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[Hated Hero and the Fiancee’s Mother]

Afterward, Jarvis and I chatted in the room for a while when she suddenly said, “Oh no, I haven’t given a greeting to your parents yet!” and bolted out of the room.

But not before saying, “By greeting, I mean just a normal greeting!”

There she goes… but what did she mean by a normal greeting Is there such a thing as a non-normal greeting

I tilted my head as that simple question surfaced in my mind, then I left the room to check out the villa’s garden.

On the way, I found quite a few guests, and among them was Reina’s fiancé, Mr.

Abel. Maybe, thinking that, I tried looking for Raul and Mr.

Klaus, but I saw no sign of them—that was only natural, I suppose.

I went on my way, and after a while of walking…

“Oh, Barrett.”

…I got stopped by a lady.

“Lady Lilia.” I turned around and called her name.

She was Lady Lilia, Tayte’s mother.

In the original storyline, she was very sickly.

She was so weak that she could barely move, and it was no small part due to Tayte’s bad relationship with Barrett.

And then, not long after Tayte finally left Barrett, she became a part of Raul’s harem, only for her sense of presence to fade in it… that was why, it amazed me to see she was able to go outdoors by herself like this.

Another thing worthy of note was that Lady Lilia looked very youthful.

I didn’t know her real age, but I found it hard to believe that she had a thirteen-year-old daughter.

If she said she was in her early twenties, I’d surely believe her.

“Perfect timing.

Actually, I was looking for you.”

“You were looking for me…”

Lady Lilia was looking for me by herself, not ordering her maids to invite me over

…It must be about Tayte.

But just as that thought surfaced in my mind, it hit me once again how similar Lady Lilia and Tayte really looked.

They practically had the same faces, to say nothing of their hair colors.

“Could it be that something happened to Tayte”

“Hmm… I guess you can put it that way, yes, something unbelievable happened to Tayte.”


Lady Lilia spoke with a very serious look on her face.

She then heaved out a big sigh and said, “My daughter… she is too cute.”

“I know.”

I completely agreed with that.

…That reminded me, Tayte had said that she would be getting ready with Lady Lilia’s help, but… I wondered if Lady Lilia had been using her as a dress-up doll.

Upon a closer look, Lady Lilia’s skin was glossy; it was highly likely that was the case.

“I’m… really grateful to you.” Lady Lilia suddenly changed her ecstatic expression to a serious one.

Grateful, huh… yet the emotion that was coming across from her was quite contrasting to that word.

“That girl now smiles a lot, and she seems to be having so much fun every day.”

“I’m also happy to be with Tayte, and there is no greater joy for me than knowing that she thinks the same.”

“Oh my♪.” Lady Lilia smiled and clapped her hand.

That smile and gesture were strikingly similar to Tayte’s.

“—Wait, we’ve gone off on a tangent, but…”

“Oh right! I was looking for you because Tayte is ready!” Lady Lilia excitedly pushed me on the back and rushed me to Tayte, who was waiting in her room.

And as soon as I entered the room—my breath stopped for a moment.

“B-Barrett…” Tayte faced down shyly.

It was no wonder.

Just like Tayte had said during the day, the blue dress she was wearing now exposed more skin than the one she wore at the academy ball.

“What do you think I designed the dress myself.”

“Huh! You designed it, Lady Lilia!”

“I may not look like it, but I’m confident in my artistic sense, you know”

“How amazing!”

Lady Lillia and I exchanged a firm handshake.

After that, Lady Lilia and I kept on praising the blushing Tayte for an hour.


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