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Team members of the Land of Origin team, who were marching forward, were puzzled by the swift person just now.

“What was that just now Its so fast!”

“Thats too fast.

It disappeared as soon as I raised my head.”

“It doesnt feel like the speed we possess at our level.”

“To be able to fly so quickly, they must be at least a powerhouse on the ninth level of the Tower, right”

“Those on the ninth level of the Tower are also top experts.

Ordinary experts cant do this at all.”

“How could there be such a terrifying existence on the fifth level of the Tower”

“Looking at the direction, it seems to be a water attribute territory.

I dont know if its a friend or foe.”

“If that person is our enemy, we cant defeat them.”

The team members were discussing and speculating.

The experts behind the team members were also shocked at this time.

As experts, their strengths and perception were stronger.

They could clearly sense the terrifying speed of the person just now.

“Thats fast, and theyre going to a water attribute territory.

Are they the helper of the European Federation team” Zheng Tainan couldnt help but worry.

Liu Qing chimed in, “I think its possible.

Otherwise, why would they go to water attribute territory We dont know such an existence.”

“Thats bad.” Liu Nings expression turned ugly.

“Are we still going to attack the European Federation team Why dont we take a look at the situation”

When Murong Xue heard this, her face was filled with contempt.

“Look at how scared you three are.

Youre cowards.”

Luo Qingcheng also analyzed.

“There is indeed such a possibility.

But we have decided on the plan.

Liu Yan has not returned yet, so we can only keep moving.

Time is crucial in this plan.

We cant stop and delay the plan.”

“Why does that person look so familiar” Chu Long asked, puzzled.

“I also feel that its familiar.”

Xu Han looked at Allen Smith as he spoke, trying to confirm his guess.

Allen Smith did not say anything, but he nodded affirmatively.

He confirmed that Xu Hans guess was correct.

Xu Han was relieved and said, “Dont worry, everyone.

Lets continue.

That person is not our enemy, but our helper.”

“What do you mean That person is our helper” Zheng Tainan was surprised.

Liu Qing and Liu Ning were also quite happy.

If they had a helper, that powerful person would definitely be of great help.

Their battle against the European Federation team would be much easier.

Xu Han was too lazy to explain, so he nodded and said, “Keep moving.

Youll know in a while.”

After all, Xu Han and Allen Smith were the best in the group, and their perception was also stronger.

The other awakened ones could only sense a green person speeding across the sky.

However, Xu Han could feel that the persons aura was similar to Liu Yans.

Allen Smith could sense it more clearly, and it confirmed Xu Hans guess.

Liu Yan had obtained wing-shaped equipment from the diamond treasure chest.

Therefore, Xu Han and Allen Smith immediately guessed that the equipment increased Liu Yans flying speed tremendously.

At this time, Xu Han was also a little shocked.

He did not think that the equipment from the diamond treasure chest would be so powerful that it could give Liu Yan such a terrifying speed.

However, this was good.

With Liu Yans powerful combat strength, he was like a tiger that had grown wings.

His combat strength would be greatly improved.

Such a powerful piece of equipment could only be used to its full potential on a monster like Liu Yan.

Then, the team members moved quickly to the water attribute territory.

Speed was the most important factor in this battle, and time was precious.

In addition, the team members were strong, so they were naturally faster.

Not long after, the team members arrived at the entrance of the water attribute territory.

As far as the eye could see, a person was floating in the air at the entrance.

It was a slender person that did not move at all.

There was a pair of fully spread-out green wings on the persons body.

The wings were nearly ten meters long and the size of several people.

As the green wings flapped slowly, the person stood still in the air, achieving complete flight.

At this moment, the person heard the commotion and turned around, revealing his face.

The person was none other than the captain of the Land of Origin team, Liu Yan!

The team members were pleasantly surprised when they saw that the person in the sky was Liu Yan.

The person that had flown past them at high speed was also Liu Yan.

“Oh my god, that person just now was our captain!”

“I was wondering why he was also heading towards the water attribute territory.

So its our captain.”

“Captain Liu is too strong.

When did his strength increase so much”

“Its amazing to be able to fly on the fifth level of the Tower.”

“It should be because of the special equipment, but its already powerful.”

“Captain Liu was already so strong.

Now, he can even fly freely.

This combat power is unimaginable!”

When the experts behind saw Liu Yan, they also understood.

Xu Han and Allen Smith had known about it, so they were not surprised.

Chu Long finally understood.

“No wonder I felt that it was familiar.

Its Brother Liu Yan.”

“So its Captain Liu.

Then its fine, haha!” Zheng Tainan, who had been a little worried, was instantly relieved.

Initially, Zheng Tainan worried that this powerful person was an enemy and would threaten them, bringing them trouble.

However, they didnt expect that the person was their team captain, Liu Yan.

He was one of their own and their helper.

Murong Xue was a little envious.

“This fellow is too over.

He can actually fly now, and his flying speed is so fast!”

Murong Xues words undoubtedly echoed the thoughts of many.

Almost every single awakened one wanted to fly.

However, it was difficult to fly.

Even Liu Yans SS-grade Gale Boots could only allow him to fly.

In terms of strength, only the top powerhouses on the ninth or tenth level of the Tower could do that.

Awakened ones on the fifth level were far too weak.


Well be able to fly too.” Xu Han couldnt help but tease Murong Xue.

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