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253 Brother Xu Qing

As Xu Qing sped through the Forbidden Sea and rapidly absorbed sea beasts one after another, there were three huge black wooden ancient warships whistling through the sky some distance away from him.

These three warships that emitted an ancient aura looked like three giant logs from afar.

They shone with a black light barrier that sealed all the aura inside, making it almost impossible for outsiders to sense what was inside.

At the same time, it also made it very difficult to recognize their origins.

In reality, they were Sea Corpse Races flying warships that had been covered up.

The fuel of such a warship was anomalous substances, so to a certain extent, they could continue flying for an extremely long time by absorbing the anomalous substances in the world.

On these three Sea Corpse Race ships, there were about a hundred Sea Corpse Race cultivators.

Most of them were Qi Condensation cultivators, and only four of them emitted Foundation Building aura.

These four werent ordinary Foundation Building cultivators.

They had all formed their life fire.

A white-robed Sea Corpse Race member stood on the leading ship.

Although he hadnt activated his Mystic Brilliance Form, the aura of the two fires was still obvious.

He was clearly the leader of the cultivators on these three warships.

At that moment, he was staring into the distance with a cold expression.

He stood there like a piece of ice, as though it was very difficult for anything to attract his attention.

Beside him was a young girl.

This young girl was also from the Sea Corpse Race.

Her appearance was that of a human.

Clearly, she had lived a luxurious life when she was alive and her status was extremely high after she was transformed.

Hence, not only did she not emit any corpse poison, but her skin was also snow-white without any livor mortis spots.

Her appearance was also very good-looking, revealing a hint of innocence.

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The intelligence in her eyes was much more than that of an ordinary Sea Corpse Race member.

In fact, if she was placed in a crowd, it would be almost impossible to tell that she was from the Sea Corpse Race if one didnt take a closer look.

At that moment, she was holding the arm of the white-robed Sea Corpse Race member and speaking coquettishly.

“Brother Xu Qing, please tell me how exactly you found me I was clearly very careful in hiding my identity.”

The white-robed Sea Corpse Race member shook his head when he heard this.

However, he really couldnt withstand the soft pleading of the young girl beside him.

Hence, after the young girl took out a black stone, he kept it before calmly speaking.

“Third Princess, knowledge is priceless.

Since you respect knowledge so much, Ill tell you.

Before I became a member of the Seven Blood Eyes, I was a disciple of the Seventh Peak of the Seven Blood Eyes.

I had learned some small spells before which allowed me to see through the princess identity.”

“Princess, the king is very anxious, so he issued this mission to find you.

Please dont make things difficult for me.

It wont be long before we can return to the clans territory.

Dont casually throw things anymore.

It wont be good if you provoke an existence you cant provoke.” The white-robed Sea Corpse Race looked calmly at the young girl beside him.

“Alright, but Brother Xu Qing, dont forget that you promised me that you would transfer over and become my exclusive Dao Protector after we return to the clan.

Brother Xu Qing, I really like your personality and feel that youre very special.

I asked you a question but you actually want me to pay with the bizarre stone before answering.

The other clansmen dont dare to do this.”

“And those words of yours, such as knowledge being priceless and respecting knowledge, I like them very much.

They feel so special.” The young girl smiled coquettishly.

The white-robed youth placed his hands behind his back and looked into the distance as he calmly replied.

“I wont go back on my word.

As long as the princess allows me to complete the mission, forget about becoming a Dao Protector, even if the princess wants me to become your male pet, its fine.

If I go back on my word, Ill be poisoned and be struck by lightning!”

“Can you really be my boy toy, Brother Xu Qing” The third princess eyes lit up.

“Of course!” White Robe coughed lightly.

At the same time… in the Forbidden Sea in the distance, Xu Qings entire body trembled and a vigilant glint appeared in his eyes.

He stared at the pitch-black bottom of the sea in front of him and slowly retreated.

At the bottom of the sea in his vision, there was a group of illusory and blurry figures moving toward a city.

There were a large number of buildings in this city and countless figures could be seen shuttling in and out.

There were even sounds of bustling activity.

There were also many shops and street stalls in the city.

At first glance, it was not much different from the main city of the Seven Blood Eyes.

It was quite lively.

However, this scene caused Xu Qing to be extremely vigilant.

Even with his current cultivation and combat strength, he still felt his heart skip a beat and felt an intense sense of danger.

This was a ghost city.

What gave Xu Qing a sense of danger wasnt the ghosts in the city but the city itself.

He immediately left without hesitation.

The ghost city didnt seem to be interested in him and didnt chase after him.

However, Xu Qing still chose to move in a different direction.

He only heaved a sigh of relief when he was far away.

“With my current cultivation, I cant explore the dangers at the bottom of the sea too often.”

This was already the second existence Xu Qing had seen during this period of time that caused him to feel intense danger.

Previously, he had seen a huge head floating up from the bottom of the sea and rushing out of the surface of the sea.

It then dove back into the sea again like it was playing.

This cycle continued and waves of joyous laughter could be heard.

That time was the same as this time.

Xu Qing stayed far away and there were no conflicts.

However, Xu Qing wasnt sure if his good luck would continue.

The third time he encountered such a thing might be when the danger descended on him.

After pondering for a moment, he left the bottom of the sea and took out the magic ship.

He relied on the shadow and his Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale to observe and hunt.

“The second stage of Golden Crow Refines All Life is almost completed.

Its best to be cautious for now.” When Xu Qing thought of this, he sat down and spread his sense under the sea, landing on his Forbidden Sea Dragonwhale.

His natal dragonwhale no longer had the appearance of a plesiosaur.

Instead, it had transformed into a body similar to a mosasaur.

This was something Xu Qing had comprehended after killing that mosasaur.

“Its a pity that I only killed one.

Otherwise, it could have resembled the mosasaur even more.” Xu Qing closed his eyes.

Seven days passed in the blink of an eye.

Xu Qing had been out at sea for several months, and the sea area he was in was far away from the merfolk island battlefield.

He didnt know how the war had progressed, but he could see that his overall ranking on his identity token had changed from just below 50th to below 100th.

This meant that the intensity of the war had increased.

However, Xu Qing didnt care about these at the moment.

During these seven days, his Golden Crow Refines All Life was infinitely close to saturation after devouring some sea beasts.

“Absorbing another Foundation Building sea beast will completely activate the inheritance seed!” Xu Qings eyes revealed anticipation.

His mind sank onto the Forbidden Sea Mosasaur under the sea and he began to search for suitable sea beasts.

The shadow also dispersed a lot of the shadow eyes on the way and cooperated in the search.

As for the Diamond Sects ancestor, he was searching under the sea with the mosasaur.

The instant Xu Qings mind sank into it, his mind suddenly stirred.

He abruptly opened his eyes and looked at the sky.

It was dusk.

The red glow filled the sky like autumn leaves.

And within the red glow, in the distant horizon, three strange black warships that were like giant logs were reflected in Xu Qings eyes.

Xu Qing looked at the three warships, but he couldnt sense any fluctuations coming from them nor could he see the figures inside.

The records of the Seven Blood Eyes didnt mention such warships either.

Hence, Xu Qing couldnt recognize them immediately.

However, he was very vigilant.

Although the other party looked like they were just passing by, not only did Xu Qing activate the magic boats full defense, but he also chose to sink into the sea.

If they were really passing by and saw Xu Qing evading them, there was a high chance that they wouldnt attack.

Even if they really attacked, Xu Qing was prepared to counterattack or speed up his escape.

However, the instant Xu Qings magic ship sank to the sea, a womans hand suddenly stretched out from the front of the three ships in the sky.

She was holding a black pearl in her hand.

After she gently released it, the pearl suddenly erupted with lightning and headed toward Xu Qing at an astonishing speed.

Its aura was so strong that it shook the heavens and the earth.

One could even see a rune sealed in the pearl.

Xu Qings eyes narrowed as he controlled the magic ship to leave.

However, at the next instant, his expression changed.

This was because the rune in the pearl flashed once, causing the bead to seemingly teleport and appear under the sea above Xu Qings magic ship.

This speed exceeded Xu Qings expectations.

It was too late to control the magic ship to dodge.

At the next instant, the loud collision stirred up the surrounding seawater to collapse and spread.

Xu Qings magic ship collapsed and countless broken pieces rose toward the surface of the sea.

The scattered fragments on the surface of the sea were densely packed, as though the magic ship had completely collapsed.

“Aiya, its so fragile.

It was shattered by just one lightning.

Its not fun, but the way it exploded was so beautiful.” In the sky, the Sea Corpse Race girl lay at the edge of the ships railing and lowered her head to take a look.

However, White Robes breathing paused slightly and a hint of strangeness appeared in his eyes.

He looked at the disintegrated magic ship below from the edge.

A few breaths later, he let out a long sigh.

“Third Princess, why do you have to do this I just want to complete the mission.

Why do you have to make it so difficult!! Cant you keep a low profile What if you provoked a murderous fiend”

White Robe seemed to be extremely depressed.

He took out an apple from his robe and took a bite.

“Brother Xu Qing, whats wrong with you Isnt it just a Seven Blood Eyes ship Besides, just one of the divine lightning given by that dastardly father of mine shattered it.

Whats the big deal” The young girl smiled and her eyes narrowed like crescent moons.

White Robe shook his head, looking like he didnt want to speak.

He sighed and couldnt be bothered with the way the other party addressed her father.

At that moment, he controlled the warship to speed up.

Very soon, these three black wooden-looking warships whistled into the distance.

At the same time, as the three warships left, the fragments of the magic ship on the surface of the sea suddenly spread out as the waves rose.

Under the surface of the sea, there was a ship that was one size smaller than before but even more sinister.

It looked like the body of a sea lizard and was speeding in the direction of the three black warships in the sky!

The part that was destroyed earlier was the outer shell.

With Zhang Sans unique method, the outer shell of Xu Qings magic ship could shatter and confuse the enemy.

Xu Qing looked at the sky through the seawater with an ugly expression.

Killing intent rose in his eyes.

“Sea Corpse Race”

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