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Xiaoguo saw who it was under the moonlight.

It was Mrs.


“What was she doing here” Xiaoguo stared at her in surprise.


Yang looked behind her and saw no one.

She continued with what she was doing.

“Why cant I open this broken door” Mrs.

Yang tried hard to unpick the lock.

Li Zhaodis house had a wooden door.

It wasnt a single-paneled door.

It was a two-way door that opened both ways.


Yang pushed the door inwards and reached in with one hand to grab at the big lock.

What a miscalculation!!


Yang resisted the urge to kick the door open.

Why was it so difficult to teach Li Zhaodi a lesson


Yang walked to the side of the house and looked at the height of the wall.

She then used her height as a gauge and made a decision.

“Let me try!”

She took a few steps back and was about to count down to three when a faint voice sounded behind her.

“Do you need help”


Yang was shocked.

She quickly covered her mouth and turned around, thinking that she had been discovered.

Little did she expect to see Xiaoguos smiling face.


Yang recovered from her shock after a while.

She patted her heart and punched Xiaoguo.

“You scared me to death!”

Xiaoguo could tell from Mrs.

Yangs reaction that she got a bad fright just by looking at her breathing.

Xiaoguo rubbed her arm, which didnt hurt at all, and walked over to soothe Mrs.


“What are you doing here in the middle of the night”


Yang rolled her eyes at Xiaoguo.

“Li Zhaodi has to be taught a lesson!”

Xiaoguo wondered why Mrs.

Yang was so annoyed with her.

However, Mrs.

Yangs intentions for coming today coincided with hers.

“Hey, what are you doing here”


Yang looked at Xiaoguo and asked her with a smile.

She looked like she was also up to no good.

Xiaoguo added fuel to the fire and told Mrs.

Yang about Zhuang Zhuang.

When Mrs.

Yang heard about it, she was furious.

Zhuang Zhuang actually got frightened!


Yang felt terrible as she imagined Zhuang Zhuangs pitiful appearance.

The two of them chatted softly for a while.

In the end, they decided on a plan to teach Li Zhaodi a lesson!

Fortunately, Li Zhaodis family was not so wealthy.

The walls of her house were low so it would be easy for them to climb over.

Xiaoguo climbed up the wall first and sat on top.

She grabbed Mrs.

Yangs hand and pulled her up to sit on the wall.

Xiaoguo looked around the courtyard to see if there were any animals that could possibly make any noise.

Just as Mrs.

Yang was about to jump down, Xiaoguo stopped her.

She hadnt got a clear view of the surroundings yet.

They shouldnt be so rash.

What if there were animals that could make noises.

Li Zhaodi would be alerted.


Yang waved her hand and whispered into Xiaoguos ear, “Dont worry.

They dont keep any animals.

With her laziness, she finds it troublesome just to settle her own meals.

Why would she bother to keep animals that she had to take care of”

Xiaoguo thought it sounded logical.

She jumped down from the wall with Mrs.


Both of them were used to manual labor, so they were quite agile.

At this height, it was a piece of cake for them.

Xiaoguo tried her best to make as little noise as possible.

When she reached the courtyard, she carefully walked to the window.

Xiaoguo and Mrs.

Yang looked inside.

Under the moonlight, they saw Li Zhaodi sleeping with her big belly exposed.

Her snores were very loud.

Xiaoguo quietly opened the door.


Yang happened to find a bucket of water in the courtyard.

The two of them placed the bucket on top of the open door.

After finding a good angle and making sure that everything was set, they got ready to leave.

When Li Zhaodi gets up early in the morning and opens the door, the bucket of water will give her a good drench.

Just as the two of them were about to leave, Li Zhaodi suddenly shouted angrily.

“Ill beat you to death! Stinking widows!”

The two of them were shocked.

They thought that she had woken up.

They squatted down and waited for a while, but there were no other movements.

It seemed that Li Zhaodi was talking in her sleep.

The two of them looked at each other and nodded.

They went to the foot of the wall and got out.

On the way back, the two of them smiled knowingly at each other.


Yang felt a little regretful.

“If I had known, I would have brought a bucket of feces.”

As she spoke, she kept shaking her head, looking very regretful.

Xiaoguo was fine.

As long as she could teach her a lesson, anything was fine.

When the two of them arrived at their respective houses, Mrs.

Yang hesitantly said what she wanted to tell her during the day.

“Xiaoguo, dont take to heart what that shrew said.”

At first, Xiaoguo couldnt remember what the words were.

She tried to think if it was these two words.

“A shrew”


Yang scolded Li Zhaodi a few more times and comforted Xiaoguo.

Xiaoguo smiled gently.

So that was the reason.

She had wondered why Mrs.

Yang, who was always nice to everyone, would find Li Zhaodi irksome So it was because she had called her a widow.

So Mrs.

Yang had gone to teach Li Zhaodi a lesson in the middle of the night just because she had called her a widow today

The question popped out of her mouth.


Yang nodded and said, “The more I think about it when I get home, the angrier I get.

Since I couldnt fall asleep, I thought of beating her up again.”

Looking at Mrs.

Yangs angry expression and her chattering mouth, Xiaoguo felt very warm at this moment.

It was so good to have someone standing up for her at all times!

“If Li Zhaodi creates trouble again, Ill beat her up…”

Before Mrs.

Yang could finish her words, Xiaoguo gave her a big hug.

“Thank you.”

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