octopus.

It continued to approach the location of the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue.

In reality, they had planned this as well.

There were a total of nine ancestral corpse statues in the Sea Corpse Race.

They were scattered in different areas and were heavily guarded.

The location of the seventh ancestral corpse statue was relatively close to the sea and was somewhat far from the royal city, so it became the captains first choice in his plan.

Most importantly, according to the information bought by the captain, the Golden Core experts of the Sea Corpse Race who were guarding the Seventh Ancestral Corpse Statue were transferred to the battlefield because they were hard pressed in the front line.

The one guarding it now only had the cultivation base of Perfected Foundation Building realm.

Xu Qing was originally hesitant, but the captain guaranteed that there was nothing wrong with the information, so Xu Qing didnt question closely.

As they moved forward and entered the inland, this world of the Sea Corpse Race was completely revealed to Xu Qing and the captain.

The ground was pitch-black and covered in countless black grass.

These grass contained astonishingly dense anomalous substances, causing this place to be no different from the forbidden zone Xu Qing had been to.


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