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Who Could Accept Her (1)

What a joke! A mortal actually passed the Immortality Seeking Assembly and stood with them

With almost everyone's eyes cast towards Ji Qingzhou, she lost her bearings.

She was scared by these eyes, but the white jade square was empty.

Where could she hide

She had no choice but to make some effort to hide behind Maomao.

She felt that the two silver coins she spent on it were super worth it.

Her Maomao, on the other hand, was not accustomed to such scenes either.

It was an old donkey, which had been pulling the grindstone blindfolded for most of its life, so how could it see past this bright white jade square

Hence, when Ji Qingzhou backed up behind it, Maomao also panicked and retreated.

One person and one donkey budged so modestly, going so far as to bow out of the white jade square.

Even Meng Yaolan, who was standing in the center of the immortality seekers that had advanced and had no interest in foreign matters, turned her head in time to the person who caused such a commotion.

Ji Qingzhou was a petite woman and was entirely inconspicuous at the edge of the huge white jade square.

Meng Yaolan squinted, but could not see her clearly.

Shen Rongyu held his sword in one hand, and his eyes  inadvertently drifted toward Ji Qingzhou.

When Ji Qingzhou was left with no room to retreat, he spoke lazily, “Immortality seekers can’t retain their composure, can they"

He had a special position in the Xuanyun Sect, so just as he finished speaking, the immortality seekers present reacted to how impolite their stares were.

Ji Qingzhou had almost retreated to the edge of the site.

At that time, someone was passing through the waterfall.

The moment she arrived, she bumped into her back.

"Get lost —" The person behind Ji Qingzhou wanted to push her away right there and then, but after the fight with the demon beast guarding the array just now, she had no more strength left.

Ji Qingzhou turned her head and met Qiu Mingxue's impatient gaze.

The instant Qiu Mingxue saw her, she raised her voice and asked aggressively, "How did a mortal like you get here"

"When you were fighting with the white python, I ran over," Ji Qingzhou gave her an honest account.

"You took advantage of me slacking!" Qiu Mingxue couldn't believe her ears.

She questioned the fairness of the Xuanyun Sect for the nth time, "Xuanyun Sect, is this how you set up the Immortality Seeking Conference"

Of course, the elders in the main hall of the sect also felt that Ji Qingzhou's ability to come here was all due to luck.

In all fairness, defeating the white python was very simple for an immortality seeker with immortal bones, but it was arduous to cross a battlefield unscathed during a chaotic skirmish.

There was no way any of the immortality seekers present could accomplish the same thing as Ji Qingzhou.

From this point of view, Ji Qingzhou passed the Immortal Ascension Conference without a hitch, but anyone with a discerning eye knew that the old donkey brought her here.

Nonetheless, what could be done That old donkey was hers.

It was her property that she had bought with two silver coins.

Therefore, after receiving instructions from the elders, a Xuanyun Sect disciple only nodded to Qiu Mingxue and said, "Miss, there is nothing wrong with the setting of our Immortal Ascension Conference, and she did not cheat."

"I defeated the white python!" Qiu Mingxue tugged at Ji Qingzhou's sleeve and prevented her from leaving.

Ji Qingzhou was a bit helpless.

She inwardly thought, The rules of this Immortal Ascension Conference didn't specify that I can't run.

Besides, she was tired of chasing Maomao.

If she would go by her own wishes, she would have just left at this point, but she still had a task at hand.

"Miss, this is Xuanyun Sect, and the final decision depends on what our elders say," the Xuanyun Sect disciple bowed and responded politely.

Qiu Mingxue still held on to Ji Qingzhou's sleeve.

Ji Qingzhou tugged twice, but couldn't pull back her sleeve.

Since she failed to tug it back, she gave up.

So, when Qiu Mingxue saw that no one was paying attention to her and intended to walk towards the center of the white jade square, she found Ji Qingzhou following her as well.

"What are you doing" Qiu Mingxue frowned and ordered, "Stay away from me!"

Ji Qingzhou pointed at her sleeve that she was tugging on.

Qiu Mingxue immediately let go.

Her eyebrows locked, and she said loudly to Ji Qingzhou, "Xuanyun Sect cannot accept a disciple without immortal bone aptitude.

You will be expelled even though you arrived here."

Drive me out if you want to.

I’m just doing the task assigned to me by the system.

I cannot be blamed for not accomplishing it.

Ji Qingzhou merely responded with an inaudible 'En', and then hid behind the crowd.

Shortly after Qiu Mingxue arrived, Ying Xiu also arrived in the white jade square with her head down.

After noticing her presence, Qiu Mingxue stared at her, her expression somewhat perplexed.

Ying Xiu originally wanted to stand farther away from Qiu Mingxue, but Qiu Mingxue hooked her finger at her, and she automatically walked to Qiu Mingxue's side.

Seeing this, the system could not help but lament to Ji Qingzhou, "Her master is like this, yet that maid still wants to follow her."

Ji Qingzhou didn't notice these two people.

She glanced at Qiu Mingxue and Ying Xiu, and was also a little confused, but these were none of her business.

Since the system had enough energy, it did not urge Ji Qingzhou to approach Shen Rongyu, so she happily stood alone in the corner in a daze.

After twenty people arrived, all the arrays leading to the white jade square were closed.

Only three of the immortality seekers who came up in the cloud boat actually passed ─ Ji Qingzhou,  Qiu Mingxue and Ying Xiu, the master and the servant.

This was the largest number compared to the previous Immortality Seeking Conferences.

The remaining seventeen were descendants of aristocratic immortal cultivator families.

Just when Ji Qingzhou changed her balance from her left to right feet for the 26th time, the white jade square under their feet flew up like a disc.

It turned out that this was also a huge flying magic weapon, driven by the array set at the bottom.


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