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EHM Chapter 19

I finished organizing my luggage, took a short break, and then left the room.

While Helena and Sally enjoyed the refreshments prepared by the servants, I talked alone with Mr.

Henry in the drawing room.

“I heard my uncle was stubborn, but… I did not expect you to actually come.” His handsome face was emaciated.

I think he was having a hard time.

“Aren’t we friends”

“…I suppose.”

I revealed a bright grin, and Mr.

Henry also had a faint smile.

Savoring the aroma of the tea given by a servant, I said, “There’s also your uncle’s request.”

“What was it”

“To make you smile.”

Disappointment briefly flashed in Mr.

Henry’s eyes.

“If it’s because of him…”


He raised his head.

“Do I look like a woman who will do things on behalf of your uncle because I’m afraid of him”



Looking at him shake his head slowly, I added, “I want to see your smile.”


Henry was speechless at the words I threw at him.

He stared at me before turning his head.

The tips of his ears were red as he focused innocently on the fireplace.

Henry was an easy person to read.

Aside from that, I reflected on the fact I did flirt with him without realizing it.

Helena always said if you don’t want to take responsibility, don’t do it.

Hm… I should be careful from now on.

“Anyway, that’s why I’m here.

Stop thinking so negatively about things while you’re by yourself, all right” I immediately changed the subject.

“By the way, do you know why I wanted to come here”

“No, I just heard that my uncle bought a country house in Edinburgh in a hurry.”

Well, he knew that part at least.

“Do you remember the person who gave first aid to me, you, and Sally”


Wasn’t it Jimmy who worked in the hospitality department”

“I received a tip that he’s a graduate from the medical school here at the University of Edinburgh.”

Henry Langham’s eyes widened.

“Are you saying he was an adult”

“He looks a little young, that’s for sure.

He wouldn’t be able to do that much first aid if he wasn’t a doctor.”

“You’re right.” Henry nodded at my remark, but still seemed unconvinced.

“I never imagined he was well over twenty.

I thought he was in his early teens at best.”

“There are all sorts of people in the world.”


I do owe him a lot of money…”

I shrugged when Henry asked how he could help.

“I think you just need to provide a ride.”

I was going to visit the University of Edinburgh Medical School.

“Please tell Jimmy when you see him.”

I had to deliver a message.

Determined to make this doctor in question my helper, I nodded.

“Of course.

Even if he pretends not to know who you are, I’ll tell him until he gets tired of it.”

“Haha.” Henry burst into a fit of laughter.

It was a smile that looked somewhat refreshing.


Since Helena had an appointment with an acquaintance who lived around here, only Sally and I set off in a car prepared by Mr.


“Oh goodness, a college student And the Edinburgh Medical School… He’s an elite!” Unlike me and Mr.

Henry, who had a few conversations with the boy, Sally worked hard with him for months and formed a sort of friendship.

She was shocked by the revelation.

“Is it that surprising”

“Of course! It still doesn’t make sense for an adult to be over twenty with that face.


There seemed to be something on her mind.

“I thought he was pretty mature for his age.

He’s smart, and his vocabulary range was kind of extravagant.”

“I expected as much.”

“…Unlike me who was born and raised in a place near a factory.”

When I turned my head, Sally was pouting.

Holding back my laughter, I said, “Sally, you aren’t a normal person either.

Would anyone think you love to read”

“…Are you talking about how I’d look through a horror magazine to see if there are more scary stories”

The moment our gazes met, we laughed.

It felt like we arrived at our destination so quickly because we had a close conversation as if we were a detective with her assistant rather than an employer with her maid.

“This is the University of Edinburgh.”

Let’s walk through the front door and see what’s inside.

There stood a historic building in an area of green.

I could feel the liveliness of the university students walking around in groups.

The car stopped in front of the medical school before we knew it.

I thought about how to find Jimmy Barry for a while.

“Last class, Professor Philemon said to regard the human brain as a mere, organic thing.

It’s blasphemy no matter how you look at it.

There’s a line we cannot cross in that regard.”

“How many times has that crazy professor talked like that But his thesis has been a sensation in the academic world…”

“Speaking of which, do you remember the last paper he published”

A group of medical students were gathered around a bench and were in the middle of a heated debate.

Standing in the center of them was someone I knew very well.

It was none other than Jimmy Barry.

“…I expected something like this, but it’s still impressive.”

I agreed with Sally.

In general, Jimmy was especially noticeable among his peers because of his unique physique.

It wasn’t just that he was short and thin.

He was so beautiful, his skin so fair, that I couldn’t believe he was a man.

I could feel his dazzling beauty even as he wore a worn-out white coat.

“When he was in the hotel, I didn’t think he was that small.”

“That’s because you thought of him as a little boy, Sally.”

However, according to the information provided by Helena, Jimmy was clearly a 24-year-old adult.

“He’s not a student but someone who graduated already…” Sally was surprised to see him, who was short, among the medical students.

She really was amazed.

On the other hand, my expectations were met.

With Helena’s help, I’ve been suspicious of James Miranda since I learned his last name was Barry.

“I don’t know how to say this.”


Pointing at Jimmy, Sally said, “Doesn’t he look like a woman over there A very pretty one at that.”

“…You’re right.” I was surprised at the unexpected remark, but I didn’t show it.

Well, maybe it was weird not to notice.

Even in this weather, he wore a shirt with a high collar to cover his neck.

His voice that didn’t seem to deepen after puberty, a very young appearance, and his small build—everything fit with the information from my previous life.

It was none other than James Miranda Barry, one of the greatest surgeons in medicine from the 19th century.

This outstanding individual was a woman dressed as a man.

James Miranda Barry’s “real” name was Margaret Anne Bulkley.

He showed off his extraordinary intellect when he was a child, but he didn’t get a regular education because of his family circumstances.

In the eyes of his uncle’s acquaintance, the Earl of Buchan, James began to receive official support from him and entered medical school where only men could enter, hiding his true gender as a woman.

According to the document Helena gave me, he graduated from the Edinburgh Medical School with the highest rank.

But it wasn’t right to say James would be satisfied with something like a desk job.

He was active enough to be a leader of various student groups in the medical department and very bold.

It was said he showed a level of skill no one can encounter when it comes to the dissection of dead bodies that even freaked out a few boys.

I watched as Jimmy stood side by side with the male medical students.

“We need to get his attention first.”

Sally, who was a little down, nodded in surprise at what I said.


Jimmy’s going to be so surprised… Oh, dear.”

“What is it”

“…He’s going to talk in a sophisticated sort of way.”

“Why do you think so I use a lot of words too.” I smirked and walked toward Jimmy.

It seemed he hadn’t noticed us yet.

I was nervous about what would happen if he recognized me and ran away.


Just a few steps away.

Jimmy’s eyes widened at the sight of me and Sally.

“What a coincidence.

Aren’t you Mrs.

Carter And you’re…”

Contrary to our concerns, he greeted us in a very relaxed manner.

“Miss Melbourne, long time no see.

How have you been”

He tried to approach me with a smile, but the boys around him wouldn’t let him go so easily.

“Hey, who’s that She looks like a great lady…”

“You’re here to see the teaching assistant Jimmy”

“What’s the relationship between you two She’s a lovely beauty.”

Look at that.

I was dumbfounded and held my tongue, but I could sense their gazes on me and Sally.

Most of the students at the university, as well as Jimmy’s group, were paying attention to us.

“Well, ma’am, I guess…” Sally timidly grabbed the hem of my dress as Jimmy separated from his group to stand in front of me.

“You’re embarrassed, aren’t you Don’t pay attention to them.” Then, in a low voice, he added, “…While we are at a university with the smartest and brightest, these guys are like monkeys with dough for brains.”

Sally laughed at the remark.

Winking, Jimmy continued, “Sadly, they’ve been only with books all their lives.

The dough in their skulls starts to bake when they’re in front of women.

In addition, if it happens to be beautiful women like you, their common sense ceases to function.”

“…I can tell.”

When I raised one corner of my mouth and responded, Jimmy smiled.

“So, why don’t we get away from these monkeys and go somewhere quiet”

“Let’s do that.” Looking Jimmy in the eye, I said, “We have a lot to talk about.”

He maintained eye contact with me.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

I took Jimmy to the waiting area where our driver parked the car.

Until Jimmy got into the car, people couldn’t take their eyes off us.


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