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He Wants Me to Kill Myself (1)

When the system described Shen Rongyu to her, he sounded like a human demon.

He had slaughtered countless cultivators in the immortal world, and his sword was soaked with blood; even Shura ghosts and monsters who crawled up from hell would detour at the sight of him.

Ji Qingzhou imagined the man to be inhuman with a green face and jagged fangs, and that he must be exceedingly savage.

However, the man she beheld was standing tall, and amidst the mountain breeze on the cliff, his wide sleeves embroidered with light and immortal cloud patterns were fluttering, giving the impression that he was an immortal who had been banished from heaven.

Shen Rongyu didn’t spare Ji Qingzhou a glance.

His eyes fixed at the mountains in the distance were extremely cold, akin to a layer of frost, masking the emotions deep in his eyes.

Ji Qingzhou led the donkey to keep her courage up.

When she approached, she could see Shen Rongyu’s eyebrows and eyes.

His appearance was as perfect and cold as the cold jade buried under the ice layer for thousands of years.

It also has a jade-like texture.

He was good-looking, and looked somewhat gentle and not fierce.

But Ji Qingzhou sensed a kind of awe-inspiring atmosphere around him, which made people dare not approach him.

Shen Rongyu was standing on the cliff now, not looking at her at all, he was just waiting quietly for the last passenger to board the cloud boat.

Ji Qingzhou didn’t know what to do.

It was not that she wanted to talk to Shen Rongyu, but she…

“Ahem, hello, can my donkey get on board” Ji Qingzhou seriously asked Shen Rongyu, uttering the very first words to capture her target.

Shen Rongyu’s eyes turned slightly austere when he heard Ji Qingzhou’s question.

Her voice was unique, and her query was strange.

“Yes, you can.” Shen Rongyu was surprisingly amiable, but he still didn’t bother to look at Ji Qingzhou, much less show interest in something way out of expectations such as a donkey boarding the boat for the Immortal Ascension Conference.

Ji Qingzhou led the old donkey and sat at the far end of the cloud boat.

On her right was Qiu Mingxue, with whom she had quarreled earlier.

The maid she brought was also treated as an individual participating in the conference and was allowed to participate, which made her downright depressed.

When Ji Qingzhou led the old donkey and sat beside her, Qiu Mingxue was even more depressed.

“Why is your donkey here Sit far away!” Qiu Mingxue squeezed in the direction of her maid.

Ji Qingzhou automatically sat at the far end, distancing herself from Qiu Mingxue.

She ran out of carrots in her pocket as the old donkey was quite voracious, so she couldn’t find anything to hide her embarrassment.

Ji Qingzhou wasn’t at all accustomed to crowded occasions.

She swallowed her saliva and continued to fret.

As she stared at the clouds in the distance, she began to miss her quilt printed with cartoon cloud patterns, soft and fluffy.

At this juncture, someone flew with a sword, leaving streaks of sword glints that were as cold and gorgeous as snow.

With a stalwart figure, Shen Rongyu flew to the bow of the cloud boat after all the immortality seekers had boarded.

His eyes were still looking straight ahead.

Ji Qingzhou could only see his side face, but she learned that he had a sculpted jawline and a high nose bridge.

His long eyelashes could shake off the mountain mist.

His carved silhouette on the cloud cliff could really pass for a painting.

Despite this, Ji Qingzhou’s gaze didn’t follow him.

After he left with his sword, she lowered her head instead, unlike the others who stared at him with eyes glowing with admiration.

“He is so dazzling, as if he were a real immortal.” Qiu Mingxue said, “Is he Shen Rongyu, the shixiong of Xuanyun Sect who is famous in the whole Yunze Region I didn’t expect that he would come out to meet us ordinary people.

He is so approachable.”

The arrogant and domineering little princess just now called herself an ‘ordinary person’ after meeting Shen Rongyu.

Because of his existence, people could feel the difference between cloud and mud.

He was a pure cloud, while others were mud on the ground.

Ji Qingzhou surveyed her clothes with her head down.

When she was climbing the mountain, she had fallen off the donkey cart because of the bumpy road.

Her clothes were stained with dust and wrinkled, so she reached out and brushed away the creases at the corners.

Just then, a system capture task appeared on the small mirror that she carried with her.

[System energy is insufficient.

Please try to draw energy from Shen Rongyu.]

On the entire cloud boat, Ji Qingzhou’s position was the farthest from Shen Rongyu.

She felt comfortable sitting there and didn’t want to move an inch.

She had always been great at moving swiftly.

She dragged her buttocks toward Shen Rongyu, but she forgot that his direction was also where Qiu Mingxue sat.

The old donkey she had brought was standing obediently at her feet.

Now that she moved, it flicked its tail and moved in the direction of Shen Rongyu, seemingly more active than her.

This donkey was old and ugly.

The moment Qiu Mingxue saw it leaning over, she squealed and hid behind her maid, screaming, “Ying Xiu!”

The maid named Ying Xiu waved her hand to scare the donkey away.

The silver ornaments on her sleeves glistened, making the donkey, who had been blindfolded for a lifetime, stomp in panic.

The wind on the cloud boat was so strong.

The old donkey panicked and scurried.

It was on the verge of losing its footing and falling off the cloud boat, which was a bottomless precipice.

Ji Qingzhou rushed forward and hugged the donkey’s neck, covering its eyes with her hands.

She gently patted its neck to soothe it.

The old donkey had accompanied her all the way, so she couldn’t let it fall to death.

The donkey was still flustered.

The silver ornaments on the sleeves were too dazzling, and it took a while for it to recover.

Ji Qingzhou was caught off guard and kicked back by the frantic donkey.

Ji Qingzhou’s balance was awful.

She always felt that she was a weak person, so when the old donkey kicked her, the cloud boat’s protective array didn’t hold her, and she was directly kicked off the boat.

The cloud boat was flying at a very high altitude.

The sense of weightlessness spread from her chest to her brain.

She was too frightened to speak, so she could only close her eyes tightly and flutter her hands in the air, trying to find a support that she could hold on to.

When Ji Qingzhou fell off, the useless system panicked: “Host…Host, what should I do, Host I can’t save you until you complete the task.

I don’t have the energy.”

She failed to answer the system.

Her lips trembled in horror, as if drowning despair struck her.

She truly felt the fear of death.

Ji Qingtuo fell faster and faster, until she heard the sound of the whistling wind in her ears.

Similar to a bird in the sea, she flapped her wings to glide.

Because of the free fall, her back arched while her hands tried to probe upward, searching for support.


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