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She Is the Only Mortal (2)

If Ji Qingzhou were here, she would have definitely given him a very appropriate evaluation —'He looks capable of fighting.’

Looking at Ji Qingzhou in the water mirror, Elder Ye Duanhong of the Xuanyun Sect, the one who looked capable of fighting, scoffed and commented, "Opportunistic good-for-nothing."

Of course, Ji Qingzhou could not hear other people talking about her.

She quickly came to the place where the white python inhabited.

When she reached the spot, she finally didn't encounter any invisible barrier.

It seemed that only by following the map could she find the real exit.

She only saw the blades of grass swaying in front of her, and did not see the white python.

Then, a scream erupted.

Ji Qingzhou couldn't help covering her ears.

The old donkey who was following her was also frightened and stomped on the ground in panic.

In the forest, the white python's tail coiled around a person and threw her straight into a thick tree trunk.

The white python with a 'milder temperament' had eyes looking with orange bulbs, glaring far and wide.

The tinge of wildness in them couldn't be concealed at all.

What was more, it had not tasted the breath of humans for a long time.

The person which the python hurled onto the tree trunk was none other than Qiu Mingxue whom she had met earlier.

The young lady screamed, but could not break free from the white python's noose.

Ji Qingzhou was stupefied again.

She reacted, getting a hold on Maomao and started running away.

Forget it, she'd better not participate in this Immortality Seeking Conference.

She didn't want to die so soon.

She finally had a general impression of what Shen Rongyu said about the 'demonic beasts guarding the array'.

Was this beast something that ordinary people could fight

This thought barely popped in her head when Qiu Mingxue reacted.

She gritted her teeth, and her eyes revealed murderous intent.

From under her sleeve, the cold glint of a dagger flashed.

Qiu Mingxue was the princess of the Ze Kingdom within the Yunze Region, and she had the means to collect some of the rare treasures belonging to cultivators.

Her dagger plunged between the scales of the white python.

Ji Qingzhou turned her face sideways, and without looking again, she lowered her head and locked eyes with Maomao.

She dragged Maomao and wanted to run, but the donkey panicked even more.

It broke free from Ji Qingzhou's hand and rushed straight toward the white python.

Ji Qingzhou could only chase after it.

Meanwhile, Qiu Mingxue successfully wounded the white python.

Countless attacking talismans bombarded the python, making loud noises.

The white python writhed on the ground in pain.

Strangely enough, such a behemoth was struggling, thrashing out of control with its body, but the mountain rocks it knocked down didn't touch an inch of Ji Qingzhou.

She had no immortal bones, which was equivalent to being non-existent in the eyes of the white python.

If Qiu Mingxue wasn't there to draw its attention away, perhaps the white python would have noticed Ji Qingzhou.

However, it was busy fighting with Qiu Mingxue, so it paid no attention to Ji Qingzhou.

Of course, Ji Qingzhou and Maomao, a human and a donkey, had extremely panicked very easily.

Maomao was so frightened that it rushed left and right in a frenzy, surprisingly avoiding all the attacks of the white python.

It ran forward, and Ji Qingzhou chased behind.

Then the injured tail of the white python fell heavily behind her — its damaged scales stained with blood.

The powerful tail slapped the ground, cracking the land and shaking the rocks on the ground, but all of this had nothing to do with Ji Qingzhou because she spectacularly avoided these attacks.

Maomao dashed from left to right, its figure surprisingly agile.

Ji Qingzhou was out of breath after chasing it.

She didn't dare to look back.

She was afraid that her legs would give away if she so much as glanced backward.

Some things didn't exist as long as you pretended not to see them.

Behind her, Qiu Mingxue was wrestling with all her strength against the white python.

She herself did not find that there was a person and a donkey slipping past while she was in the middle of the fight.

Because the tussle between her and the white python was so intense, anyone who could cut across would be considered capable.

Finally, Ji Qingzhou escaped the white python's attack range.

She directly charged forward, pounced on Maomao, and pressed it to prevent it from going amok.

"This donkey..." Jiang Qianke could no longer calm down.

He never thought that everything would end like this.

Ji Qingzhou only needed to walk a little further to find the real entrance to Yunshui Peak, but what did she accomplish

She just took a stroll in the Peach Blossom Mist without encountering a single test.

I-Is this logical

"That donkey is normal.

It's very old, dying and has poor eyesight." Another Xuanyun Sect elder who prided himself on being an expert in the study of spiritual beasts pushed the crystal mirror to his face and said in an academic tone.

"It's not a normal donkey with its predictive ability, right" Jiang Qianke couldn't believe it.

"It is indeed normal.

Even if you cook it into a donkey hotpot, it would take more firewood because it is too old," that same elder replied.

"Elder Jiang, we have to face a problem now," he addressed Jiang Qianke again.

"Our Xuanyun Sect's Immortal Ascension Conference is going to have a mortal test – a mortal who is completely and utterly devoid of a trace of immortal destiny."


Do I need to contact the Sect Master" Jiang Qianke pinched his eyebrows helplessly.

"Tell the Sect Master.

This matter...

we can't decide whether Xuanyun Sect will accept such a disciple," another elder spoke up.

"She's just a piece of trash.

Just throw her down the mountain," Ye Duanhong, who was originally displeased with Ji Qingzhou, suggested coldly.

Ji Qingzhou walked forward again.

She sensed a hint of freshness ahead of her.

At the end of the misty path was a waterfall, and as she walked through it, the feeling of weightlessness came over her.

She seemed to be transported away by something.

This feeling is like...

it’s like taking an elevator, no

By the time Ji Qingzhou regained her senses, she found herself in the middle of a huge white jade square.

In the far side, immortality seekers were sitting sporadically.

There were few of them, but their aura wasn't bad.

Shen Rongyu was also among them.

Looking at his location, he seemed to be the first to pass through.

And Meng Yaolan, the Young Miss of the Meng family, whom she had noticed not long ago, stood not far below Shen Rongyu.

She didn't spare a glance, but gazed at Shen Rongyu with a frown.

It was as if she was questioning why he, who trained in Xuanyun Sect for several decades, had also participated in the Immortal Ascension Conference and snatched the first place.

Of course, Ji Qingzhou’s arrival had caused a slight stir.

At first they thought there was nothing strange about her appearance, but after noticing her immortal bone aptitude, all the immortality seekers present were dumbstruck.


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