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Call You Xiao Yu-shixiong (2)

Unfortunately, it just so happened that the one in charge of leading the new disciples was Ye Duanhong, the fierce and seemingly very capable elder.

When she followed at the back of the crowd, Ye Duanhong stopped her with no room for protest.

"Why are you following"

"Elder Yu..." Ji Qingzhuo was not used to the close title of 'Master', and blurted out a respectful address.

"He is your master.

If you do not recognize him as your master, then leave the Xuanyun Sect quickly," Ye Duanhong drowned the rest of her words.

Ye Duanhong admired the powerful.

Yu Sukong had high cultivation and a mighty strength so he held him in high esteem.

However, this didn't mean that he would give Ji Qingzhuo a good face.

‘I don't know where my master's immortal abode is.’ Ji Qingzhuo mentally retorted.

If she were to go to a company, there would be an HR person present to give her an onboarding guide.

"If you don't know, find it yourself.

What's the point of following the ordinary disciples" Ye Duanhong sneered.

He did not know why Yu Sukong was so blind.

"Oh," Ji Qingzhuo responded and stood still, watching Ye Duanhong take the group of disciples away.

She wondered, ‘Should I shamelessly follow them’

At that moment, a gust of wind whistled past her ears, and a person landed on her side.

She sniffed and smelled a familiar fragrance.

It was Shen Rongyu.

He held his sword and stood beside her.

Both of them had dry and quiet personalities.

Ji Qingzhuo did not speak, and Shen Rongyu also remained silent.

Shen Rongyu broke the ice first, "I can't believe you stayed."

"I didn't think I could stay either," Ji Qingzhou said with sincerity.

She was like an outsider who stumbled into a strange world by mistake.

She never thought that she could enter some immortal cultivation sect.

Her lifelong wish was only to sleep until she woke up naturally.

"Elder Yu's immortal abode is at the center of Xuanyun Sect.

It is situated on an island in the midst of lakes and marshes," Shen Rongyu said.

He had lived there for decades.

He never thought that he would have a neighbor.

Yu Sukong didn't look like someone who would take in an apprentice.

"Okay, thank you." Ji Qingzhuo took Maomao, planning to follow the current and find the lake.

Shen Rongyu watched her walk step by step with her head down.

Although her pace was not steady, she appeared serious.

‘A very strange person,’ he thought.

Although Ji Qingzhou knew that Shen Rongyu also lived there, she never thought about the possibility of going there together with him.

However, Shen Rongyu stepped closer to her.

"Let's go." He reached her side.

His calm voice was very nice, but it didn't contain any emotion.

"Let's go" Ji Qingzhuo raised her head, a little confused.

"I'll take you there." He eventually surrendered.

The sword flew out of his hand, and he stepped on the edge of the sword.

Ji Qingzhuo was stunned when Shen Rongyu took hold of her wrist, the invisible air current still swirling under his fingertips.

Ji Qingzhou was dragged on top of his flying sword.

She did not dare to look down this time, because under the sword blade was the increasingly elevated landscape.

She was afraid of heights.

Maomao was more flustered than she was, but Shen Rongyu nimbly threw a piece of cloth into Maomao's eyes.

It wouldn't be afraid if it could see nothing.

Shen Rongyu didn't throw any piece of cloth for her.

Ji Qingzhuo raised her other hand, which was not held by Shen Rongyu, and covered her eyes.

In the darkness, she heard Shen Rongyu's voice drifting past her ears and digging straight into them.

"You don't look like someone who seeks immortality," Shen Rongyu said.

He could see that Ji Qingzhuo was extremely resistant to all this, and she was out of tune with everything around her.

"I..." Ji Qingzhuo wasn't here to seek immortality at all.

She clearly came to pursue Shen Rongyu.

H-How could she have the nerve to voice this out

Under the white palms covering her eyes, her face flushed and her breathing grew disordered.

Because the idea of 'pursuing Shen Rongyu' made her embarrassed, and he himself was right next to her.

Shen Rongyu slightly lowered his head.

The wind blew past Ji Qingzhuo's ear, and he saw that the tips of her ears were reddish.

Soon, as if he realized something, he quickly released Ji Qingzhou's hand.

He had never experienced love and did not feel anything wrong with his action, but Ji Qingzhou's reaction made him misunderstand.

With no one holding Ji Qingzhuo, she panicked even more, but she did not dare to touch Shen Rongyu again.

She only twisted the corner of her clothes, moved her fingers restlessly, her figure wobbly.

The embroidered immortal dark clouds on Shen Rongyu's sleeves gently swayed, as if coming to life.

He regained his grip on Ji Qingzhou's wrist, but with a shallow air current separating them.

Such a distance would not make Ji Qingzhuo uneasy.

It was strange.

He originally avoided touching people, but now he seemed to be taking care of Ji Qingzhuo's emotions instead.

"Sorry, Shen Rongyu.

I'm a little afraid of heights," Ji Qingzhuo honestly apologized to him.

Everyone knew Shen Rongyu's name, so it wasn't unusual, but Ji Qingzhuo didn't seem to be addressing him with the title of a fellow disciple.

But then again, she really didn't know what to call him.

After a long while, Shen Rongyu's voice sounded again, like a clear spring flowing past her ears.

"I started thirty years earlier than you," he said.

"You and I can both be regarded as disciples."

Okay," Ji Qingzhou understood.

"Fellow-shixiong, is it"

"Fellow-shixiong What if there is another shixiong from Xuanyun Sect in front of you" Shen Rongyu wanted Ji Qingzhou to call him by some normal title, such as Shen-shixiong or something like that.

However, Ji Qingzhou's brain circuit was unparallelled.

She sometimes spoke without thinking, and soon enough, she spoke out of turn and said the title she felt was the smoothest.

"Got it, Xiao Yu-shixiong1," she said.


However, he didn't let go of her wrist.

It was the first time someone called him with such a peculiar name.

‘Xiao Yu, what a ridiculous name,’ he thought.


1 Literally translated to Little Yu Senior Martial Brother


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