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“As expected, you’re cute.”

Thanks to that, Mr.

Henry didn’t pry any further.

Right away, I got an appointment with Mr.

Graham, who rarely meets with guests.

Sitting comfortably in an armchair, I was served refreshments by Mr.

Graham’s secretary a moment later.

“You may have some while you wait.”

I collected my thoughts.

It was necessary to organize the evidence I had so far.

The Book of Eibon had a way to summon a demon, and it was here.

In addition, The Employee’s Handbook to Langham Hotel that Jimmy brought contained important information.

Rule 10 kept bothering me.

[Even if the guest does not possess a membership, please reserve Room 333 if he or she says the following: “I know the wisdom of the stars.”]

That phrase only meant one thing.

Could it be the Church of Starry Wisdom was involved It was a cult founded by Professor Enoch Bowen.

Its membership had since shrunk since his disappearance a decade ago.

Even now, I know those who remain preached the doctrine throughout the world.

Most of all, they…

“We serve the Crawling Chaos!”

The Crawling Chaos.


The King in Yellow who made me an apostle and Nyarlathotep were known for their hostile relationship.

I and the Church of Starry Wisdom were no different from enemies.

I continued to think and pursed my lip.

Then, I heard the secretary call for me.


Carter, Mr.

Graham will see you now.”

It was time to go into the executive office.

Inside, a middle-aged man with a large physique and gentle aura greeted me.

He was…

The epitome of someone from a “long-established family”.

He held a lot of power for someone who started with nothing and founded the current iteration of the Langham Group.

Graham Langham, the uncle of Mr.

Henry Jekyll.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs.


“It’s nice to meet you too, Mr.


My name is Emily Carter.”

After a quick handshake, we sat down.

A cup of the finest tea was before me.

“I’ve been told by my nephew someone wanted to meet me.

I would like to have a proper conversation with his girlfriend, but…” His gray eyes shone fiercely.

It was a sharp look only those who had been through a lot could have.

“Looking at your face, it doesn’t seem like you’re here to talk or have fun.

You wish to ask me something.

Am I correct”

…It was good to communicate with people who were quick-witted.

I was concerned about how I could get straight to the point.

Relieved, I opened my mouth.

“Yes, Mr.

Graham.” I continued, “Let me ask you a question.”

Meeting his gaze that was as clear as a lake, I reflected upon the facts I knew.


Graham may know about Edward Hyde who possessed Mr.

Henry’s body.

“Eddie” was also none other than a nickname of Edward.

“Do you… know of a man named Edward Hyde”

The moment I said the name, the determination in his eyes faltered.

His complexion paled.

“H-How did you…”

Looking indifferently at him as he shouted with realizing it, I said, “If you don’t mind, can you tell me all you know about him”

I didn’t tell Mr.

Graham that in the documents I received, The Langham Family Tree and The Langham Hotel Construction Report were among them.

What was special about the two

Edward Hyde was listed as a member of the family tree.

He also participated in the construction of this hotel.

I was prepared to use such evidence, but there was no need.


Graham was willing to answer my question.

“All right, Mrs.


He began to reveal the shocking truth.

“Edward Hyde, as you guessed, was involved in the construction of this hotel.

He was my sister’s husband, and… Henry’s biological father.”

The real name of “Eddie” was Edward Hyde.

He was Henry Jekyll Langham’s father.

It was a truth I wouldn’t have otherwise known unless I asked.

“Since you know the truth, please allow me to be shameless…” Mr.

Graham, who looked somewhat relieved yet like he aged ten years, stared at me.

It was a look of desperation asking for help.

“Can you assist my poor nephew”


Graham hoped to rid Henry of the evil spirit of Edward.

He had tried several times but to no avail.

I couldn’t bring myself to say no as he was pleading and grasping at straws.

“I will.

Leave it up to me.”

Thanks to that, everything went smoothly.

When I asked for permission to enter Room 333, he immediately handed me a spare key and promised to tell the staff in advance.

In addition, he gave me a phone number and told me if I needed anything else, I could contact him.

I was glad our talk went well.

As soon as I finished meeting with him and went down to the hotel lobby, the receptionist approached me.


Carter, please wait.”

She gave me a telegram.

When I looked at it, I saw it was from my helper.

[Emily, the train to London has been delayed.

I don’t think I’ll arrive until tomorrow morning.]

Tomorrow morning.

Eddie wouldn’t do anything in the meantime, right

Somehow, I had a bad feeling.


3 A.M., when everyone was sleeping.

Sally Melbourne was on duty on behalf of a colleague whose child suddenly became sick.

As a result, she was working the night shift.

I’m glad there’s not much to do.

All the employees had to do was simply walk around each floor and clean up any messes.

Still, they avoided doing this.

The first reason was that they wanted to do other things, and the second reason was because of the Ghost in Room 333.

“Something might come out at night.”

“It’s creepy.

How many accidents happened since”

Despite the complaints, Room 333 remained as it were.

Anyway, Sally was working hard.

After cleaning up the messy hallway, she went to the next floor.

“Huh It’s…”

At that moment, she raised her head inadvertently.

She realized this was the third floor and saw the number on the door.

…This was the floor where Room 333 was located, and where she fainted after seeing Eddie.

Perhaps because she remembered, she felt anxious for no reason even though the lights were still on.

Of course, the hotel looked darker at night and seemed to be a popular sight. I should finish quickly and go to another floor.

With that in mind, she cleaned up the hall.

The sound of footsteps approached her from behind…

Sally flinched, yet she calmed herself by thinking a guest was just passing by. Hm Come to think of it, today…

She belatedly remembered one of the receptionists saying it was strange that all the guests on the third floor checked out at once. Then these footsteps belong to…!

Sally felt goosebumps.

Someone touched her shoulder.

“Go away!” she screamed.

She slapped away the hand that touched her.

Sally quickly turned around.

There stood a familiar face.

“You surprised me.

I’m sorry.” Sally’s jaw dropped.


The owner and her employer, Mr.

Henry Jekyll Langham, looked embarrassed.

“I was going to ask for a favor, but you seemed frightened.”

“Oh, no, I’m sorry… I just—”

“If it’s not too much trouble, please help me.”

Sally was scared that she offended him.


Henry led the way, and she hurried after him.

With only the sound of their footsteps echoing in the empty, quiet hallway.

Finally, Henry Langham stopped in front of a door.

Sally’s eyes widened when she checked the plaque on the door.


Wasn’t this none other than Room 333 Sally, who didn’t want to enter that place again, quickly glanced at Mr.


“Boss, I heard Room 333 is off-limits to all employees…”

“It’s all right.

I’m here.”



Henry looked back at her.

He appeared very tired with dark circles under his eyes.

Sally sensed his expression was saying that since he was the boss and she the employee, she had to do what she was told.

It was unusual for Mr.

Henry, but what was it exactly Sally sighed and followed him into Room 333.

The gorgeous room had all its lights turned on, yet you could still feel a looming, gloomy atmosphere.

Sally turned around to face Mr.

Henry, trying not to think about the unpleasant memories from before.

“The… task you need me to do.”



Henry seemed a little ill.

He faced her and said, “A book… Can you find it for me”


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