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Do You Have Any Favorable Value (1)

Ji Qingzhou’s heart was beating like a drum with Shen Rongyu’s ‘Zhouzhou’ repeatedly echoing in her mind.

No one had ever called her that before.

He was obviously such an ice block, so why did this name come out of his mouth with such a seductive timbre

She felt some heat rising from her chest, climbing up her neck to her face, burning her cheeks to red, and even the cool mountain breeze at night could not stop the searing flavor.

She wanted to move her eyes away and lower her head, but Shen Rongyu’s eyes were like a whirlpool, pulling her mind, grabbing her eyes and preventing her from shifting them.

So she could only watch her reflection slowly turn red in Shen Rongyu’s eyes.

She remained silent, feeling that she was soaked in a cloud of heat.

Shen Rongyu’s wicked heart prompted him to call her again, “Zhouzhou.”

Ji Qingzhou clutched the bag in her arms, until the hemp cloth bag was wrinkled by her grip.

She gathered her courage, forcibly lowered her head, and buried her face into the bag.

Shen Rongyu only heard the sound of the rustling of fabrics.

She really was fleeing, only to bury her head into the bag, leaving behind her loosely pulled hair bun.

Her silky hair draped down on her shoulders.

Ji Qingzhou’s ears turned scarlet red between the strands of her hair blown by the wind.

Her skin was originally white, and the tips of her ears looked like they were dripping blood.

After Ji Qingzhou lowered her head, the tip of her nose nudged the carrot in the bag.

 Its special scent poured into the tip of her nose, calming her down a lot.

She thought, ‘There seems to be no problem with Shen Rongyu calling me so, but…’ No one had ever given her such a nickname.

This name felt strange and gave off a touch of inexplicability.

When he said it out loud seemingly with every vibration of his vocal cords, it struck her heartstrings.

Ji Qingzhou resorted to courtesy.

She could only pretend she didn’t hear it.

After all, Shen Rongyu was her capture target.

She couldn’t be too perfunctory.

So, when Shen Rongyu was observing her white neck and red ear tips that were exposed between her hair, she managed a muffled response, “En.”

Her ‘en’ might have sounded feathery, but Shen Rongyu still captured it.

It was obviously just an ordinary response, but it gave rise to a different reaction in him.

His gaze fluttered away from Ji Qingzhou, and his charming eyebrows slightly rose.

She seemingly acknowledged this name, but she somehow turned into a steaming cooked shrimp because of it.

Fortunately, it didn’t not take them long to get from Mingxin Lake to White Water Island.

Soon, they arrived on the island.

The buried snow hovered a foot above the ground, and the sword body was as shiny as a mirror.

Shen Rongyu called Ji Qingzhou, “Zuozhou, we’re here.”

Ji Qingzhou raised her head abruptly.

She held the bag that was warmed by her in her arms and moved it down from the Burial Snow sword.

“I-I’m going back.” Ji Qingzhou kept her head bowed, looking at the carrots in the bag.

“En.” Shen Rongyu sheathed.

He didn’t stay by Ji Qingzhou’s side, but left quickly.

In a blink, the white figure embroidered with immortal dark clouds disappeared into the forest.

Between him and Ji Qingzhou, one lived in the east and the other in the west.

Although they were on the same island, they were separated by a certain distance.

Ji Qingzhou headed back to her yard with Maomao’s food in her arms.

The donkey was playing in the yard and was standing by the stream, staring at the fish in the water.

She called Maomao over and started to feed it.

It nibbled on the carrot and made ‘chomp-chomp-chomp’ sounds.

The system, which had been offline for a long time, suddenly appeared and let out a heartfelt sigh.

“Host, you’re really great.

I’ve absorbed a lot of energy tonight.”

Ji Qingzhou picked the carrot bits and asked nervously, “You, Guide System, don’t you have any favorable values or something Also, don’t you have an exact limit for your energy”

“I don’t have any favorable value ah,” the system justified, “How do I know if Shen Rongyu likes you Can a poor world consciousness like me guess what’s going on in his head”

Ji Qingzhou had never seen such an unreliable system, but in the final analysis, Shen Rongyu didn’t seem to have done anything.

After feeding Maomao, she sighed softly, went back to her room and poured a basin of cold water.

She patted her cheeks, which were still slightly red, with the cold water.

She carried the washbasin, intending to take it out and pour the contents, but in the center of the pavilion in the courtyard, the array was shining.

Ji Qingzhou’s grip on the basin tightened.

She thought something supernatural happened.

As a result, the azure array became brighter and brighter, and then intertwined in the pavilion to form a water mirror for communication.

A figure appeared in the water mirror, a little familiar, but Ji Qingzhou couldn’t remember who he was.

There was still water and moonlight on Yu Sukong’s side.

Even the sound of the sea breeze whistling past echoed.

He sat on a black jagged reef and looked at Ji Qingzhou with a smile.

“It’s Ji Qingzhou, right” He lowered his head and touched the tip of his nose.

Ji Qingzhou put the copper basin at her feet.

She squinted and stared at Yu Sukong in the water mirror while piecing together memories of him in her mind.

His eyes were a beautiful azure color in the night.

Few people had such pupil color, so Ji Qingzhou remembered who he was.

“Yu—” She wanted to call him Elder Yu, but then she reacted.

This young man, who didn’t look much older than herself now, was already her master.

If it wasn’t for him, she might have been kicked out of Xuanyun Sect.

So, after a lengthy contemplation, she dryly squeezed out a word, “Master.”

“Master Yu” Yu Sukong smiled.

“You sound like you’re addressing a skilled worker who helps you fix things.”

Ji Qingzhou also felt that her wording was inappropriate, but she stammered to say ‘Master’.

It was just that she had a vague feeling when the title reached her lips.

“Master Yu it is then,” Yu Sukong said good-naturedly.

“Okay, Master Yu.” Ji Qingzhou nodded.

“Why did you come to the Xuanyun Sect” He had been cultivating all day, and it was only at this time did he care about the young disciple he had just accepted.

“I…” Ji Qingzhou was terrible at lying, plus she couldn’t say any other reason other than to capture Shen Rongyu.

“You don’t have immortal bones, right” Yu Sukong said as he stared into her eyes.


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