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Cultivation required resources.

In particular, the arrival of the gods fragmented face caused all things to be invaded by anomalous substances.

This made it extremely difficult to obtain resources, and the process was usually bloody.

A look of contemplation appeared in Xu Qings eyes.

The number of spirit stones and materials he needed was extremely large, and the profits from selling white pills was far from enough.

“The Homicide Department gives three spirit stones a month.

As for the white pills… if I work hard, I should be able to earn twenty spirit stones a month.

If I calculate it this way, Ill earn twenty-three spirit stones a month.”

Xu Qing frowned.

Right now, if he wanted to maintain his cultivation speed, he would have to consume one spirit stone every day.

When he thought about the refining materials he had seen in the Sixth Peaks disciples shop, even the cheapest item cost tens of spirit stones.

“The renting of a berth costs 30 spirit stones a month.

In that case, Ill have to earn at least 60 spirit stones a month to barely maintain my cultivation.

If I want to refine the magic boat, the demand will be even greater.” Xu Qing opened his storage bag to take a look.

He still had 20 spirit stones in his storage bag.

This was the reward he had received from the Homicide Department after killing Qing Yunzi.

“If I want to obtain more spirit stones, there are three ways.

One is to hunt in the forbidden zone, the other is to kill wanted criminals, and the last is to head out to sea to gather the materials.

Xu Qing thought about it.

The first method needed him to make a trip to the First Peak.

This was because one had to obtain a travel permit from the First Peak to enter the forbidden zone next to the sect.

In addition, disciples from other peaks would have to pay a certain fee to enter.

As for the third method, hunting at sea was naturally the most suitable.

However, besides the cultivation requirement, there was also a requirement for the magic boat.

If it didnt have a certain level of strength, it might be destroyed.

Xu Qing felt that his cultivation was okay, but the level of his magic boat was too low.

Also, the magic boat needed spirit stones and materials to upgrade.

This was an endless cycle.

“The fastest way is still to kill the wanted criminals or plunder other disciples.

Like this, I can quickly increase the level of my magic boat and cultivation base.

After that, I can head out to sea to hunt.

This will allow everything to snowball and become unstoppable!”

A cold glint flashed in Xu Qings eyes.

Compared to plundering his fellow sect members who didnt provoke him, he felt that killing wanted criminals was more suitable.

After making his decision, Xu Qing sat cross-legged in his level two magic boat and added a spirit stone to the spirit energy gathering array before he began his cultivation.

However, not long after he started cultivating, Xu Qing opened his eyes and took out his identity token in confusion.

A voice transmission message appeared on it.

“Junior Brother Xu Qing, Im Zhou Qingpeng.

Was it you I saw at the medical shop last time Youve changed so much.

I thought about it for a long time before figuring out that it should be you.

I see that you seem to be very interested in that Ghost Desire.

I know this thing.

My family is in the business of medicinal herbs.

If you need it, I can get someone to help you get it.

Its just that it will be a little expensive.”

After Xu Qing finished listening, he fell into deep thought.

He could tell that Zhou Qingpeng wanted to earn some spirit stones from him, and he really wanted a Ghost Desire to study its poison.

Hence, he agreed.

Time flowed and very soon, six days passed.

During these six days, when Xu Qing went to the Homicide Department to report for duty every day, he would pay attention to the wanted list.

His informant also paid more attention to this aspect at his request.

It was just that… there were quite a lot of people in the Homicide Department who used this method to earn money.

Most of these types of information were kept secret.

Hence, when there were occasionally some good tasks, Xu Qing would usually end up with nothing when he reached there.

This forced Xu Qing to change his method.

At the same time, after Xu Qing, a newbie came to the Homicide Department.

However, this newbie clearly had a background and wasnt in the same division as Xu Qing.

After he arrived, he did not become an ordinary member but was directly appointed as the captain of Team Three of the Earth Division.

Moreover, this person seemed to have some tricks up his sleeves.

He had only taken his post for less than two days, but the twenty or so team members under him were all obedient.

However, because of different deputy directions, the four divisions of the Homicide Department usually acted independently and only worked together in large-scale missions.

Sometimes, there would even be disputes.

The other divisions knew that Team Three of the Earth Division had a new captain.

Originally, they wouldnt have cared much, but the appointment of this newcomer caused some waves.

This was because… the newly appointed captain of Team Three wasnt a human.

Xu Qing had seen him once from afar and immediately recognized this new captain of Team Three of the Earth Division.

He was none other than the nonhuman race youth who had returned with the third highness many days ago.

That day, when the young man from the nonhuman race saw the third highness hugging the two girls from the same race, his gaze revealed disdain, and Xu Qing had noticed it.

As for his identity, it was quickly dug out by the various people who were paying attention to the Homicide Department.

Xu Qing had heard from the members of Team Six that the other party was a merfolk.

Although the merfolk race was a nonhuman race, they were allies with Seven Blood Eyes and had many business dealings with each other.

It was said that this person had a distinguished status in the merfolk race.

After he was brought back by the third highness, he decided to join the Seven Blood Eyes, and came to the Homicide Department under the third highness arrangement.

As for the identity of the third highness, Xu Qing had his own guesses.

He also asked the others to confirm his thoughts.

The peak leader of the Seventh Peak of the Seven Blood Eyes had three personal disciples, two men and one woman.

Every one of these three people was like the crown prince and eldest princess in the Seventh Peak.

A single sentence from them could make countless disciples of the Seventh Peak lower their heads.

In fact, it was the same in the entire Seven Blood Eyes.

Also, because the Seventh Peaks peak lord himself had outstanding talent, his fame spread throughout the entire Nanhuang Continent.

His battle prowess was monstrous, and his authority was the same.

As his personal disciples, their rankings in the Seven Blood Eyes was extremely high.

Among them, the eldest prince was in closed-door cultivation all year round to break through his bottleneck.

It had been many years since anyone had seen him.

However, Xu Qing heard from his teammates that this eldest prince was extremely mysterious and his combat strength was terrifying.


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