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It's Your Call, Host (1)

Jiang Qianke's lecture place was a small valley.

Through the mist and peach blossom petals, she heard the splashes of a stream and arrived at her destination.

On the bluestone, the white clad Jiang Qianke had silk cloth spread on the stone, and behind him was the mist originating from the water, making him look like an immortal.

He was holding a volume in his hand, and the pages were scattered.

Seeing that the disciples had all arrived, he let them sit down at will.

There were abundant small bluestones scattered in the small valley, which were provided for the use of the disciples who came to the class.

Ji Qingzhou was the last to arrive, so when she arrived, the ten disciples present, including Jiang Qianke, all raised their heads to look at her.

"You got late for such an important class.

Do you have any respect for Elder Jiang" Qiu Mingxue was sitting in the front so as to hear the elder's lecture easily.

Ji Qingzhou ignored Qiu Mingxue, just lowered her head and avoided everyone's gaze.

She observed the seating arrangement there.

She had always been adept in loafing.

In this class, there was bound to be a place that was least likely to attract the attention of the teaching elder.

All she wanted was for people to ignore her, so that she could stay alone in a daze in the corner.

Ji Qingzhou greeted Jiang Qianke, "Hello, Elder Jiang."

Then she went straight to the position she liked.

At least three classmates blocked Jiang Qianke's sight from her position.

As long as he did not observe carefully, he would not find her lazing.

After Ji Qingzhou was seated, she realized that she was wrong.

Because Jiang Qianke put away the scroll in his hand and squinted at her.

Jiang Qianke was a top-notch researcher cultivator in Yunze Region while he was in the formation stage.

The Peach Blossom Mist he used as an entry test was the result of his research in recent years.

It didn't occur to him that those turbulent and treacherous phantoms had become empty bubbles in front of Ji Qingzhou.

He was naturally curious about Ji Qingzhou, so when she sat in that seat, his curiosity piqued even more.

Since these new disciples walked into the small valley, he set up a small test for them.

The bluestones scattered in the small valley coincided with formation principles.

This was a killing array, and the only Life Gate was hidden among these seats.

The Life Gate was the eye of the array — Which meant, the place where Jiang Qianke was sitting had the weakest restraints.

The moment Meng Yaolan walked in, she asked Jiang Qianke with a smile, "Master, how come you've set up a test for the disciples on the first day of class"

"Comprehension is the most essential key to the array.

I don't want to teach stupid people." Jiang Qianke said with a smile, "Don't go to the Life Gate.

I want to observe them."

It was a pity that none of the disciples who had just entered the sect realized the beauty of the bluestones.

They moved forward one by one, for fear of not hearing Jiang Qianke's lecture.

Surprisingly, it was Ji Qingzhou who finally sat on the Life Gate.

Of course, Jiang Qianke knew that she was sitting there on purpose.

Since there were still many vacancies, she must have chosen that spot deliberately.

The weakest restraint of the array eye on the Life Gate meant that it was difficult for Jiang Qianke, who was sitting in the main seat, to notice the place.

Ji Qingzhou just wanted to stay away from his sight.

Unbeknownst to her, Jiang Qianke had intentionally set up such a test.

Jiang Qianke shared his insights in researching array formations.

He introduced some simple arrays, but he also touched upon the five elements in every technique.

His skills in manipulating arrays were also ingenious.

Only one high-grade array was introduced, which Jiang Qianke added out of his own snobbishness.

"I will introduce the arrays in this book one by one and teach you how to use the arrays introduced in the first ten pages.

You just need to learn them, but can't try them by yourselves," Jiang Qianke said aloud.

"However, when it comes to arrays, this is what I think is the most exquisite and terrifying formation in the entire immortality cultivation world." Jiang Qianke lifted his hand, and an invisible peach light spot formed an array, only its form, but not its soul.

It seemed that even he himself could not cast this array.

"This was the array used by the devil who cultivated the Desolation Erosion that plagued the world of immortals back in those years.

Taking the earth veins of Yunze Region as the array framework, the earth veins and Ghost Qi were connected in series to trigger the power of the stars in the sky and affect the Qi of the whole Yunze Region.

No one managed to break his body protection array.

In order to eliminate the famine and erosion, the whole Immortal Realm was called to study the array.

In the end, it was Perfected Yuan Wu who broke it.

Unfortunately, to suppress the devil, Perfected Yuan Wu lost his freedom forever.

Thus, this array breaking method will never see the light." Jiang Qianke recalled the origin of the array.

He was intoxicated.

His tone radiated his admiration for the array and his disgust for the Desolation Erosion.

When he finished speaking, Meng Yaolan, who was sitting on the side, dropped the ink pen in her hand to the table with a 'pop', and coughed lightly.


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