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Ji Qingzhuo Is a Piece of Wood (2)

She walked forward and ignored the dangers along one by one.

These scenes drew a cheerful atmosphere from the masters in the main hall of Xuanyun Sect.

"Aiya, aiya, Great Elder Jiang, is this the Peach Blossom Illusion Realm you said you have painstakingly studied for over a hundred years It seems that there is nothing much to it," one of the elders quipped.

"I didn't study the array to confuse mortals, but...

she didn't even have the slightest reaction, which is truly peculiar." Jiang Qianke wasn't at all ashamed, because Ji Qingzhou was a special case.

"But it's okay.

The ones guarding the depths of the Peach Blossom Mist are all demonic beasts that I've tamed.

Those are real.

They're right at the end of the route she's on," he countered confidently.

Ji Qingzhou walked the path and stopped midway through to take a break.

She took out a water bottle from the luggage Maomao was carrying on its back, opened it and took in a few sips.

She checked her map, which had a red dot marked far ahead, but had no idea what it was for.

The red dot looked rather dangerous.

Ji Qingzhou's thinking was simple, and that was to circumvent it.

She led Maomao, turned in a different direction, and walked to another road.

According to the original setting of Peach Blossom Mist, leaving the predetermined route would lead to encountering more terrifying dangers, and that was why the map was crucial.

From the beginning to the end, Ji Qingzhou did not enter the nervous state of participating in the Immortality Seeking Conference, so she did not take the map fragment that fell off the donkey's butt seriously.

She did not encounter any danger in the forest, which emboldened her.

She changed the route arbitrarily, and the strange monsters who swarmed toward her because of the deviation from the route all turned into virtual bubbles.

Ji Qingzhou walked for a long time before she saw a person.

Since she steered clear of seeing the demonic beasts, she could also directly cross the monster illusion.

That was when she saw the silhouette of a person at the other end of the forest.

Shen Rongyu gripped his sword.

With the glint of his whizzing sword, he cut through the gap under the hard exoskeleton of the monster in front of him, and defeated the defense of the demonic beast.

Like Ji Qingzhou, he could see through the illusions here.

He had the ability to ignore them, but he pretended to believe that the demonic beasts were real and thus fought them.

It was because he wanted to hide himself.

As soon as the system spotted Shen Rongyu, it urged Ji Qingzhou, "Hurry, hurry.

Get closer so that I can absorb a little more energy."

Ji Qingzhou reluctantly moved closer.

On the other end, Shen Rongyu didn't notice her at all, plus there was a demonic beast as tall as a mountain between them.

Naturally, Shen Rongyu would not feel any pity for a demon beast that was originally an illusion.

He gripped the sword in his hand, and the magic light rippling above the sword seemed to contain awe-inspiring righteousness, pure and glorious.

He struck out with his sword, straight towards the heart of the demonic beast.

Originally, when his sword pierced the beast's heart, fresh blood should have gushed out, like blood raining down from the sky.

However, when Ji Qingzhou approached, she didn't notice that Shen Rongyu was fighting a non-existent demonic beast, much less sense the killing intent hidden in his swordplay.

She walked under the demonic beast and scattered the illusion with her body.

The body of the mountain-like demon beast vanished from sight like a pricked bubble.

Thus, the tip of Shen Rongyu's sword pointed directly at Ji Qingzhou.

He clearly was exuding a killing intent, but Ji Qingzhou was slow in reacting.

She was totally oblivious to his killing intent.

This otherworldly mystery of mysteries, the so-called aura, or breath, were non-existent to her.

However, the sword that Shen Rongyu struck at her was solid.

When she saw the cold glint of the sword, she was stunned and froze in place.

How was she supposed to dodge

She desperately wanted to hide.

Her brain functioned, but her limbs didn't obey its orders.

Her hands and feet were one step ahead of her.

They stiffened and pinned her to the spot, motionless.

Shen Rongyu could have withdrawn the sword the moment the demonic beast phantom disappeared.

From his line of sight, the ugly demonic beast in front of him disappeared instantly the moment Ji Qingzhou arrived.

He originally wanted to see his sword pierce the heart of the beast.

The blood of such a huge beast must also be red.

After the pulsating blood vessel was cut off, there should be gushing blood that would dye the surroundings red.

However, because of Ji Qingzhou's appearance, the scene that he had wanted to witness disappeared.

And then she froze in place with her stupid donkey.

Shen Rongyu saw her close her eyes.

Her long, slender eyelashes fluttered, and her body trembled in fright.

She was still the same, just like a piece of dead rotten wood.

Shen Rongyu wanted to kill her then and there.

The blood that would spill from her neck would also flow smoothly.


If she died just like that, it would be too boring.

Shen Rongyu's sword tip deviated.

His purlicue cracked, but no blood was shed.

The direction of the forcibly reversed sword tip bounced back to him, but he was completely oblivious to the throbbing purlicue.

The cold body of the sword brushed against Ji Qingzhou's neck.

Her eyes widened, and she felt as if someone had slapped a handful of snow onto her neck.

It was freezing cold.

All her nerves were already tense because of Shen Rongyu's approaching sword, and now, the sudden brush of the sword made her shiver.

It was as if her tense nerves were broken.

Due to the intractable strength Shen Rongyu infused on the sword, his tall figure pressed down on Ji Qingzhou.

There was an old tree not far behind Ji Qingzhou.

At this time, the snow-white sword edge got wedged into the tree, while Shen Rongyu's flawless face akin to a cold jade pressed close to her.

The tips of their noses touched, and then immediately bounced away.

Shen Rongyu gripped the sword in his hand to support himself.

Ji Qingzhou again took in that seemingly existent fragrance.

It went straight to her head, making her giddy and making her consciousness sink.

She was not used to such a close distance.

The suddenly severed tense nerves allowed her to breathe a long sigh of relief, and the wave of tension diffused.

Her breathing grew shallow and even with a touch of caution.

The next moment, she closed her eyes and lost consciousness.

Shen Rongyu caught her with one hand.

Her body was very light, and her waist hidden under her loose robe was also thin, as if a pinch could break it.

He realized that he had stunned her.


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