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Reluctant To Say Another Word (1)

Ji Qingzhou went to open the door.

As expected, it was Shen Rongyu outside the door.

He was holding his sword with his back straight.

He lowered his eyelashes and looked at Ji Qingzhou quietly.

“Xiao Yu-shixiong,” she greeted him.

“It’s time for your morning lesson.” Shen Rongyu remembered that she did not have the ability to cross the White Water Lake.

Ji Qingzhou was reminded of her schedule, and it was indeed time to go to class.

Inside Xuanyun Sect, there were only two courses that were compulsory.

The current stage she was in was called ‘Introduction to Cultivation’, which was about absorbing the world’s spirit qi into the body.

The other course was ‘Basic Magic Arts’, which taught some simple spells.

The remaining courses, which involved many aspects such as arrays, magic treasures, medicine refining, and spirit beasts, would have to be learned according to the cultivator’s cultivation direction and needs.

Ji Qingzhou’s morning class was an introduction to cultivation.It was the same for Shen Rongyu, but he was engaged in a higher level of cultivation.

In Xuanyun Sect, only when his cultivation reached Nascent Soul would he have the ability to take charge of himself.

Shen Rongyu’s current cultivation level was Golden Core.

“Let me pack up.” Ji Qingzhou ran back and brought her class schedule.

It was her first day, and she was unsure of what to bring.

She recalled that she had never been to such a systematic school in modern times.

She assumed that the education system in Xuanyun Sect was more similar to that of a university.

She put paper and pencil in a small bag, which she had bought from a mortal village before she came to Xuanyun Sect.

The white bag was unique and chic, decorated with ordinary pearls, and could be slung across the body.

Shen Rongyu lowered his eyes, glanced at the small bag hanging on her body, and noticed her outfit for the day.

She was wearing very ordinary mortal clothes.

The material was not high-quality, and the color was slightly dark.

She was a born beauty, so no clothes could pale her allure.

Ji Qingzhou boarded Shen Rongyu’s Burial Snow.

She still tightly closed her eyes, her hands tightly pressing the small bag in her arms.

After riding on the flying sword twice, she could finally stand alone while maintaining her balance.

Shen Rongyu asked her, “Have you had breakfast”

Ji Qingzhou shook her head.

She had been busy dealing with the information Yu Sukong passed when he came.

He first took her to Elder Qiao Shu’s.

Afterwhich, Ji Qingzhou took two buns with her.

The distance between White Water Lake and her classroom was a hundred miles.

For cultivators it was not much of a problem, but a mortal like Ji Qingzhou wouldn’t be able to reach the place until dark if they were to walk on their feet.

Xuanyun Sect had a reason for not keeping her in the first place, because she really didn’t have the ability to adapt to the pace of immortal cultivation.

The elder who taught Introduction to Cultivation was named Mu Ying.

She was a young female elder.

There were many elders in Xuanyun Sect who offered this course, but Yu Sukong chose My Ying for her.

One could say that Yu Sukong had good intentions, because Mu Ying surprisingly did not dislike Ji Qingzhou when she saw her.

“It’s Rongyu and Sukong’s new little disciple.” Mu Ying beckoned to them.

Shen Rongyu nodded slightly and responded.

“I taught you the Introduction to Cultivation.

Now that you have chosen your own cultivation technique, you don’t have to take this class.

Time flies so fast, now you have brought a Xiao-shimei here.” Mu Ying took Ji Qingzhou over.

Only then did Ji Qingzhou realize that the disciples of Xuanyun Sect only needed to attend the Introduction to Cultivation.

When this class was completed, they could choose a cultivation technique that suited them, and Shen Rongyu sent her over today on purpose.

With her toes on the ground, she only thanked Shen Rongyu softly.

Shen Rongyu only left her one sentence.

“I’ll pick you up after the morning class is over.”

Most novice disciples did not have the flight skill.

Therefore, the elders in charge of leading new disciples or the masters of the apprentices were usually responsible for them.

Yu Sukong, Ji Qingzhou’s master, was not in Xuanyun Sect, so Shen Rongyu assumed this responsibility.

It seemed that Yu Sukong had already instructed him.

Ji Qingzhou didn’t know about it, nor did Shen Rongyu.

After he left, Mu Ying took her to her own immortal abode.

The number of disciples who came were eleven.

Generally speaking, an elder taught only ten disciples in the class.

 Mu Ying has a good temper and was very popular, so her class quota was filled almost immediately.

Ji Qingzhou came here because Yu Sukong asked Mu Ying.

Ji Qingzhou didn’t know why her master, whom she had never seen in person, was so kind to her.

She asked the system but didn’t get an answer.

Mu Ying was very dedicated in class, and patiently explained how to sense the world’s spirit qi and absorb it into the body.

She even encouraged the disciples with weak immortal bones, saying that even if they could only absorb a little, they could make a breakthrough over the years.

Ji Qingzhou did follow her instructions carefully, but unfortunately, she did not sense any spirit qi, let alone absorb them into her body.

Even after seeing the other disciples with a faint glow of air current around them, Ji Qingzhou was in no hurry and just tried to cultivate step by step.

However, even after the morning class passed, she was not able to enter the cultivation state.


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