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The Last Map Fragment (2)

In each round of the Xuanyun Sect's Immortality Seeking Conference, only twenty seekers could pass the test.

If these seekers were to hesitate any longer, and those in front of them found the real entrance to Yunshui Peak, they would be left with no chance at all.

Meanwhile, Qiu Mingxue ordered Ying Xiu to search the water of Mount Jian Lake and bring up some map fragments.

Even though Ying Xiu also has immortal bones, she could barely stand up after two dives.

This made Ji Qingzhou begin to doubt whether Shen Rongyu was indeed injured by the Mount Jian Lake water.

Was the answer no However, his knuckles were clenched white because of the pain.

If it was a yes, how could he look so indifferent and breezy

Seemingly sensing Ji Qingzhou's doubts, the system whispered to her, "Shen Rongyu does not have immortal bones.

He is connected to the earth vein's ghost qi.

Mount Jian Lake water is clear and pristine, and is the most repulsive to him, so managing not to show the slightest bit of reaction makes him really scary..."

Ji Qingzhou froze for a moment.

She then caressed Maomao's skin again and again, until finally, she made up her mind to stand up.

"I have no map, still, I'd better go in and have a look," she told the system.

She approached the Peach Blossom Mist, and the disciples of Xuanyun Sect who were guarding the place stopped her, "Miss, are you sure you want to go in You don't have a map in your hand."

"There are untold dangers in the Peach Blossom Mist, and it's not as simple as just not being able to see the road." This disciple explained seriously to Ji Qingzhou, "Without a map as your guide, if you mistakenly enter an ambush array, you, ahem...

without a trace of immortal bones, are likely to perish in it."

"Ah...Is that so..." Ji Qingzhou responded.


This is the end for you.

 Isn't it enough for you to reach this point Come on, don't tell me that you, a mortal, still fantasize about really passing the Immortal Ascension Conference" Qiu Mingxue's loud voice sounded.

"That's rather overestimating yourself."

"I'll take a stroll." If she had no way to catch up with Shen Rongyu and get close to him, the energy of the system would be exhausted, and she would be over too.

There was still a glimmer of hope in entering the Peach Blossom Mist.

Unlike Mount Jian Lake, Ji Qingzhou could not see the danger in the mist, so she dared not boldly rush in.

"Xuanyun Sect is really unlucky.

They'd have to collect your corpse if you die." Qiu Mingxue took the map fragments that Ying Xiu had picked up as her own and walked into the Peach Blossom Mist without any intention of bringing her maid with her.

Ying Xiu took a step forward, called out to her, and wanted to follow, but Qiu Mingxue's figure had already disappeared.

Such an arrogant and selfish person naturally couldn't bear the fact that her maid was qualified to cultivate immortality.

Ying Xiu stood dumbfounded.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingzhou was still barred because Xuanyun Sect didn't want to collect her corpse.

"To ensure safety, at least take out a map fragment before you can enter," a Xuan Yunzong disciple said to Ji Qingzhou.

At this moment, only Ji Qingzhou and Ying Xiu were left on the lake shore.

The white bird, responsible for providing a view, perched on the bank and looked at them with its head tilted.

"That Princess from some country might be thorny, but she has a point.

She ought to end her journey at this point," Jiang Qianke commented.

Ji Qingzhou had brought them enough surprises.

She and her donkey were uncompromisingly mundane and mortal, but against all odds, they successfully withstood the Mount Jian Lake water cleansing.

"If she continues, every step she takes will be plagued with danger.

Countless immortality seekers have died in the Peach Blossom Mist.

Is the threshold of our Xuanyun Sect so easy to step into" Another elder echoed.

They didn't believe Ji Qingzhou could pass the Immortality Seeking Conference.

They all thought that Ji Qingzhou would go no further.

However, just when Ji Qingzhou was contemplating whether to go back to the lake to fetch a map fragment up, Maomao stomped its foot impatiently in the same place beside her.

It looked as if something was tickling it.

The next moment, a 'rustle' rang out, and something fell from Maomao's behind.

When Maomao swam ashore, it was all wet.

Now that it has been ashore for so long, the coat on his body dried, and the stuff that was originally stuck to its body fell off.

It was a map fragment that had gotten stuck to Maomao's butt at some point.

It should have accidentally touched it in the lake.

The map fragment got stuck on it on the way, making the old donkey itchy.

Ji Qingzhou picked up the map fragment that had fallen off Maomao's body.

She held it with both hands and handed it to the Xuanyun Sect disciple: "Look, it's a map fragment.

I can go in, right"

The Xuanyun Sect disciple thought, ‘Does something falling off a donkey count’

But the words had already been said, so they could only turn sideways and let Ji Qingzhou enter the Peach Blossom Mist.

Since this mortal was courting death, they were in no position to stop her.

Ji Qingzhou took the only map fragment and was about to walk into the mist when Ying Xiu rushed forward and pulled her back.

Not long ago, she was with Qiu Mingxue and had made things difficult for Ji Qingzhou.

Now that Qiu Mingxue had carried away all the map fragments and left, she could only stay behind, even though she was the one who picked up most of the map fragments in the lake.

Ji Qingzhou was her last chance.

"C-Can you take me with you" Ying Xiu looked at Ji Qingzhou and asked softly.


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