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Will Three Hours Do (2)

Ji Qingzhou listened attentively this time, and wrote down all the precautions that Ye Duanhong mentioned in her notebook.

In her mind, she imagined a number of figures.

Her weight, the maximum air current that her low magic power could move, the strength of the air resistance, and the angle of entry into the air…

These data were written one by one on a paper with her ink pen while complex and huge calculations were going on in her mind.

The system did not understand these data and felt that Ji Qingzhou was funny.

Ye Duanhong also found that she was intently calculating something.

He stepped forward and looked down at the numbers on her notebook.

He said with a disdainful chuckle, “Ji Qingzhou, this is not a formation class.

Spells need to be experienced in person, and rehearsing them in your mind a hundred times is not as good as trying them out in person.

What is the use of writing all of these”

Ji Qingzhou put down her ink pen in silence as she wrote out the last string of numbers.

At that moment, a shrill laughter rang out from among the disciples studying.


You placed last in the first quiz in the sect.” Qiu Mingxue, who was in the same class as her, rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know why a mortal with mediocre aptitude like you is relying on the sect and using up the sect’s resources.”

Ji Qingzhou closed the book and raised her eyes, but she saw Ying Xiu, who was sitting beside Qiu Mingxue, pulling the hem of her coat, admonishing her to stop talking.

In addition to the Xuanyun Sect final assessment scores three years later, the usual classroom performance would also be included in the assessment criteria.

Attendance and classroom performance would impact the assessment results.

Although Ye Duanhong was fierce and disliked her, his classroom scoring standards were very strict and transparent.

For example, in the previous class where he taught the Flame Technique, he provided the size, shape and temperature of the released flame.

According to these criteria, the scores of the class were divided into four grades: A, B, C and D.

In the Flame Technique class, Ji Qingzhou only produced a flame the size of a fingernail, which was not even enough to light a cigar.

However, the shape of the flame she released was perfect and the temperature was high enough.

Ye Duanhong wore a straight face and gave her a B grade with disgust.

This came as a big surprise to Ji Qingzhou.

Her flame was teeny tiny!

This time, there was also an assessment criteria for Air Control Technique.

The test was the time it would take to hover in the air and fetch the three beacons suspended in the air.

The test site for Air Control was also risky.

Ye Duanhong led them to a high cliff in his immortal abode, avoiding the mysterious fog.

Looking down from the high cliff, they had a clear view of the staggered hard rocks and the hundred-foot-high cliffs.

Those who mastered the Air Control Technique would jump into the cliff and take the beacons that glowed in the middle of the cliffs.

Ji Qingzhou feared heights and lacked magic power, so the Air Control test was really… an almost impossible task for her.

“I advise you not to go there,” Ye Duanhong dissuaded Ji Qingzhou in a cold voice.

“If you can’t support yourself, I won’t save you.

You should be more tactful.”

“Right,” Qiu Mingxue echoed as she passed by them.

She stood in front of the group of disciples with her head held high, like a proud little peacock.

“Elder Ye, I’ll go first.”

She raised her head and jumped down the cliff.

Her figure was agile, and although she was a little unstable, she quickly fetched the three beacons.

Ye Duanhong counted the time, “It’s half a stick of incense, very quick.”

Ying Xiu went after Qiu Mingxue.

Initially, her speed was faster than her master’s.

However, after noticing that Qiu Mingxue was staring at her, she slowed down her pace to the point of making herself stumble in the air, until she ended up taking a slightly longer time than Qiu Mingxue.

The disciples who took the test afterwards were not as fast as the two of them, and Ji Qingzhou was at the last in the line.

She stood behind the crowd, fingers rubbing the corners of her coat.

Even the system was worried and said, “Host, I advise you not to try.

If an accident happens, I really don’t have the ability to save you.”

“I know,” Ji Qingzhou comforted the system.

She still walked forward.

Ye Duanhong reminded her, “Ji Qingzhou, you better not send yourself to death.”

Ye Duanhong knew very well that with Ji Qingzhou’s current cultivation level, it was impossible for her to perform the Air Control Technique in its entirety.

Ji Qingzhou lowered her head, took off the heavy outer robe draped on her revealing her light body.

She would be much heavier draped in that outer robe.

She stood on top of the cliff, the cold texture of the white rocks oppressively weighing down on her.

She was afraid of heights, and a mere glance down made her dizzy.

The gusts of wind blowing on the cliffs lifted the hem of her dress.

She closed her eyes, blocking the view of the bone-chilling height below her.

Ye Duanhong, Qiu Mingxue and the others watched her silently.

They didn’t think she could jump down.

Ji Qingzhou remembered what Shen Rongyu had told her when he first took her on a windy ride.

“Since you want to cultivate immortality and shuttle between heaven and earth, how could you fear heights”

The wind softly swept her skirt, making her thin ankles tremble.

Her trembling figure reflected in Ye Duanhong’s cold eyes was suddenly replaced by shock.

Ji Qingzhou jumped off the cliff, as if riding the wind.


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