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A powerful aura was released from Li Haos body.

At this moment, all the Sorcerer Clan members felt as if the entire world had collapsed.

An extreme pressure filled their hearts.

Everyones expression changed drastically at this moment.

Li Hao looked at the figures charging at him, his eyes filled with endless killing intent.

Li Hao sensed that there were girls in some places in this clan who had been tortured beyond recognition.

Li Hao was really angry.


In the next moment, he saw that the men of the Sorcerer Clan were already charging at Li Hao.

However, when they were within ten feet of Li Hao, they suddenly stopped.

It was as if space had frozen at this moment.

With the young man in front of them as the center, the Sorcerer Clan felt a sense of horror.

The entire world was under his control.m

Life and death were in the other partys hands.

How terrifying was that

Li Haos expression did not change, but his eyes were sharp.

At this moment, the power of his cultivation was circulated.

It was truly earth-shattering.

The next moment, Li Hao moved again, walking forward step by step.

Bang bang bang…

At this moment, as Li Haos footsteps landed, muffled sounds sounded in the space.

Those who had stopped spat out blood and retreated as if they had suffered a heavy blow.

Bodies were sent flying one after another.




Screams kept sounding.

Before these Sorcerer Clan martial artists could reach Li Hao, they spat out blood and were sent flying.

How terrifying this scene was.

Figures were sent flying everywhere and landed in the distance.

The scene was a mess.

Li Hao stood there majestically, his body filled with a breathtaking aura.

Li Hao still walked forward step by step, as if he had not attacked.

He strolled leisurely.

Li Hao walked forward again.


At a certain moment, Li Hao walked to a bamboo building.

Suddenly, the bamboo building exploded, revealing the scene inside.

There was a blood pool here, and beside the blood pool were a few corpses of young women.

A bare-chested young man from the Sorcerer Clan was bathing in the blood pool and cultivating by absorbing the blood essence of the blood pool.

The moment the bamboo building exploded, the young man was still cultivating when his expression changed drastically.

He was instantly furious and a powerful cultivation power erupted from his body.

“Who is it Are you courting death”

This young man was still cultivating sorcery when he was suddenly interrupted.

At this moment, he saw Li Hao in his anger and attacked him.


“Youre the ones who should die!”

When Li Hao saw this scene, extreme coldness erupted in his heart.

How many lives had been lost

These beautiful young women had been killed by the young man of the Sorcerer Clan.

What a sin.

The young man in front of him had a powerful cultivation power erupting from him.

He was already a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Although he was only an early-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator, he was a true Foundation Establishment cultivator.

He had harmed countless young girls lives.

At this moment, he erupted with a shocking attack towards Li Hao.

In an instant, with the blood pool around him as the center, the blood in the blood pool surged and turned into a blood-colored dragon that bit at Li Hao.

However, when Li Hao saw this scene, he shouted coldly, “Scram!”

As soon as the word “scram” came out, the entire space shook.


In the next moment, a wave of sound swept over.



Immediately after, the blood-colored dragon roared in pain and exploded.

Immediately, the expression of the young man from the Sorcerer Clan changed as he felt an irresistible force.

“Die!” Li Hao shouted again and struck out with his palm.

At this moment, space shook, and the void seemed to collapse.

An invisible palm print condensed and transformed into the void, descending on the young man from the Sorcerer Clan.

“Master, save me.”

The young man looked shocked.

At this moment, he felt that death was about to descend and shouted in a direction behind him.

“Fellow Daoist, show mercy! Lets talk.” At this moment, another shocking voice sounded from the depths of the clan.

At the same time, a black light instantly descended from afar.

With a powerful might, it collided with the power of Li Haos palm in the air.


A shocking collision immediately erupted.

However, immediately after, he saw the black light retreat.

Li Haos attack still landed on the young mans head.


The young man from the Sorcerer Clan had just let out a scream when he stopped breathing.

His head was smashed into pieces.


Not far away, an old man in a gray robe appeared ahead.

The old man was thin and wore the clothes of the Witch race, but there was a hint of evil on his body.

He held a walking stick in his hand.

The walking stick was in the shape of a black snake and was made of unknown materials.

The black light just now was this walking stick.

The old man stood there and looked at the dead young man of the Sorcerer Clan with an extremely cold expression.

His disciple had been killed in front of everyone.

How ridiculous.

The old mans eyes were filled with extreme anger.

Earlier, when Li Haos might erupted, he had sensed it.

While he was extremely shocked, he was also filled with fear.

He felt a hint of threat from the other partys might.

However, at this moment, his disciple was in a life and death crisis.

He had no choice but to attack.

However, he did not expect that even if he appeared and attacked, his disciple would still be killed by the other party.

His disciple had already reached the Foundation Establishment realm and had a limitless future, but he had been killed by the other party.


When the old man saw this scene, he was extremely sad.

“Greetings, Sorcerer King.”

“Greetings, Sorcerer King.”

“Greetings, Sorcerer King!”


The moment the old man appeared, the surrounding Sorcerer Clan bowed to him with solemn expressions.

‘The Sorcerer King

When Li Hao heard these peoples voices, he felt even colder.

Was this old man the Sorcerer King Was he the ruler of the entire Sorcerer Clan

He deserved to die for allowing his subordinates to raise voodoo worms on others bodies.

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